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Ch. 6. A Time of Separation Will Come

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Now that the fight between the dark and Light has come out into the open, SaLuSa tells us, “a distinct division is occurring between the two groups.” (1)  Mira of the Pleiadians hints at what awaits the followers of darkness:

“The dark ones are losing ground even though they are trying to hang on to what they have. The Earth is a planet of Light that very soon will only be that. Those who have other motives will find themselves elsewhere.” (2)

The angel Adrial, speaking through Mark Kimmel, indicates that, at some time in the future, “there will be a sorting according to choice.” (3)

SaLuSa appears to refer ominously to the manner in which some of the dark may be leaving during the “cleansing process.”

“The times of gloom and doom are over, but some changes are inevitable as the cleansing process gets underway. Know that every action and reaction has a purpose, and your understanding is not as yet sufficiently broad enough to know the precise reasons. No matter what scale of death in any incident, be aware that each soul has planned and allowed for transition in such a manner. This is one of your more difficult lessons to comprehend, as loss of life is a very emotive subject to you.” (4)

I cannot but be reminded here of Biblical images of the harvester coming and harvesting the grain, throwing the weeds to the side, or the traveller eating the good fruit of the fig tree and consigning the barren tree to its fate.

The time of separation would surely be one instance of the divine winnowing process at work.  Most of those who do not choose to ascend now will ascend at another time, so there is no suggestion here of eternal damnation, hellfire, etc. But the Biblical time of separation would seem to be not far off in our future.

We Will Move Away from the Dark

Those of us who have set our sights on Ascension, SaLuSa tells us, “have suddenly lifted out of the depths of darkness. Hence, you now move even further away [from the dark] and into the Light that is your path to Ascension.”  (5)

This year, 2009, he says, has been the year “when the paths of the Light and dark become clearly defined.” From this point on, people must decide which way they will travel – to remain in 3D or to ascend into 5D.

“People will be faced with some soul searching as to which way to go, and it will be a decision that will determine whether they move towards Ascension. It is not that it will be the last chance, but as time progresses there is less likelihood that people will have a change of heart.” (6)

The Pleiadian High Council, speaking through Lauren Gorgo, explains how separation and the rebirth in consciousness that follows will occur.

“The prophesied time for the separation of realities has been talked about in various spiritual circles and communities of new thought, however, is mostly misunderstood.  The separation of worlds as you will come to experience, is not a physical separation, but a separation in consciousness.

“This will however lead to a seeming segregation of sorts, in that the communities of like mind will begin to come together, rather they will gravitate toward one another.

“As this happens, those who are operating on the new timeline, that of the emanations from the great central sun, will begin to step fully into their ascended or Christed consciousness.” (7)

SaLuSa also helps us understand the manner in which the separation will take place.

“The battle on Earth would seem far from over, but in reality the Light has established itself sufficiently to create its own path to Ascension. The dark are losing their ability to prevent you from discovering your true Self, and instead of separating you from your Light, will find that it is you who separate from them. (8)

On another occasion SaLuSa explains that the dark no longer have the power to keep the children of Light from ascending.

“No longer can those who are by choice staying in the lower vibrations delay those who have made their decision to rise up. They will have responded to the Light, and fully deserve their upliftment through the process of Ascension.”  (9)

These then are the descriptions we are given of the separation between the children of darkness and of the Light.

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(For chapter 1, see

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