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I Declare Peace. The Day of Goliath is Over

This morning at around 5:40 a.m., I awoke from a deep sleep with a start.

A semi-trailer parked on the road around 100 yards down from my apartment block had just sounded its horn so loudly that I don’t think anyone within a city block in any direction could have possibly remained asleep.

It’s likely that the driver had not intended to wake the entire neighborhood up. But it’s also probable that he did nonetheless.

Last night, in writing “The Valley of the Shadow of Death,” I sounded my horn that loudly. It isn’t that I consciously intended to wake up the neighborhood, but, looking back, there seems no doubt in my mind that at some level I must have.

I’ve awakened this morning and that same basic intransigence, that same refusal to remain asleep any longer persists. I am unwilling to stay asleep another day. (1) I have no idea what to do or say next, but I know that I will not and cannot remain asleep.

As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I declare peace. Peace on Earth has been declared. It now only requires that the armies of Earth hear that and lay down their arms.

I have no ability to deliver on that statement. No armies follow my command. Not a single peace officer or officer of the law obeys me. I intend to use no force to obtain anything. I am probably unable to run a city block without keeling over and I have less authority than a pathetic Wizard of Oz behind his curtain.

Be that as it may, I declare peace in this world and the cessation of war in all its forms.

I ask the military of all nations to lay down their arms and make war no more. I ask them to cease following the orders of their superiors if doing so means to wage war. I ask them to refuse to obey the order of any commanding officer that will cause the death or injury of an innocent individual.

I tell the dark cabal of this world, the New World Order, the Neocons, the Illuminati, the CIA, FBI, MI-6, Mossad, MJ-12, Blackwater, Murder Inc., and every other black-hat John Doe that here is where you can find me – Vancouver, B.C., Canada – I’m in the phone book.  No sense bothering the tenants of this building. Call me and I will come outside. So come and get me.

I declare peace. From this moment on, I ask that no more guns be fired on this planet, no more bombs be exploded, no more false-flag operations be condoned, no more agents provocateurs be employed, no more prisoners be killed, no more lightworkers be assassinated.

I ask the military of all nations to lay down their arms and just walk away, unless doing so itself imperils a population you are sworn to protect. In that case, I ask that you protect that population against your superior officers.

I ask us all to stop listening to the mainstream media support a war against terrorism where no organized terrorism existed previously. I ask us all to stop responding to their “memes,” their catchphrases designed to steer us in one direction or another, like a flock of birds, catchphrases such as universal medicare is socialism or Obama is gutless.

Universal medicare is the right of all people on Earth. Obama is courageous and fighting at the moment practically alone against the elites of this world.

Refuse to allow the coffers to be drained one more day to pay for the further subjugation of the people of Earth. Refuse to allow the elite, whether in finance, medicine, education, the armed services, law enforcement or any other branch of commerce, government, politics, or whatever, to behave in an ongoingly-corrupt manner and lie to the people of Earth about what they’re doing.

Refuse to remain asleep. Insist on your right to be awake and to demand integrity and service from our leaders.

This semi-trailer is honking and won’t stop honking until everyone within a cosmic city block of Planet Earth is awake. This David is asking where Goliath is. Come and get me, Goliath. It’s the only way you’ll shut me up.

The secret is out: We are all Davids. The day of Goliath is over.


(1) It’s curious that I complained of an overwhelming sleepiness for the last three days.

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  1. September 7, 2010 3:35 pm

    Please check out the I Declare World Peace site at You will enjoy it.

  2. Tampa Dave permalink
    August 16, 2010 10:57 pm

    I’m in.

    Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler had an idea on how to stop war.

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