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Karma and Issues Are Not the Same

Bernadette Roberts, Knower of the No-Self

I’ve been laboring over what was becoming a rather large article on what I believe is the work we need to do to ascend, as far as I can see it from my limited perch. But rather than publish a very large article, I decided to break it down into bits.

The first bit I want to publish is one which draws a distinction between our karma and our issues.

You remember that Jesus said that, “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (1) Well, in my opinion, heaven and Earth are about to pass. Yes, think of it: the Earth is about to ascend to the Fifth Dimension and the whole universe is doing the same. Is that not heaven and Earth passing?

Until this time, our karma has been recorded and remained something that we needed to attend to. But the celestial, galactic and spiritual masters say that our karma will be forgiven us to allow us to ascend. If it weren’t, we couldn’t possibly ascend because our karma would be too vast to erase. In my opinion, with each new life, we create more karma than we eradicate.

Atmos of Sirius tells us that God will remove the karma of people who are of the Light “With the closing of the cycle the Law of Grace comes into operation, and the Creator has decreed that those who are of the Light shall be released from their remaining karma.” (2)

SaLuSa agrees: “The Law of Grace will ensure that no karmic residue will travel with you.” (3)

In another passage, he says: “Karma is being rapidly cleared to ensure the highest levels of Light are reached upon Earth. The lower energies are being transmuted, as much due to your application of the Light as well as ours.” (4)

Karma is being cleared through the law of Grace but the transmuting of the lower energies that is taking place is happening, I think, because we are clearing our issues. In my opinion, that is the manner in which we apply the Light that SaLuSa refers to.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: look in the face of sahaja samadhi

Supposing we are on a trip and carrying a large amount of baggage. We have asthma and are exhausted and may not be able to complete the trip unless help is found.

Suddenly someone tells us that we can ship much of our baggage on ahead. That is a great help.

But we must still manage our asthma and carry ourselves through the remainder of the trip. Our baggage is our karma. Our asthma is our issues. Though relieved of our baggage (our karma), we still have to manage our asthma (our issues) to complete the trip.

The challenging times we are going through are allowing those old issues to be raised so that they can be cleared.

Another way of saying this is that God will forgive us, but we must forgive ourselves and others. Forgiving us clears us of our karma; forgiving ourselves and others, in the last analysis, clears us of our issues.

In case we think that the extension of God’s Grace at this time is unusual, it isn’t. It’s quite common for spiritual aspirants and sages to remark on the fact that we could not possibly close the distance between ourselves and God if we relied on solely our own efforts. That is, we could not possibly attain enlightenment if God did not step in and make the task manageable.

Hindus say that, when we take one step towards God, God takes ten steps towards us. What is more required than covering the whole distance is exhausting our efforts.

Bernadette Roberts says as much when she observes that “at a certain point, when we have done all we can [to bring about an abiding union with the divine], the divine steps in and takes over.” (5) Sri Ramana Maharshi echoes her when he tells us: “Your efforts can extend only [so] far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it.” (6)

So, far from being unheard of, divine intervention is necessary to the process of enlightenment. Without it, we could not cover the distance between us and God. After we have done all we can, the Divine steps in and covers the remaining distance.

But, apparently, the same does not apply to issues. Apparently, we are required to clear them ourselves and, as the energy rises, we are given the opportunity to do so.  Yes, we will be given help, but clearing the issues themselves remains something we must do alone.

Rather than going on and showing where the masters say this, I think I’ll stop here and leave that demonstration to a future article.

Why do I point out that our karma is something we’re going to be relieved of and only our issues are left? To give us hope. To show us that a divine dispensation is shortening the distance we have to travel. To allow us not to feel despondent and overwhelmed by the task ahead. We have only to master ourselves, not to clear off our old, accumulated debts. The distance we have to cross to ascend is manageable.


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