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SaLuSa on the Status of Disclosure as of WD2

On July 9, 2010, SaLuSa, acting as spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, told us that “our allies are near to achieving the conditions which will result in the official announcement of our presence.” (1) He assured us that “it is our wish that Disclosure come very soon.” (2)

He confirmed that the galactics have a divine deadline by which action must be taken: “We do still of course have a deadline date by which we should have started, and clearly it is not that far into the future.” (3) He repeated this assurance on another occasion: “The Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required.” (4)

He reminded us that other planets and stars are ascending and we cannot be allowed to hold up the overall plan:

“The Universe is ascending and all progresses well and as planned, but we cannot allow little Earth to dictate the timing. As important as you are to the whole, you are still a relatively small cog in a very big wheel.” (5)

Therefore, if terrestrials cannot reach agreement on disclosure, the galactics have the authority to proceed without us:

“If [disclosure] is stalled once again, we have the authority to intervene and bring it about ourselves. We would prefer you to front the announcement, as we have no desire to appear to be forcing the issue.” (6)

He may as well have been describing our efforts when he said:

“Although the announcement we seek has not yet been made, there are now many individuals making their voices heard. It is putting pressure on the authorities that [they] cannot hold back for very much longer. (7)

In another passage, he reminds us of what we are doing today on World Disclosure Day:

“We must join you when there is an agreement to our coming, and already large numbers of the people are warming to the idea of working with us.” (8)

The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to create exactly that “agreement to our coming” that SaLuSa refers to. We are among “large numbers of the people [who] are warming to the idea of working with us.” To generate within ourselves the willingness to welcome and work with the galactics is our reason for making common cause together.

Neither we nor they know for certain who will first disclose. He informed us that disclosure is “not necessarily dependent upon President Obama, but it would be desirable in view of the role played by the US in suppressing information about UFO’s and E.T’s.” (9)

SaLuSa told us that, “in the ultimate it may come from a least-expected source.” (10) He reveals that “the pressure to release the truth has become so great, that some countries are prepared to make an announcement without prior consultation.” (11)

What is holding up disclosure? He tells us that “some leaders … are reluctant to give up their power and acquisition of wealth. However, in the end changes will be made to remove those who do not have everyone’s interests at heart.” (12)

What can we expect to happen with disclosure? Disclosure “will allow us to liaise with your authorities and put into being a clean up operation, that will rapidly return your lands and waterways to their original condition.” (13) It “will release information long håidden away.” (14)

On May 19 of this year, SaLuSa outlined other problems that the galactics would help us with as soon as their presence is made known. “The food chain is suffering as a result” of weather changes, he told us. “Financial changes are necessary to overcome the possibility of a large scale collapse.” “There is a long standing plan to restore you and the Earth in preparation for Ascension,” he says. Moreover, “with our coming, [the power of the dark Ones] shall be totally curtailed.” (15) In summary he informs us that “the Galactic Federation is geared to provide you with all the help you need, and not just for the problems we have referred to.” (16)

According to SaLuSa our entreaties to the galactics have an effect.

“We hear your pleas for us to arrive more quickly and give immediate help.  We are ever at the ready, but we ask that you continue to give out your thoughts and prayers for release from the maelstrom that threatens you.

“The more you build up the energy of intent that we should come, [the more] it will help manifest conditions that will result in such action. It is tied in with the Law of Attraction, and as individuals or collectively you get what you focus upon.” (17)

Who knows? Perhaps SaLuSa was speaking of us when he said, in March of this year, “we expect the energies of those intent on bringing [disclosure] forward, to manifest within a few months, and once it commences it will be followed by a quick succession of revelations.” (18) I’d like to think that our alignment through events like WD2 is indeed providing a strong force of attraction drawing the event closer to us and, along with us, the world.

The prize of ushering in a totally new age for humanity is a rich one and well worth the effort we put in to letting our fellows know of the wonderful opportunity before us.


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