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Will the Armageddon of Biblical Prophecy Happen? – Part 3/3

(Continued from Part 2)

There is no room for error in the Divine Plan. Says SaLuSa: “The grand plan for Man is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal.” (1) Saul agrees:

“The divine plan continues to unfold precisely as intended, and as it must; nothing else is possible. Your awareness of it will increase and intensify as your energy frequency rises in preparation for leaving your illusory reality of fear, suffering, pain, and death.” (2)

Moreover, everyone administering the plan is highly organized.  According to SaLuSa:

“As you can imagine spiritual matters are highly organised, and progress is coordinated for Humankind so that as many souls as possible move into the Light. You are all acting out your roles for the benefit of the whole, and a game it may be, but one that is deadly serious. The emphasis is on getting you to awaken to your true selves, and taking responsibility for all you do. (3)

Mira the Pleiaidian puts the matter a slightly-different way: “Little by little the divine orchestration continues.” (4) But the meaning is the same.

The Divine Edict is our grounds for ridding ourselves of fear, SaLuSa says,

An example of literature on the Divine Plan

“There is nothing to fear, your future is absolutely assured – and that is by Divine Decree. A Universal edict has been served on all creation that has responded by preparing in readiness for the great change to the higher dimensions.

“You have to be helped, which is why we are here in great numbers. Now you can see why we work incessantly with our allies, as we are keen to get started through direct contact with you. That is not far away now, but we shall choose our time well when it is most suitable for a successful open first contact.” (5)

“Your glorious future is absolutely certain, and it is written into the plan decreed by the Creator.” (6)

The galactics in turn take this plan and adapt it to the needs of the moment, informing their Earth allies of what is needed. Says SaLuSa:

“There will be a co-ordinated plan between our allies, and us of the Galactic Federation and events will follow quickly once they get started. At each stage we shall prepare you for what follows, as it is so important that our actions are clearly understood.” (7)

The Master Planning Council has the authority and ability to dynamically alter the plan. Here is one example that Matthew points to:

“The master planning council in conjunction with spiritually evolved beings among you decided to reverse the order of two major parts of the plan. Originally it was thought that exposure of the dark ones’ controlling hand in myriad worldly matters would arouse the sleepers and then there would be the revelation that newcomers from distant lands have come to help you clean up the mess your world is in.

“But awakening of the masses isn’t happening as quickly as need be and time is of the essence, so it has been agreed to jolt the many sound sleepers with something that cannot miss getting everyone’s attention—your governments acknowledging that other intelligent beings are in the universe.” (8)

Here Mira the Pleiaidian tells us that the Master Planners are altering our future history:

“There will be some important parts of history that will be re-written. The past is being changed so that the future will be a positive one for all of you and for the Earth.” (8)

In summary then, the Armageddon of Biblical Prophecy is not going to happen. The Divine Master Plan, as administered by the Master Planning Council, the spiritual hierarchy, and the galactics, will without error carry us into the Golden Age, through Ascension and beyond.

There is no reason to fear the dark forces or any other catastrophic scenario. If we do fear, we may bring unfortunate, negative consequences to ourselves through the Law of Attraction so part of our task is to stay out of fear.

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