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Matthew Ward at 17, just prior to his transition

In Chapter 3 of The End Times (published on this site), Matthew said that the swine-flu virus and vaccine had been neutralized.

His exact words were:

“By honoring Earth’s free will to never again experience any terrorist activity like ‘9/11,’ God has authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all such attempts and they have successfully done so more than a dozen times since September 11, 2001, including the neutralizing of manmade viruses that were intended to create pandemics.” (1)

He also said that the swine-flu vaccine had been neutralized:

“Let us relieve your concerns about mandatory swine flu vaccinations. If this mandate does come to pass, the effects will be harmless because the live virus in the vaccines has been neutralized by space family members’ technology.” (2)

“The technology of our family in other star nations has neutralized the vaccine that is intended to spread this disease, just as they did to prevent the spreading of SARS and avian flu.” (3)

In July of 2009, he assured us that, not only was the virus and vaccine rendered harmless, but the microchips in the vaccine were as well.

“Just as in the previous flu situations, the technology of our universal family has neutralized the swine flu virus-laden vaccines and will continue to do so as long as the makers persist in their scheme. And please have no worries about programmed microchips being implanted via inoculations—if that is attempted, the programming will be erased by that same technology.” (4)

Why do I mention it?

Well, we can see from the oil-rig disaster,  the deepening financial crash, and the “freak” weather (flood in Nashville, hail the size of hardballs in Oklahoma) that things may get a mite unnerving.

I’d like to establish with you the track record of our sources so that, if they get crazier still, as SaLuSa says they will, we can relax in the assurance that the people we are listening to are credible.

We now have people asking if H1N1 was the new Y2K. Articles are appearing wondering if health authorities overreacted. You and I know that the whole thing was a fear-based Illuminati dodge, an attempt to dominate the globe and reduce the world’s population, etc.

But I want to draw our attention to the fact that Matthew called it correctly.

While I’m on the subject, I’d like to add that you’ve probably noticed that I don’t cite a wide spectrum of channeled messages. I cite very few actually.

Again, over the years I’ve weeded out the sources that I wouldn’t care to stake my life or reputation on. But Matthew and SaLuSa I would.

There are other sources who publish only from time to time that I consider fairly useful – the Hathors is a good example. There are terrestrial sources that I regard as suggestive and inspiring – Lauren Gorgo and Karen Bishop are examples. But I’m not sure that the terrestrial sources see very far.

The reason I fall back on SaLuSa and Matthew so often is that they have proven the reliability of their information. When things start to get a little crazy, with Earth cleansing happening, the cabal taking its dramatic final bow, the economy heading for the floor, and whatever else may be going on, I’ll be looking to Matthew and SaLuSa to guide me.

I have no special insight into the truth. I’m not clairvoyant or telepathic. I listen to the best evidence I can find and construe by my wits.

It’s better that I say this now while we’re all agreeably sane. Later on, we may find it a little bit more difficult to relax and that could make these words harder to hear.




(1) Matthew’s Message, April 28, 2009, at

(2) Matthew’s Messages, May 26, 2009, ibid.

(3) Matthew’s Message, April 28, 2009, ibid.

(4) Matthew’s Message, July 18, 2009, ibid.

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