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Embracing New Paradigms Without Killing Each Other Off

I’d actually like to comment more on the falling out that has occurred between scientific and lightworker UFOlogists.

My speculation is that the scientists see themselves as being on the brink of having the public accept the UFO phenomenon and don’t want their chances spoiled by “psychic” and “paranormal” (“woo-woo”) researchers.

They appear to want to silence the latter just as they were silenced in their turn by the cabal for so many years. As you may have noticed, recent years have not seen freedom of speech greatly valued or supported (understatement).

The scientists, as Dennis Balthesar did, (1) associate their view of things with the truth, and the lightworkers’ view with what Dennis called “woo-woos, kool-aid drinkers, or new agers.” Kool-aid drinkers is a reference to the Jonestown community that drank Kool-aid laced with poison rather than see their community closed. I’m not sure how lightworkers can be called “Kool-aid drinkers,” but that shows some of the emotionalism of the scientists’ case and reveals it as a vasana (habitual reaction pattern based on an earlier upset).

We now stand vis-a-vis the empirical materialists in the scientific UFOlogy camp in the same position that they stood with the forces that wanted them not to discuss extraterrestrial spacecraft. They are doing the equivalent of calling our phenomena “marsh gas” and “weather balloons.”

I daresay few of them would accept that the same extraterrestrials they study are here to help us with 2012, Ascension, etc. None of them probably read the sources we do and, if they did, few might accept them – now.

When disclosure happens, hopefully the galactics will both assuage them and disabuse them of their prejudicial view of lightworkers. It does feel strange and unwelcome, however, to be dissed by the very people we might ordinarily consider our friends. But that is, more than anything else, a sign of the times.

The difficulty that arises is that there is a great deal of truth mixed with fiction in what we’re all studying. We’re all going through the greatest paradigm shift that humanity has ever seen and much that is being put forward in the beginning will prove short-lived.

Lightworkers hope to reduce the amount of fiction they are propagating by listening to the best among channels and applying critical methodology to our sources. We face having to weed out the work of the disinformation specialists who are attempting to defeat the movement and maintain control of the population.

We also face the intrusions of lower entities from terrestrial spirit domains and extraterrestrial populations who set out to deceive us. And we include among our number some people who are of an uncritical mind and might accept any new theory that’s floated.

Imagine the difficulties the general population may have when disclosure occurs deciding who is to be believed and who not. And imagine the various theories that will vie for the public’s attention and belief.

Add to that any Project Blue Beam hoaxing and the contribution of fundamentalists, etc., and you can see the predicament we all will be facing the day after disclosure.

I think that, if the scientists among UFOlogy knew somewhat more about why the galactics are here and what is planned for the next few years for Earth’s population, they might relax somewhat in their fears of suffering a new setback because of the “woo-woo” from “paranormal” investigators.

The scientists among UFOlogists are themselves going to have to encounter the shortcomings of their empirical-materialist model someday. That will be the artificial and truth-hiding boundary they will have to surmount, just as they allege that lightworkers have to become more scientific.

So these are some of the potential problems that Earth society will face once the reality of the extraterrestrial presence is established beyond doubt.

Notice in all this that we haven’t once mentioned the difficulty posed by the need to establish the reality of the spiritual hierarchy – the ascended masters, celestials, and higher beings whom no one is trying to establish as being real. The scientists’ “paranormal” label indicates that they have not come to grips with the reality of the spirit presence.

We have our work cut out for us – all of us. Our paradigms are too small to take in the reality that is being presented to us and, if our vasanas or habitual reaction patterns are strong, much pain may ensue.

Even as we contemplate how to persuade the cabal to let go, we also have to contemplate how to move from our old paradigms to the new without being at each others’ throats.


(1) “Fallout Between Scientists and Lightworkers in UFOlogy,” at

(2) The incident is referred to at “Reminder on Comments,” at and “OK, I Feel Upset … Oh, Great!” at

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