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Barack Obama – Hero or Villain?

Many criticisms of President Barack Obama are surfacing these days. One website against the New World Order states that Obama “has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, … and mortgaged the promised land.” (1) Ben Fulford, in his interview with David Wilcock, places Barack Obama in cahoots with Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros. (2) David Willcock himself suggests that:

“Every person I know who is on the inside, still in black-ops, reveals that there is great hatred of Obama within their ranks because he is NOT working on their side.” (3)

What do spiritual and galactic commentators say about Barack Obama? Is he Golden-Age hero or New World Order villain? I’d like to look at the opinions of spiritual commentator Matthew Ward and galactic spokesperson SaLuSa on the question.

Matthew Ward

Matthew speaks for the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy. Ashtar, commander of the Galactic Federation’s fleet, once informed the author that “I want to tell you why you can trust the information we transmit to Suzy Ward. We know Matthew—all highly evolved beings in the universe know this soul—and his soul and his mother’s vibrate at the same high frequency, where only truth is passed between beings wherever they are, and she is known by us as a uniquely clear receiver.” (4)

Matthew notes that “many of you still are questioning US President Obama’s motives or leadership abilities. Therefore we will speak briefly again about this highly evolved soul who all of you agreed prior to birth would be elected to that position and lead your world into an era of peace.”

“We told you before the primary elections that he would become president, and everything we have said about him and his part of the Golden Age master plan in subsequent messages also is as accurate now as then. …”

Matthew agrees with David Willcock that the steam behind these criticisms comes from Republicans and the Illuminati.

“While opposition to Obama’s direction from the Republicans in Congress en masse and some members of his own party too is public knowledge, the power behind the dissension—pressure from the Illuminati global web-work—is not. Except for readers of our messages and those from other sources within the light, it is not known that the vociferous and rancorous disagreements within the US government are not as they appear to be, a stubborn partisan bloc or inflexible ideological differences—it is the influence of the light and of the darkness being played out on the United States government stage.” (5)

Matthew tells us that “if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.


“The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere.” (6)

According to Matthew, the mainstream media, while breaking free of Illuminati control, is still not far enough along that curve to give Obama his full due. He details the full extent of the task facing Obama – to dismantle the entrenched Illuminati with American government and society. I quote Matthew’s analysis at length.

“Now then, while Illuminati control of mainstream media has cracked, it has not disintegrated sufficiently so that information they do not want you to know is reported; nor is the full truth given of situations they would like to keep completely quiet but cannot. And you can be certain that nothing is reported that reflects the concerns of lightworkers who are distressed because President Obama has entrusted vital responsibilities to persons known to be affiliated with Illuminati power bases and some of his decisions appear to be strengthening rather than weakening those bases. …

“What is he dealing with? In short, the incremental dismantling of the Illuminati worldwide network. As background on this pernicious ‘umbrella group,’ only the topmost members know the full extent of its infiltration into governments, banking, commerce, religions, education, media, science, entertainment—all bodies that most impact life in your world. Below those few peak individuals are the ones who control the many aspects of the global network. Each has general knowledge about the others but no detailed information about any operations except what he or she is in charge of.

“The farther down the hierarchy a member is, the more secrecy enshrouds the reasons for the Illuminati’s very existence; and at the bottom are the many thousands who simply follow instructions without a glimmer of understanding what real purpose they are serving, somewhat like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle dumped out of the box—no piece is aware of the interconnectedness of all the pieces, much less suspect that altogether they form a whole picture. In the case of the Illuminati, that picture is sinister indeed.

“After assuming office, President Obama was briefed on information he had no way of knowing prior to that time, and to continue our analogy, each of the briefers had only a few puzzle pieces. Furthermore, Obama was faced with a dire global economic situation that purportedly started with “toxic” mortgages in the United States, and he needed a knowledgeable, experienced team who could take immediate steps to prevent worldwide collapse. The enormity of the Illuminati’s economic network is known in fullness only by the peak of that group, but by connecting puzzle pieces, Obama has become aware of that entanglement and the fortunes hidden in off-shore banks, but the total picture puzzle that will show how that money has been used to manipulate and dominate the world’s peoples has yet to be put together.

“As difficult as it is to imagine the extent of organizational complexity that is the Illuminati’s base of power and influence, it is even more difficult to totally eliminate it. Discovery and legal means to rid the world of that insidious control are underway, and until all is in readiness, it would be foolhardy to make public those efforts. Thus neither the Illuminati nor the Obama camp want their respective activities to become public knowledge, and the ‘transparency’ he promised in good faith must for a while longer be ‘behind-closed-doors’ instead. As the light continues steadily intensifying and truths no longer can be hidden or denied, you will see the results of his wise course that in this moment seems to belie many of his campaign promises.” (7)

Matthew assures us that “President Obama is a major factor in the master plan” and advises us to “wait and see!”

“Despite the formidable situations Obama inherited and the determined opposition of Illuminati members of Congress and those who are acting under that dark group’s influence, whether by bribery, blackmail or death threats to family, he will pursue his visionary course to benefit his nation and the world.” (8)


SaLuSa says of himself that “I along with my companions represent the Galactic Federation where contact with you is concerned.” (9) SaLuSa speaks “more as the collective voice for our group, while the Galactic Federation have many individuals making contact all over the world.” (10)

SaLuSa believes that Barack Obama is the leader who can subdue the Illuminati. On Feb. 9, 2010, he said:

“For many years the Illuminati have used their power to manipulate other countries’ affairs. It has been done through covert actions, so that their influence can bring about changes beneficial to them. The populace, who react against such illegal actions and interference in their sovereignty, knows the truth. We ask you, Dear Ones, who causes insurrection in the first place?

“Many of you understand such situations, and you look for a leader who will take note of your desire for peace with all nations. We will say again that you have a wonderful soul named Barack Obama, and he is clear in his mind as to what he wants to do given the opportunity. With your continued support he will galvanize people into action, and set the path towards a peaceful world.” (11)

SaLuSa is aware that

“There is a chorus of unsettled people who have already lost patience with President Obama, but look for the positive signs and allow for slow progress until he can draw about him the right team. The future of your world lies with him, and it is support and not criticism that is needed.”

“Your faith in him will not be found wanting, but make allowances for the task that lies ahead. He will not fail, and we are his assurance of successfully coming through this period.” (12)

SaLuSa tells us that the Galactic Federation’s attention is given to the U.S. and that they protect President Obama until such time as he is able to exercise full power.

“Our main focus is on the U.S.A. as it is from here that the lead must be given to the rest of the world. We see a President who has great potential and is spiritually sincere, but has not yet been able to wield the power that is his prerogative. He will bide his time until circumstances allow him to strike out, and we shall protect him against attacks on his person. Leading the Light is setting up a challenge that the dark forces fear, as it will bring people together as never before and they shall demand release from their hold.”

In September of 2009, SaLuSa said he does not doubt that we and Obama will win the day.

“As individuals who are projecting a new holographic image upon the Earth, you are doing as much as you can to assist in the changes. There is no doubt at all that you will win the day, as it is just a matter of how the final period shall come about. There are a number of moves ahead, and any one could trigger the movement that would signal the beginning of the end for duality. (13)

In another message from as far back as April 2009, SaLuSa assured us that:

“There are days to come when at a single stroke the U.S. President shall astound his critics by the changes he will authorize. No President of late has been one specifically chosen by the people, and therefore his decisions will reflect that aspect of his appointment. He is in any event, a highly motivated soul bringing much wisdom and authority with him. He has a great responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, but is equal to the task. Already he is making overtures to foreign powers that would otherwise be considered enemies of the Western World.

“Obama seeks peace instead of hostilities, and knows that he must build trust where previously there was nothing but confrontation. Humanity is being offered the opportunity to consign the past to your history books, and broker a new understanding between each other that leads to friendship and cooperation.”

According to him, it is vital that we support Obama in the weeks and months ahead.

“Support for the new look way of governing is vital; as the dark forces will do all they can to disrupt its progress. Read carefully into reports that twist Obama’s words, as much disinformation will be circulated. Be intuitive, and measure the soul that is Obama by his intentions as expressed with wisdom and love for all people. He is charged with a task that holds the future of Mankind in its grasp, and it must not, and cannot fail. His emergence is one that the people of the world can take credit for, as your prayers and longing for a trusted and worthy leader to make peace a reality has been answered.” (14)

I myself regard Matthew Ward and SaLuSa as the most credible among the sources representing the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy and the cosmos’ Galactic Federation. Their support of President Obama has been unfailing and their estimation of him is glowing.

When doubt arises in my mind, I remind myself of the high opinion that these two spokespeople have of him and wait for him to claim his full power and rise to his full stature in the course of events in this pre-Golden Age time of troubles.




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  1. paula popova permalink
    September 16, 2010 8:14 pm

    “sour apples,” Steve–as 1 Canadian to another… first time-ever-reading this www. I like it. and, am very much a sceptic-a politico junky-so Steve, let it GO…..enjoy! Que Ciara! P.

  2. paula popova permalink
    September 16, 2010 8:08 pm

    Deep within —-everything that is said in the article, also the astrology chart reading, concurs with my own “truth”? If only it is because “I want To Believe” it to be so? That is good enough for me at this time. Words are not enough to express what one’s gut is feeling. I have never doubted that what Obama is doing is “what is supposed to be done” moment by moment. Even if it goes down to oblivion-SO WHAT? remember the Desiderada? “and the world is unfolding as it should” So Let It BE! namaste+lovingkindnessP.

  3. September 4, 2010 2:49 pm

    A friend and I worked separately with two ancient sciences — numerology and astrology–to determine who Obama is. You can see our conclusions at:

    We worked separately until we had completed our reports, then compared them. Very interesting!

  4. Mich Delves permalink
    August 28, 2010 3:33 pm

    All I can say to you, Steve, you lovely specimen of a being is “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart and soul for creating this space. I can’t tell you how much light it’s helped bring back into mine and my family’s life. Every single thing I’ve read so far seems so full of truth and light and it gives me the same feeling as having a sat nav when I’m in a strange place, if you know what I mean. Thanks again. You’re a Star in every sense of the word.

    Mich x

  5. Mich Delves permalink
    August 28, 2010 3:21 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with Steve on this matter and this is nothing to do with the ‘facts’ we hear/see in the media. Part of the new way has to be getting out of the mind of logic and reasoning and into the heart. This is not pink fluffy cloud stuff it’s just how it is.

    It’s not about digesting other people’s facts and judgements and coming up with yet another opinion on the matter. It’s about digging inside, not out, and getting to a place of knowing where the Truth receptor sits. For me this place of eternal truth is just below my belly button and above my pelvis and of course my heart when it’s clear.

    If I began to analyse all the stuff I see, I’m sure I’d go bonkers so instead I simply pick up snippets, feed them to my Truth Receptor, then just wait for the response from the Universe/God/Buddha or whatever name we may use for this infinite fountain of everything. It’s time to stand firmly and knowingly in our own places. Instead of wasting time, trying to know everything, I’m going to try and just be. When my mind says why, I’ll simply know that the latter is where the real Truth lies.

  6. Ann permalink
    August 27, 2010 6:59 pm

    Obama is a double agent, he would be dead if he just went into office with blazing guns. Learning about the illuminati changed a lot of his promises because he had no idea of the total corruption of our government and all you people can do is whine. Who do you know that can do a better job under these conditions? Or do you want him to sacrifice his life for you as Kennedy did ? I am sure that would make you feel better about him. We let this happen and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  7. August 14, 2010 2:20 pm

    I have just come across your site, Steve, and though I find it very interesting, and am ‘simpatico’ with much of it, I have to say that I am glad to read on this thread some concerns about Obama (and that you allowed them). Maybe, being a Canadian, you don’t understand some of the basic concerns here, and have assumed that the concerns about his eligibility and motives are just sour grapes from ‘the political opposition’, or racist, or whatever. But you should know that there are serious and legitimate questions about his eligibility for that office – and therefore a legitimate feeling that the country is being hijacked.

    And it doesn’t even have to do with the questions about his original, vault-copy birth certificate, ie, whether he was actually born in Hawaii or not. He was not eligible for that particular office from the beginning, according to the historical definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen (as opposed to just ‘native born’), which involves both ‘blood’ and ‘soil’ – is a person born of citizen parents (plural) on the land (or its equivalent). His father (if indeed Obama Sr. was in fact his father; another worm in this can) was a British subject – the country that was uppermost in the minds of the Founding Fathers when they agreed not to allow a person of potentially mixed national loyalties to hold that particular office (it’s not a requirement of other federal offices). He should never have been allowed to run for the office in the first place – and in fact there is some evidence that the person responsible for signing off on his eligibility to be the Democratic Party’s candidate, one Nancy Pelosi, even KNEW there was some question about this matter (she changed the wording on the legal form sent to Hawaii from that sent to the other states). But some politicians in American play a little fast and loose with ‘the law’, apparently operating with the philosophy that the end justifies the means. Which, as we know from sad experience, is the philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.

    And I use this analogy intentionally. It was, after all, Hitler who famously declared, “I am the law”; and look where that attitude got the world. I am saying, in effect, that there is something of the darkness about Obama’s administration; and therefore, how can this be unequivocally of the light?

    There’s something wrong with this picture. I don’t care what Mathew, SaLuSa, and David Wilcock say about this man. They have some explaining to do. And I encourage you to go inside, and get your own message from Spirit on this matter; not rely on them for your take on it.

    I have my take on it. But this is your blog. And GENERALLY, I encourage you to keep up your good work.

    • August 14, 2010 2:35 pm

      Thanks, Stan. The galactic and spirit teachers have commented on the people who surround Obama. That’s available at It’s known that Obama is surrounded by cabal members. It’s known that he has very little wiggle room at the moment and in fact that he has had to make compromises because of his position. That reflects the strength that remains with the cabal and the need for the safety of the honest people that also surround Obama.

      As to the birth certificate, the courts must decide that issue. That’s their function. I’m not clear myself on what evidence is credible and what not. I’ve served in a quasi-judicial capacity dealing with documents like birth certificates, etc. Those who contest the documents need to marshall their evidence and bring it before the Supreme Court. Even though that Court itself is tainted, it remains the highest court in the land and the proper place to decide the bona fides of the chief executive officer. The matter cannot be decided in the press and, given the suborning of the press, it shouldn’t be.

      Nonetheless, I respect the manner in which you’re approaching the question, Stan. I’m not against opposition to Obama. I’m against mindless negativity, imbibed from non-credible sources and repeated indiscriminately. Unfortunately, often, even lightworkers can show a herd mentality and stampede over things they have heard and have not thought through deeply.

      Let the truth prevail and due process of law be followed. If the truth emerges and due process is observed, I will accept the result.



  8. Smith permalink
    August 8, 2010 8:11 am

    President Obama is highly intelligent, a great administrator and a leader (in history); he is honestly leading this country on a constructive path with 200% confidence. There is no doubt about this. In layman’s terms his administration is certainly far better than earlier two Bush’s administrations (that pushed this country into a messy bush). See the mess that was created by previous president Bush was an unimaginable and enormous pile of complex issues however; people are expecting to fix those problems as quickly as possible. That is understandable. It will be certainly possible but it will take time. Simple people so quietly ignored the previous administration’s mistakes and expect too much from this president within two years!

  9. Richard permalink
    August 5, 2010 7:29 am

    I think he is an intelligent man but with little real experience. And that inexperience is showing. I don’t see him as the power in place…but rather I see him as an unwitting front man being manipulated by his cabinet or..perhaps other darker puppeteers in the background.

    He lacks the fire of his campaign and I sense, in him, the desire for it all to be over. I doubt very seriously that he desires another term.

    He campaigned from the center and caved to the hardline left as soon as he hit office. This country has always been moderate. This is why centrist/moderate candidates do so much better than left/right hardliners.

    I read your material, Salusa, Smallwood and several others all the time. I love your spiritual messages, but I do disagree with your conclusions regarding Barack Obama.

    He had so much promise…its a shame that he could not…or has not?…lived up to that promise.


  10. Connie permalink
    July 25, 2010 4:47 pm

    There is no date on this so I don’t know how long ago it was written but the most recent footnote was March 29, 2010.

    I was a supporter of Obama and cried tears of joy when he won but I am very disappointed with him now. He has escalated war and is now threatening Iran at this date of 7-25-10. I have heard him lie (not read; I heard him say it) and recently repeat Zionist/Illuminati propaganda. Example: Hamas shoots MISSILES at the Israeli people so Israel has the right to defend itself in all ways necessary. That was after the massacre of 9 aid workers which posed no problems for Israel other than their need to exert control over everyone! His support for these criminals and their wars and persecutions gives more darkness to the world, not more light.

    When I read that Mathew, SaLuSa, and David Wilcock are saying he is from the Light it sheds suspicion on THEM unless less they give a detailed explanation and a current one based on his recent actions.

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