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Ch. 6. NESARA’s Range

Note: I discourage anyone from making financial decisions based on the expectation that NESARA will happen “soon.” No one knows when NESARA will be declared or, if they do, they are not saying.

The 2012 Ascension Team look upon the United States as the world’s leading nation in many social and economic areas. Matthew Ward says:

“Because the United States determines to such a large extent what happens in your world, NESARA was devised in accordance with US laws rather than any other country’s.” (1)

Many readers outside the United States want to know if NESARA applies to them as well. Ker-on of Venus reassures us that “everything that applies to the US applies globally insofar as the light initiating changes from ‘bad’ to ‘good’ in all conceivable ways.

“Once again we see so much suffering in what you call your Third World, but in time there will be One World where equality and sharing will ensure that no one is treated as a lesser Being.

“The divisions that have been deliberately placed between you will be removed, and eventually not even language will be a barrier. We have devices that can overcome such problems until a future time when telepathic communication will become commonplace.” (2)

Changes like “justice and freedom … will travel worldwide and all of your civilization will eventually benefit,” he says. (3)

The celestial sources speaking through Patricia Diane Cota-Robles also remind us that NESARA means global freedom from manipulation and slavery.

“For aeons of time, our monetary system has been used to manipulate, control, dominate, and abuse the peoples of the world. …

“[But] too many people have awakened, and as a result of this monumental shift of consciousness, the Light of God has reclaimed this Earth. …

“Fortunately, there are also people in positions of power who are very aware of what is taking place. These enlightened souls are co-creating a new monetary system. This system will be based in integrity, generosity, fairness, compassion, and the highest good for all concerned.” (4)

Matthew Ward offers similarly reassures us that the changes include all people on Earth:

“Readers living outside the United States want to know how their own countries will fare. They decry their leaders’ actions that are against their countries’ constitutions; or despair at prevailing conditions of poverty, disease and starvation; or express grave concern about the plight of the masses of refugees; or ask when their despotic rulers will be replaced. To these dear souls, I say [that] benevolent changes are coming throughout the world.” (5)

Matthew considered the American election to be of undeniable importance, but “foment leading to benevolent changes in other countries’ governments is of paramount significance too.”

“The myriad reforms underway span the globe—WORLD transformation is what is occurring—and in time, every leader in every nation will be a lighted soul.” (6)

He assures us that “you will greet with elation your world when borders and citizenship pale by comparison with the peaceful and harmonious cooperation agreed upon by all peoples everywhere.” (7)

Sheldan Nidle’s sources say that a majority of the global population now supports radical new measures because of “the urgency of the economic meltdown. … What is needed is to implement these on a massive, global scale.”

“They are to start in North America only because this land is both the source and the solution for what presently ails your world. America was put into this position by the Dumbarton Oaks Treaties executed near the end of WW II and by America’s decades of gross negligence in caring for her own grand responsibilities. These facts make her the focal point for the extensive change envisioned by our Earth allies and us.” (8)

Until that system is in place, Matthew captures the frustration of having to watch the needless suffering of people around the globe. He reminds us that every moment of delay in accepting offers to implement NESARA perpetuates the intense suffering of Earth’s people.

“For us to see the desperation of billions of our beloved souls and to know that the divine help that can relieve that suffering is NOT being requested is heartbreaking. The masses whose way of life is endemic disease, starvation, slave labor and brutal rulers is NOT all perfect, it is NOT all in divine order! …

“For most in these masses, karmic completion has been surpassed, and the ‘divine order’ – which is their RELEASE from those conditions! – has been delayed by the free will of the Illuminati who retain control over these lives.

“The soul agreements of the most powerful Illuminati call for relinquishing their control and joining the ranks of the light beings to share the world’s resources, to end wars and violence, corruption and deceit and tyranny. But they have knowledgeably and willfully refused to honor their agreements and have refused the abundance of light constantly beamed to them.” (9)

Is NESARA permanent? No, it’s not. It’s planned to be a temporary measure. Says the SHGF, “even these unprecedented reforms merely constitute a transitional phase that can facilitate the advent of first contact.” (10) Ultimately, SaLuSa agrees, “you [will] reach a stage where money has no place in a society that is founded upon sharing.” (11)

Matthew explains that “eventually this abundance is to outgrow the need for money as a survival mechanism. … All [these interim arrangements] will come under the rubric of a new multinational financial system which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of abundance.” (12)

What is to start in the US is to span the globe. Borders will cease. Wars will end. Equality and abundance will be accorded to everyone in a new prosperity program that will prepare us for First Contact and Ascension.

But what of the time between now and then? Can a broken-down system be repaired?


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