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In the Name of All Who Died on 9/11, We Must Act Now

September 4, 2007

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George Bush says that he entered the “war against terror” to avenge the deaths of 3,000 Americans who died on 9/11.

Three-thousand Americans did die on 9/11 and, even though I am a Canadian and not an American, I honor every one of them. But, in my view, they did not die in an act of foreign terror.

I allege that they died at the hands of unknown parties under the direction of President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney.

This September 11, let’s remember how they died and why they really died. Because we now stand on the verge of perhaps the biggest catastrophe that we could ever conceive if we behave like sheep around 9/11 and allow America to go to war with Iran.

Let’s review the events of that day.

Remember the Fox employee who reported from the street that the second plane to hit the World Trade Center did not look like a passenger plane? It had no windows, he said, and it had no logo like any he had ever seen.

It was not a passenger plane. It was a military drone. The first time the United States considered using military drones was in the Lyman Lemnitzer/Joint Chiefs’ plan called the Northwoods Document (google) in the early 1960s. Drones have been used to test the impact on planes of jet-fuel crashes for decades.

When the second plane hit WTC 2, that would have been the first crash that you and I observed on TV that day. The networks did not catch the first crash. The film that the French crew shot was aired the next day.

But George Bush could tell an audience a while later that he saw the first crash while he was on his way into the Florida classroom. What channel might he have been watching that none of the rest of us had access to? How was whoever filmed it able to catch a plane crashing into the WTC when no one else knew about it? I argue that the coincidence is improbable.

No reinforced steel and concrete building before or since WTCs 1 and 2 has collapsed because of a fire.

Yet there is that small matter of a 48-storey building that did collapse because of a fire. A little known building. You may have overlooked it, although it proves the fraudulence of the whole 9/11 scenario.

It was that other WTC building. WTC 7. It had an office fire in it. Just paper burning. No plane and no great degree of debris hit it. And yet, at around 5:30 p.m. on 9/11, owner Larry Silverstein gave the order to “pull it.” Pull a 48-storey building with a small fire in it. Well, as I recall, nothing surprised us on 9/11 after the Twin Towers collapsed.

But, nevertheless, “pulling it” is a demolition term for bringing the building down in a controlled explosion.

Notice in the videos of that day, which we may see again this year, that the New York firemen on the street receive an order to clear the area some time before Building 7 comes down (I think it was an hour before) and then blam! Down it comes.

Silverstein told the command of the FDNY to pull Building 7 and the command did. Did the FDNY command say to Silverstein: “What do you mean – pull it?” After all, how would the FDNY know that Building 7 was rigged with thousands of thermate cutter charges to “pull”? Does that not suggest that the FDNY command was also “in the know,” before 9/11 or during?

The video shows WTC 7 neatly falling into its own center and then collapsing straight down, just like a controlled demolition. Well, if it was a controlled demolition, the thousands of thermate charges needed to do it could not have been positioned that day. They must have been positioned before 9/11.

Did you ever hear Mayor Rudy Guiliani protest that his emergency offices were in the building that Silverstein ordered pulled? Not a word on the subject.

Before we leave the matter of politicians and foreknowledge, can anyone help me understand how it could be that Condoleeza Rice could phone Mayor Willy Brown’s office on September 10 and tell the mayor not to fly the next day? What did she know?
If you were really observant (which I was not), you might have noticed that the BBC announced the fall of Building 7 a half hour before it actually came down (see YouTube). Look behind the reporter on the scene in New York at around 5:03 p.m. New York time, saying that Building 7 has come down. There it is – Building 7. How could the BBC know a half hour before WTC 7 collapsed that it was about to come down?

Why blow up Building 7? Who benefitted? Building 7 housed the investigative files of the SEC on companies like Enron and several other major Wall Street investigations. It also housed the offices and files of the local CIA and FBI operations.

So, yes, one other reinforced steel building in history besides WTCs 1 and 2 has come down as the result of a fire and that was WTC 7.

Notice that WTCs 4, 5 and 6 were hit by tons of debris and remained standing.

It is short of one hour after the first plane has hit. We are watching news footage of a woman standing in the hole created by the plane, waving a white flag. How hot could that area be? Its companion tower (I no longer remember if it was 1 or 2) is belching black smoke, which is the signal of an oxygen-starved fire. How could a fire that is out and one that is barely burning bring those buildings down?

Fire did not bring the Twin Towers down. One witness after another said, “I heard explosions.” New York firemen said, “Bang, Bang, bang, bang” on all the floors. Watch the squibs from the numerous cutter charges on all the lower floors. Watch the debris and you’ll see it cascading outwards – explosively.

Watch the building fall neatly and symmetrically into its own footprint. Tell me a fire did that. If a building collapsed and no explosion was involved, it would fall asymmetrically.

The speedy free-fall of the buildings is another tell-tale sign of a controlled demolition.

Look at the photos of the debris of WTCs 1 and 2 and you will see the angled incisions in the steel girders, a telltale sign of thermate cutter charges. Prof. Steven Jones, investigating debris from the site, found traces of thermate in it, an explosive that only the military has.

No, my friend, those thousands who died in the Twin Towers had their lives ended by the man who watched the first plane crash on TV before going into the Florida classroom and who now wants you to turn the Middle East into a radioactive dust storm.

What about the hundreds who are alleged to have died at the Pentagon? I say “alleged” because we have never seen a body from Flight 77. As a matter of fact, we have never seen Flight 77.

Let us restrict ourselves to the live coverage of that building. There is a hole perhaps 20 feet wide – prior to the roof collapsing. There is no wreckage on the lawn. Although the plane is alleged to have come in almost at ground level, there are no marks from the hot jetstream or from engine impact.

Speaking of engine impact, where are those engines? They weighed a few tons and were made of titanium steel. They usually survive impact, according to Capt. Daniel Davis of NORAD and later CEO of a jet-engine maintenance company. He said that no jet-fuel fire burns hot enough to consume titanium steel. (See patriotsquestion The engines should have been there.

And while we’re on the subject, where are the tail and wings of the aircraft? Where are signs of the impact of the tail and wings on the Pentagon building? Where is any baggage? Seats? We already know there were no bodies.

Lt. Col Karen Kwietkowski was at work at the Pentagon that day ( and hurried out to the scene. What she saw shocked her because it didn’t point to a plane crash; it pointed to a missile hit.

That would line up with Secretary Rumsfeld’s slip of the tongue to Parade Magazine that it was a missile that hit the Pentagon.

And who is Hani Hanjour? How did the FBI know he piloted the plane? When the flight school that trained him heard what he was alleged to have done, they were surprised. They said he was just average at flying a Cessna. They had trouble thinking of him flying a 757.

How could this individual with limited flying skills bank the aircraft the way the data recorder indicates and fly a passenger jet in a way only a fighter jet or a missile could fly? How could he fly the jet just feet above the ground and overcome the forces that would be playing on it and him at that moment?

The answer is he could not have done any of those things. Hani Hanjour did not fly a jet into the Pentagon.

And where was NORAD all this time? Robin Hordon, a former Boston Area Center air traffic controller, said the whole FAA system, from Maine to the Mexican border, knew by 8:30 a.m. on 9/11, before any plane hit, that there was an emergency happening. They would have handed off to NORAD immediately.

Hordon also says that the FAA phoned the Pentagon to advise a hijacking and the Pentagon did not answer until minutes before the Pentagon missile hit. That was a long time after WTC 1 and 2.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that Vice-President Cheney was in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center by 9:25 a.m. and was told by his aide that a target was approaching the Pentagon and did the orders still stand. Cheney angrily said they did. What orders? They could only have been to allow the plane with the missile to hit the Pentagon.

Does more need to be said? Do we need to add that cellphones in 2001 did not operate above 8,000 feet so where did the alleged cellphone conversations from Flight 93 come from? Not from 32,000 feet in the air.

Do we need to say that the BBC reported several of the alleged hijackers alive and well within a week or so of 9/11? One was shocked to hear what he was alleged to have done. (See my comment, “The One Era in Human History…,” below, on Osama bin Laden and numerous other anomalies.)

President Bush already had orders to invade Afghanistan ready for signing on his desk by 9/11.

The cabinet immediately discussed invading Iraq within a few days of 9/11 even though it was alleged that the whole event was orchestrated from a cave in Afghanistan. Newly-appointed Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill told CBS that regime change in Baghdad was topic A in the National Security Council right from day one.

Before I give you the bottom line here, if I have your attention (and I thank you for reading this far), I want to apologize to all Muslims who have been blamed, racially-profiled, and stigmatized for the events of 9/11. As far as I can see, 9/11 had nothing to do with you. You again were innocent victims.

What is the bottom line here? The bottom line is that there is no “war on terrorism” unless you could consider the people who staged 9/11 the terrorists. That would make George Bush and Dick Cheney terrorists. Certainly their behavior since then shows them to be so.

You must understand me. I mean that you can go out in the sunshine today and say “The war on terrorism is a fraud.” If you didn’t mind getting thrown in the clink, you could tell that to the next policeman you meet at the airport.

The bottom line is that there are no reasons of “national security” for hiding all the details of 9/11. There is only “fear of impeachment.”

Every time you hear a terrorist alert go off, you are being snowballed.

Now here is the biggest snowball of all.

If you, and I and every other human being on this planet, allow George Bush and Dick Cheney to order an all-out assault on Iran, we may be signing the death sentence for our world.

The release of more than a thousand tons or more of depleted uranium (DU) from a three-day “shock and awe” assault may, when added to the amount of DU released in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans, make this globe an uninhabitable place for all life.

George Bush and his team will have snowed you into a situation from which there may be no recovery, no retreat.

DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years. It deforms babies. It incapacitates. It kills everyone. There is no safe-exposure limit. There is no protection against it. It cannot be cleaned up.

President Bush, in visiting Iraq and touching military equipment, may quite possibly have sealed his own fate. Will we see him in the hospital with cancer again?

Regarding all the soldiers coming down with “Gulf War Syndrome,” the major part of it, I am told, is DU poisoning. The governments of the United States and Great Britain have said there was no health hazard to DU. This is false. DU is fatal in even very, very small doses.

For the rest of us, we must stop work, get out on the streets, do anything we can to stop this train headed for disaster.

If rumours that an attack on Iran is pending, I personally do not think it an exaggeration to say that the fate of the Earth depends on what we do in the next few days or weeks.

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