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Journey of Ascension 2012

“Gateways of Light: Our Journey of Ascension,” a video which has a beautiful message for us around the process of Ascension, was made by the Openhand Foundation.

Their intro states: “A powerful Spiritual Awakening is happening across our planet with people in all walks of life rapidly peeling away their veils of limitation and finding inner completeness. A higher vibrational reality awaits us based on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. So how can we join this higher paradigm? Our new web-based mini movie “Gateways of Light” addresses this most important issue of our time…”

I personally found this video to be very helpful on how we might relate to the coming Ascension and hope you also benefit from watching it. It deserves repeated viewing and study. Gentle, suggestive, profound.

Matter of fact, the website from which it comes contains a wealth of well-written articles on everything to do with Ascension 2012. I plan to reprint a number of them over the next while.

I realize I could simply point you to the website, but reprinting some of their best articles will give them some publicity and increase their readership and that cannot be a bad thing. Their URL is:



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