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War and Conscious Convergence Cannot Exist in the Same Space

We are being manipulated. Remember that 9/11 was an inside job.

As we head into the Conscious Convergence on July 17-18, we face war on many fronts. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which readers of this site know as having been started by the West as the means of grabbing those nations’ oil and mineral reserves and controlling  the Afghan drug trade, remain justified as retaliation for what was in fact a false-flag operation on September 11, 2001.

The wars were started by the neoconservatives who made up the Bush administration on the basis of actions which they themselves carried out – the destruction of the World Trade Center and Pentagon – with huge loss of life which they exacted on their own citizens.

Whether apparently justified or not, war itself remains our greatest failing, galactic teachers tell us. SaLuSa says that they are “the ways of those who have no understanding of the oneness of All That Is.” In fact war and Hence Conscious Convergence cannot exist in the same space.

SaLuSa has harsh words for us on the subject of war.

“[Wars] not only incur immense karma but set your evolution back very severely. The wanton killing of innocent people as a means to settle your differences is a gross insult to your Creator. You have absolutely no right to take the life of another soul, and the fact that such abominations occur is an indication of how retarded some of you are.” (1)

Wars are used to manipulate the people. They have been perpetuated, he reminds us, “as a deliberate means of keeping you in fear and lining the coffers of those who always make fortunes from them. Now you know why there is no serious intent to bring world peace into being.” (2)

Indeed, if we allow ourselves to dwell on what we know, then we must admit that we see on no front any attempt to bring peace to the world. Instead what we see is a government apparatus still more or less under the control of liars and cheats (I’m sorry. There are no other words for it) who tell us that a phony “war against terror” must continue to be pursued, though we know this is not the case and whose interest lies in selling weapons of war and reaping the profits of subjugation.

Of the war on terror, SaLuSa says:

“Terrorism is present in your world and no one would deny it, but it does not exist in the West to the degree it is suggested. It is in part self-created by interference in other countries’ affairs and covert operations to manipulate and steal their resources. It is exaggerated to a large degree and what you call false flag incidents are carried out to maintain an atmosphere of fear.” (3)

One after another, the New World Order launches attacks on airliners, ships, and public buildings, blaming them on Al-Qaida terrorists when the very ones who point at Al-Qaida are the ones who caused the incidents. They produce hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis using weather-warfare weapons like HAARP and kill hundreds of thousands.

The only spark of hope in the situation is that we the people are ourselves waking up to our manipulation. Says SaLuSa:

“You are coming around to realizing how and by whom you have been kept under control and for what purposes. These are the times when there is present a great energy for truth, unearthing the depths to which you have been oppressed for millennia of time by the intent of the Illuminati.” (4)

In effect, the galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy have worked hard to open our eyes to our manipulation. It is, he says, “all part of the necessary cleansing process, which will allow for changes that shall restore your sovereignty and most importantly – your freedom.” (5)

An insidious factor of the situation is that our very actions against other countries creates terrorism where none existed before. I think most of my readers can remember back to the days before the Iraqi war when Iraqis looked forward expectantly to being liberated from the rule of Saddam Hussein by American troops.

I myself sat at that time as a refugee adjudicator and so I studied on a daily basis the atrocities that Saddam Hussein committed against his people and I could appreciate their longing to be released from his cruelty and bloodthirstiness.

But no sooner did American troops invade Iraq than they were subjected to even worse conditions, which Iraqi vet Mike Prysner has well described in this video:

The chances of torture and death at the hands of Saddam’s regime were, in my opinion, less than they were at the hands of American troops at the worst points of the American occupation. Moreover, altogether absent were the threats to one’s self and family from sources like depleted-uranium poison.

The lot of Iraqis under the American occupation became, in my view, worse than they had been under Saddam.

At the time, I reached my verdicts on whether someone was a refugee or not on the basis of published reports from the American Secretary of State and British Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

I now regard those reports as tainted and no longer hold to the view that the two countries are democracies whose police forces, court systems and penal institutions could be counted on to provide due process of law.

I’m deeply saddened to admit it but, in view of all I have learned since leaving the Immigration and Refugee Board, I can now see myself giving negative decisions against both states to people applying to me for refugee protection.

SaLuSa tells us that where there was no terrorism previously, we have created terrorism.

“Can you see how the occupation of other countries, creates the very opposition that has bred the insurgents and suicide bombers? I make no reference to the rights and wrongs concerned with such issues, but point out the reasons that have brought about such an evil campaign.

“Can you then accept that you have a crying need to put away everything that promotes war and instead bring people together and enhance their quality of life rather than destroy it? We have made the point so often that you are One and many dear souls have taken it upon themselves to try and bring a new way into being, that respects the rights of all to live in peace.” (6)

Why then do we not put war away? He tells us “you have effectively allowed the Illuminati and their minions to control what you do, pretending to work in your best interests yet having no real interest in your welfare or future. We do mean this as a comment in respect of more recent times, as you have been misled and deliberately kept in the dark as to the true purpose of what has been happening in your name.” (7)

As we head into the Conscious Convergence, as we come together not simply out of a vague, harmonious resonance that we experienced in 1987, but with the consciousness we have gained in the intervening years out of having been so badly used and manipulated, I pray that we resolve as a world to cease co-operating with the erstwhile controllers of this planet, lay down our arms and, as the song goes, make war no more.

Let’s remember the faces of those Iraqis who welcomed the thought of being liberated by Americans and liberate them from ourselves. Let’s remember the faces of Iraqi mothers who now see their babies deformed by depleted uranium, only one of the toxic and deadly chemicals intentionally released into their land by their invaders – who are us – and take responsibility for assisting them now instead of harming them further.

The Conscious Convergence is a travesty if we come together and yet continue to affirm our right to make war on our neighbors. It becomes meaningful only to the extent that it fosters in us a commitment to end our manipulation and usher in the lasting reign of peace.

In any way you can, without endangering your safety or that of your family, refuse to participate in war. Refuse to co-operate with those who tell you that Muslims are our enemies, “terrorists,” domestic and foreign, are our enemies, or that we have enemies at all. Only those who would have us see enemies are our enemies. And even those will one day be our friends.

Overwhelmingly our enemies are created and it is the intention of our controllers to maintain the illusion forever, unless and until we say “no.”

There is no need for a war on terror. There never has been one. War itself must go and with it will go terror.


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