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Help Wanted: Only the Honest Need Apply

Surely the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a metaphor for our time.

Surely our time has seen human society plumb the depths of moral depravity like no society before us has ever done, and hopefully no society after will ever do.

The depths to which we have stooped, as a society, appear to have released a spreading stain which threatens to blacken everything. All manner of toxicity has been set free and no one is safe, morally speaking, from being tarred. No one’s hands are clean.

Think of any moral parameter.

Drugs, sex, violence. Murder by assassination, murder by pandemic, murder by chemtrail, murder by tsunami, earthquake, and hurricane. Hounding whistleblowers, jailing them, killing them. What have we as a society not done? We’ve killed the canaries in the mine shaft and now the cloud of toxic gas is suffocating us.

How many members of Congress are free from corruption? How many are operating under threat of blackmail for participating in orgies in which they were filmed? For accepting bribes? For participating in dark rituals?

How many “public servants,” bankers, journalists have sold their services? How many civil servants sworn to protect the public are actually harming it? How many “regulatory” agencies actually sell the public interest out?

How many “officers of the law” simply cater to the ruling elite? How many would kill members of the public for money? How many actually serve the criminals?

How many judges have been compromised? How many sell their decisions? Punish the innocent?

How many priests have violated their vows? How many soldiers murder as they please and call it “serving their country”?

How many members of the FBI participate in false-flag operations? How many members of the CIA work for the drug trade or torture and murder freely?

How many people hired to inform the public lie to it? How many people hired to help the public financially steal from it?

Do people have a conscience today? Do they have a moral compass? Is there any act of immorality that someone hasn’t perfected, justified, packaged, and now purveys?

Scratch child slavery and you find a corporation or a government agency behind it or profiting from it. Lift each rock of criminality and you find government implicated or turning a blind eye to it, providing a buck can be made.

Whole national elections have been thrown. Those who stand against the tide are pitched down stairs or “suicide” and their deaths are not investigated. Or have their planes blown up or are given heart attacks through covert means.

Where have we as a society gone? How are we to recover?

Now all the toxic mess of Mother Nature is being released in a spreading stain that is choking off an ecosystem and is it not a metaphor for our times?

What have we done to Mother Nature that she is fighting back at last? Raped her, clawed her wealth from her, deprived her of our protection.

We raped the land, the ionosphere, the oceans. We consigned whole societies to poverty through financial manipulations and bogus IMF interventions. We robbed whole nations of their natural resources and left them to starve. What crime have we not committed? Who among us is left that can hold his or her head up? When an honest man comes along like the current president, he is sandbagged from the left and the right. And whom can he turn to to be his ally in cleaning the mess up?

How can we recover in the midst of things? There isn’t time to stop and investigate what we’ve gotten ourselves into. The house is on fire and all of us are trapped inside, even the fire department and the doctor in the house.

Are we to continue plumbing the dark depths of immorality or has anyone the sense to stop?

And have we damaged our own word enough to be able to utter a single, simple pledge to stop our crazy descent to hell and begin the long, slow climb back up?

What will it take to have us stop? What fresh horror, further revelation, debt now due will present itself for payment?

Do we as a society even deserve to survive? Have we anything decent to pass along to our children? If we were Lemuria or Atlantis, would this be the time that the continent breaks up, not through natural calamity, but under the weight of our corruption and failed promises?

In my view, Barack Obama is perhaps the only person serving in the public arena at the moment that I can think of who’s playing with a clean conscience. I don’t believe what his detractors on the right or left are saying about him and I’m no one’s shill, his or anyone else’s.

But whom can he look to to join him in setting things right? Who deserves to be the second person on his team?

Now that we have killed off all the Kennedys and the Martin Luther Kings and the Paul Gilmors and Phil Schneiders and Billy Coopers, who is left to defend us or speak a good word of us, all having been silenced and buried?

Never mind the oil spill. In the face of the morality spill, what is the next step for us? How do we detoxify society? How do we find our moral compass again?

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