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Michael Mirdad: The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process

October 16, 2010

Jeanene sends along news of Dr. Michael Mirdad’s book on waking up – that is, transformation rather than simply becoming aware of the galactics, etc. There is an hour-long audio interview with Michael Mirdad on the process of waking up here:

Thank you, Jeanene.

You’re Not Going Crazy… You’re Just Waking Up!: The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process
by Michael Mirdad

This book explains why the challenges in your life (and in your heart) may make you feel as though you are going crazy. The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process guides you through such challenges and leads you to the light at the end of the tunnel; wherein you gain a new perspective of your life, yourself, and your purpose. The soul transformation process includes: dismantling, emptiness, disorientation, re-building, and a new life. This process assists you in rising to new levels of spiritual mastery where you become an active participant in re-building a new life, a life that resonates with your highest good.



Here the process begins. You’ll either ride along as a participant or you’ll get dragged along. Either way, the process starts when there is something about your life that has been stuck or stagnant for too long and is now ready for change. For the addict, this point is reaching bottom. For people who pride themselves on their beauty, money, or relationships, it may be learning the hard way that such earthly treasures are worth very little to the soul.

People often describe this time in their lives as “falling apart” or “going to pieces” or even “going to hell in a hand basket.” What all these colorful metaphors are trying to describe is the natural “Dismantling” of your life as you presently know it.

What is happening to me? Crazy some say.
Where is the life that I recognize?

-Duran Duran (Song: “Ordinary World”)

A Course in Miracles refers to this experience as a “period of undoing.” It further states that “This need not be painful, but it usually is. It seems as if things are being taken away and it is rarely understood initially that their lack of value is merely being recognized… and so the plan will sometimes call for changes in what seem to be external circumstances. These changes are always helpful.”

The Course also defines a secondary aspect to this stage as a “period of sorting out,” wherein you must recognize and accept that some things in your life have simply not truly been valuable or for your highest good. Seeing tis more honestly and clearly will allow you to more easily go through the Dismantling Stage of the Soul Transformation Process.

That which we do not confront in ourselves we will meet as fate
-C.G. Jung

As with all the other phases of transformation, when the Dismantling of your life ensures, you will try to control the stages and outcomes. You will try to rush the process or figureout where it’s going or when it will end. Instead of doing this you should remain in the present moment – the “here and now.” There will be time enough later to deal with the past (during the moments of healing Emptiness, for example) and future (when you receive fresh inspirations for your New Life).

You will also attempt numerous clever (and some not-so-clever) means to “keep it together.” You may try minimizing, denying, rationalizing, or even quick-fixing, but you would have better luck patching a bursting dam with bubble gum. When your soul says, “enough is enough…it’s time to make some changes,” you’d better take a deep breath and get ready for the ride of your life because things are about to burst open. Believe it or not, it’s all for your higher good.

Note from Steve: If this book interests you, you may also be interested in one by Stanislov Graf entitled The Stormy Search for the Self. It’s on spiritual emergencies.  However, with the energies gently rising, I would think that fewer people would find themselves in “emergencies” than years ago.

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