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End the UFO Cover-up

Written: May 17, 2009

Dr. Stephen Bassett announced on April 20, 2009, at the Fifth Annual X-Conference 2009 news briefing that he is giving the Obama administration until the end of May 2009 to end the cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence on this planet. He said:

“We are encouraging the administration, which has dedicated itself to open and transparent government, to commit the ultimate act of openness and transparency [i.e., to disclose the extraterrestrial presence around Earth] and to do it immediately before [earlier administrations’] embargo becomes its embargo and it has to explain its reasons for delay at a critical time in the human race’s … development.

“If it does not disclose by the end of May … the first hundred days plus thirty, … we are going to be extensively putting that out to the media and we’re just going to make it as difficult as possible not to. …

“If they choose not to disclose by the end of May and wait, maybe they want June or maybe July, or whatever is convenient, there is a very real possibility, I believe about fifty-fifty, that another nation will in fact act pre-emptively … on their own and disclose the extraterrestrial presence.

“And they will wake up and pick up the Washington Post or the Washington Times and the headlines will read that President Sarkozy of France today will tell the French people about the confirmation of an extraterrestrial presence and provide evidence from the French military files. … That’s what’s at issue today. I think it’s a pretty big issue.” (1)

I have heard Stephen Bassett described as the extraterrestrials’ lobbyist in Washington. I have no doubt that he means business.

While NASA continues its deceptive “search for life” on other planets, Earth’s atmosphere is filled with extraterrestrial spaceships far surpassing the performance of any air or space vehicles we possess (and we do possess spaceships). (2)

We search for traces of water on Mars, while off-planet traffic shows us their ability to shut down ICBM weapons systems and fly rings around NASA’s various space probes.

If the subject were not so serious, it would be funny.

But so much rides on disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence that it is indeed a serious topic.

Audial communications from extraterrestrials can be found going back to Nov. 26, 1977 when a message from the Galactic Federation was broadcast across a hijacked Independent Television News station in Britain. (3)

Today a plethora of messages purporting to come from extraterrestrial humans are available on the Internet, although little of the information makes its way into the mainstream media.

Complete information on the subject can be found on my website. (4)

A summary would look like this. The galactic presence on Planet Earth goes back to before the human race was seeded onto its surface eons ago. That galactic presence is itself human.

The stock from which the various types of humans derived come from different star systems, like Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion and other systems.

The urgent events that brought human extraterrestrials here in such numbers today could be viewed from a number of angles. It could be said that the explosion of nuclear weapons in space, tearing the space-time continuum and causing havoc on other worlds and in other dimensions, brought them here, to put an end to nuclear tests and warfare.

It could also be said that the broader agenda of assisting Earth to wrap up the unfinished business of this cycle, predicted in the Mayan calendar to occur in the year 2012, brought them here.

It could also be said that they came to overthrow the Earth’s nefarious masters, which one could label by so many names – the Illuminati, the New World Order, the secret government, the elite, the cabal, etc. This group, bent on world domination, was headed for victory in eliminating human rights, taking control of the globe, enslaving its population, and reducing their numbers from 6-plus billion to 500 million. It was the extraterrestrial presence which provided the clout to unseat the cabal.

Whichever way you choose to see events, our visitors, to whom we owe the restoration of our freedoms and the future reformation of our economy and other blessings, have made their presence at once unmistakeable and as unobtrusive as possible. Youtube is replete with videos of spaceship fleets, UFOs leaving crop-circle messages in fields, craft of all descriptions in every imaginable situation.

Most people, when they think of aliens, think of the diminutive Greys, who are responsible for most abductions, gave the American military its weapons and space technology, and have been more or less banished from the planet.

Fewer pictures can be found on the Internet of the human visitors who form the backbone of the Galactic Federation’s presence and who aided their Earth allies in overturning “the last cabal.”

However, if one chooses, one can follow the daily progress of their mission to assist in the closing of this cycle and the transformation of the Earth and its populace, which will come sometime before the cycle’s end in 2012.

We are indeed in the “end times.” But what is ending is the enslavement, debasing, and impoverishment of Earth’s population, not the Earth itself.

Indeed Galactic-Federation sources predict a “Golden Age” for Earth once the cabal’s presence has been banished from the globe. They predict a new economy, based on gold and bringing abundance to all of Earth’s population.

They point to a rise in Earth’s consciousness that will attend the mass “Decloaking” of spaceships, followed by “First Contact” (that is, first mass contact) with the galactics.

They tell us that the Earth itself will be “terraformed” to remove nuclear and other types of pollution. They say that terrestrials will be removed from the intergalactic quarantine in which they have been maintained.

At present terrestrials are not permitted to travel further than Mars. The United States possesses space craft that can travel to Mars and back. These vehicles are operated by a secret space force, with no relation to NASA, NASA being primarily a show put on for public consumption.

That is just one secret the public has never been told about, which the galactics will reveal. They promise that we will be given new technology to provide for most of our needs, including free-energy technology, relieving us of dependence on fossil fuels.

The rise in energy levels resulting from the work they are doing can palpably be felt at the present time – or at least I feel it.

The changes in galactic conditions are reportedly puzzling scientists.

Going on behind the scenes at the present time, apparently, is a round-up of cabal figures, slated for trial at the International Criminal Court at The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

These include the staging of 9/11, the Oklahoma City, London and Madrid bombings, torture, weather warfare, pandemics (yes, including swine flu) and a long list of other crimes.

At some point in the future, we will be going about our business when suddenly the TV, computer, and other similar media will be commandeered by the Galactic Federation and our own Spiritual Hierarchy. We will be shown, for hours, what our situation has been on Planet Earth, what we can expect in the immediate future, and what we can look forward to much farther down the road.

The outlook is unequivocally glorious, as difficult as that seems to imagine at a time when the old structures are crashing down. But those old structures must fall to make way for the new. The grip of the last cabal is being loosened in large measure by the implosion of the corporate/market structure that the cabal has built up over the years.

In our future, we will have no need to worry about health care, education, shelter, or any of the other matters that concern us at present. I know this sounds hard to believe and there is no need to believe me. We are weeks or months shy of all these events beginning to manifest themselves.

Stephen Bassett has now put the Obama administration on notice that if they do not end the decades-long cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence by the end of May, he will force the issue.

All that I have described in this article is what is at play here. I actually think the Obama administration is well prepared to disclose the extraterrestrial presence and welcomes Mr. Bassett’s help.

I actually think Barack Obama, whom I admire greatly, is familiar with most of what I have said here today.


(1) .


(3) . The video features a non-human face on the extraterrestrial, whereas the Galactic Federation’s fleet around Earth is composed almost entirely of humans.

(4) First Contact, at .

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  1. roberto permalink
    June 8, 2010 3:35 pm

    Hi, I suggest you take a look at the recent UFO case over the Vatican, watched and filmed by three soldiers of the Italian army. The police have taken it seriously and I think this case could be very important in ET/UFO Disclosure. I have not seen any report yet on the web, except in the Italian news.

    Thank you for your work.

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