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David Wilcock: Life, Evolution, and 2012 – Part 5/5

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Ultimately what we’re dealing with here is a spontaneous energetic transformation in which all the DNA stuff we’ve been talking about is just the prelude to what could literally amount to some sort of profound and sudden evolution of the human species.

It is essentially more like a light-body or an ascension, where the activities that we now associate with Jesus and with great masters and yogis become just as ordinary as breathing and talking.

That’s the world that we seem to be heading into.

I mentioned the “nemesis” a while back. The nemesis character does play out on an archetypical level on the world stage, as these New World Order, Illuminati types — so now we’re seeing them being taken down.


We’re seeing the potential for Disclosure really happening, because you’ve got Buzz Aldrin out there saying there’s a monolith on the moon Phobos around Mars.

Now he’s on Air Force One with Obama. And Obama, when he has a Space Summit on the 15th, says he wants to go to an asteroid and then to Mars.

Well, Phobos is about the size of an asteroid. So it’s all linking up very, very nicely.


Then we see the Iceland volcano going off, which makes air travel over Europe basically impossible. It’s causing 200 million dollars of damage a day just to the airline industry, not to mention all other forms of commerce.

Look at the toys that these guys have. Look at the fact that they’ve used massive earthquakes in Chile and in Haiti in the past to stop major events from happening that were dismantling their financial architecture.

[Now we find out that Halliburton worked on the cement casings of the oil rig just 20 hours before it exploded. Once again, it appears they’re willing to sabotage their own property, and security, just to threaten the world to stop coming after them.

The oil company was British Petroleum, and this is indeed a war between rivalling factions in America and Europe. Despite these despicable acts, they are only causing more damage – they will still be brought down either way.]

It really does seem that what we’re heading into Disclosure, and they’re doing whatever they can with these earthquake weapons to try to stop it.


Now, if the earthquake weapons and the weather weapons don’t work, there is obviously the opportunity for them to try to use actually fake UFOs, to fake an invasion.

I don’t know if that’s ever actually going to happen. There’re a lot of counter-measures that could attack their assets if it did happen.

One of the most important things to remember is that these big flying triangles they have are actually big balloons… they’re not even real. They’re not even really ships. They do have particle beams on them.

The important part I want anybody who’s in the intelligence services of foreign governments to hear is this. I could be getting myself in trouble saying this, but let’s go for it.

These things can be shot down very easily. They’re extremely, extremely weak.

They’re only meant to scare people. They don’t have any real power.

It’s just a thin balloon-like material. If you shoot one rocket-propelled grenade into it, it will blow up. The whole thing explodes and it’s done. They’re basically white elephants.

So, if they ever try that, don’t think it’s an alien invasion; it’s not. They will be vanquished much easier than we think, with actually pretty conventional weapons.

So I don’t think…

Dr. Robert Pease: But you know what, they’re going to deny that they’re aliens anyway, even if they’re not. [David laughs]

Even if they were, the governments are all going to say, “No, it’s all weather balloons; they all look like aluminum silver, don’t worry about it”. So people are not going to… we’ve bought into the information.


DW: Look… ESA is coming out and saying, “Hey, we’re going to do this. We’re going to go public. We’re going to say that the interior of Phobos is all a bunch of rooms, and there’s furniture and all kinds of stuff in there.”

They’re going to do it. We’re not going to have to wait around. This is being done by Obama. NASA is compromised by the Rockefeller faction by the New World Order; ESA is not.

So we’re finally on the threshold and it’s so amazing to see all this amazing Disclosure stuff happen, and all this amazing taking-down of the New World Order stuff happening simultaneously.

I am sitting talking to you on the radio today, Sunday, April 18, 2010. Every damn thing that I’ve been telling people is going to happen is happening right now. It’s amazing.

For Part 1, see

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