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Time to Stop and Take a Breath

OK, let’s stop here, take a breath, and remind ourselves of what we’re doing.

Two movements are taking place at the present time. The first is that the attempts of the dark forces on our planet to control the population and drastically reduce its numbers are being defeated.

The second is that a divinely-mandated, end-of-cycle, planetary transformation, aided by extraterrestrials from perhaps hundreds of different star nations and Earth’s own higher-dimension spiritual masters, is gradually establishing itself.

If you’re following the articles on this site, you’ll need to keep these two movements straight.

You’ll see article after article exposing the designs and moves of the dark cabal. You’ll hear the cabal called many names – the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Military-Industrial Complex, the dark forces, the secret government, etc.

You’ll see its arms in government, finance, health, education, the media, and the military being checked and corraled.

You’ll hear of fresh attempts to create fear and anxiety in the population exposed. These may include weather-warfare tactics such as the use of chemtrails, the propagation of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis through the use of HAARP, scalar-wave technology or bombs. It may include the causing of snowstorms, floods, drought, and famine.

It may include the exertion of control or spreading of death by the use of agricultural seeds that don’t propagate, medicines that sicken, viruses and vaccines that kill.

It may include financial warfare against national economies like Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Russia. It may include the siphoning off of wealth through inequitable fiscal and monetary policies, investment scams, and bogus bonus arrangements, It may also include the theft of national primary resources.

It involves the suborning of judges, police, academics, doctors, military and members of Congress.

It includes sexual exploitation, the paeonization of labor, and fomenting of wars through false-flag operations.

All of this is the work of the black hats, if you will.

Side by side with this is the work of the white hats. These include the spiritual hierarchy of this planet, which itself comprises the White Brotherhood, the angelic realms, and the myriad ordinary men and women in spirit who serve God.

It includes millions of extraterrestrials who responded to Earth’s cries for help and have come here from Lyra, Sirius, the Pleiades, our local solar system, and even from within the Earth (the Agarthans), to lend their light, love and technology to the defeat of the dark and the victory of the Light.

It also includes millions of people from other star nations who have been born into Earth bodies or who have walked in, as well as terrestrials, who are operating in physical forms and wrestling control away from the cabal.

Yes, I do read that and find myself stepping back and saying, “Steve, are you really saying this? Are you really putting out that extraterrestrials and spirits are teaming up to defeat the dark and establish the Light upon this planet?”

Yes, I am.

This is not a dream. It is not a hoax. It’s really happening, as far as I and a huge human and non-human family is concerned from this and other dimensions and worlds.

So we’re watching the fall of the dark, which, I think, could not have been accomplished without the help of everyone I’ve named, and the rise of the Light on this planet.

All of that having been said, this isn’t simply a spectator sport. Yes, we can relax and allow the forces I’ve named to do their job. But we are invited to take part in this work. We’re reminded that it’s our Earth and our wishes regarding its future are to be honored. And we’re also reminded that the direction in which it is leading requires our active choosing and participation.

What is that direction? It’s a movement towards a global uplifting of the planet and its population from this third dimension we’re in now, oftentimes referred to as “duality,” to the fifth dimension, or unity.

No, this is not the “rapture,” although it is what the rapture points to. It is not an event that involves only 144,000 souls, but, potentially at least, every person on Earth. It is not the second coming of Jesus per se, although Jesus, I’m told, will return as part of it.

It’s a cosmic event that involves many more planets than just Earth, caused by energy being released from the galactic center as well as from many other worlds.

It’ll see abundance return to Earth, freedom from illness and disease achieved, longevity restored, ease regained, and joy and harmony return to the planet.

I request that you keep the two movements – the fall of the dark and the rise of the Light – straight, which will require a little work. I suggest that you become aware, if you’re not already, that you’ll be required to choose ascension or not, at some future date fast approaching.

I recommend that you think this process through and realize that not all of it will be simple enjoyment. We’ll be required to give up all tangible goods at the time of Ascension, even if we get them back after. We’ll be required to work off at least a portion of our remaining karma, which may involve some discomfort and unpleasantness. And we’ll be required to divest ourselves of our prejudices and mistaken beliefs.

This is what is happening. As we speak, the energies are rising and many of you will be noticing more joy in your lives even as you are aware as well of aches and pains. All of this is as it should be.

These events will be complete by December 2012. They will not take as long as you’d expect because time is speeding up. They’re described in the Mayan calendar, Egyptian pyramids, and a wealth of literature arising on the Internet.

Buckle up and make sure you’re on the right plane. This journey will take you to the stars.

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  1. Graeme permalink
    July 24, 2010 2:57 am

    I am kind of struggling with this whole concept, but i really do hope that it will come to fruition for all of us.

  2. July 10, 2010 6:21 pm

    Yes the write up is most true as alot of Humans worldwide are seeing and yes feeling things are truly becoming clear with forsight,the mind set is slowly changing to a point were people are asking more questions to the people who are in power now, they see first hand how they have missused there power.
    People are starting to change there spending habits worldwide, they are seeing for the first time in there life that we are the ones holding the power??. They need us!!! we don,t need them to tell us what we should be buying??or what we really need.

    We have the power to make change like our spending habits? that in i,s self is a shift for the betterment of Mother Gaia and the human race, we will be making alot more shifts in the months and years ahead that the so called Black Hats or the Dark force will start to come apart from with in it,s self, it has NO POWER AT ALL WHEN WE HUMANS WAKE UP,. we will become the LIGHT OF THE WORLD full of LOVE, GOD Bless everyone who shifts his or her mind set into the LIGHT that will be a Zillion times brighter then the Dark forces light.

    YES the dark force has the power to make light to fool people in thinking that they are of the the pure Light????????????????, don,t be fooled dear ones they will run from you when you speak from your heart. and they have no power over Like minded people I am sorry to say.So tune your energys into like minded people and become the LIGHT OF THE NEW WORLD A COMING, A-men.

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