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Hui Sun: Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: How Much Do We Know? (Part 3/3)

October 16, 2010

The concluding portion of Hui Sun’s three-part series.

Very well done, Hui! I do hope we see a great deal more.

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: What Are Their Civilizations Like? (part 3/3)

Posted on October 13, 2010 by hkim135

In this last post of the three-part Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life series, I’d like to explore what the civilizations of some of our off-Earth visitors may be like. Undoubtedly, it is this part of the series that will most challenge you to stretch your belief system to the fullest, perhaps to the breaking point. Information about extraterrestrial civilizations must necessarily come from a source who has had a more in-depth communication with an extraterrestrial, either telepathically or through direct contact, or from a source who has actually visited or lived within an extraterrestrial civilization. In the descriptions of the three civilizations which I explore, one comes from a source’s telepathic communication with an extraterrestrial residing on his home planet, one comes from a source who has had ongoing and on-board contact with visiting extraterrestrials, and one comes from a source who claims to have been an inhabitant of a planet in our solar system in its higher-dimensional form, before coming to Earth.

If, quite understandably, you choose not to believe these descriptions as reality, I invite you to slip into that blissful state of imagination which you enter when reading a novel of your favorite genre, where the scenery and the characters come to life in your minds. As for me, because I do believe civilizations like those described below actually exist, reading about them brings me great joy. They help me see the possibilities of the Earth civilization, what it could become (I mean, really become, not just in my dreams)  when the consciousness of the population has reached a certain level. I certainly don’t mean that Earth has to make the same choices that these civilizations did– for example, I don’t think Earth humans would ever choose to become uniform in their appearance as Horiss’s civilization did to avoid social problems, as we Earth humans are quite attached to our individual appearances! Each civilization has solved its problems differently through different choices based on its culture and preferences, but they all seem to have reached a state of peace, tranquil happiness, and harmony; provided fully for the needs and comfort of every member of their society; and are actively engaged in spiritual learning and growth as their primary life goal.

Interview with Horiss, a Commander in a Benevolent Reptilian Human Civilization

The first civilization is that of a reptilian humanoid species. It is a telepathic conversation between Horiss, an individual from a service-to-others reptilian civilization, and Suzanne Ward, a lady who has had telepathic communications with her son Matthew regarding metaphysics, our cosmic beginnings, and the Earth changes, since he died as a child in 1980 (Yes, please do turn on your imagination here if necessary). Originally recorded in 2003, relevant excerpts are presented here, and the entire fascinating conversation may be found on The 2012 Scenerio website.[1] The original source is “A Reptilian Commander Speaks: Horiss” in Voices of the Universe, October 19, 2003, reproduced in Matthew’s Message, June 24, 2009.[2]

S(uzy): Greetings, Horiss.

HORISS: My very warm greetings to you, Madam. I have been told that I may address you informally, but if you will, please grant me the favor to address you more formally as I will be more comfortable speaking that way.

S: I want you to be completely comfortable, and Madam is fine.

HORISS: Thank you. It is known by some of your people that certain of my civilization are fearsome creatures that have been causing all manner of evil upon your world for endless time. We are not proud of that truth, and I have been requested to speak on behalf of our greater numbers who equally oppose the influence of those dark members. We, too, think of them as dark because of their actions, and we are in combat with them to rid their influence on your planet and all the rest of this part of the universe.

It is possible that of all who oppose their darkness, we are the most vehement because their actions reflect upon us as a total civilization. Those members are not in the majority and are not representative of the rest of us and it is not how we wish to be portrayed. Please let me advertise to your world the nature of the rest of us. Thank you.

Without intending to sound vain, I tell you that our intelligence level exceeds that of many other civilizations that also are advanced intellectually and technologically beyond you. We are less advanced spiritually than many civilizations that have not progressed to our stage of mental development.

We are endeavoring to bring more enlightenment throughout our civilization and one pursuit of attainment in this respect is joining with others in light forces to subdue and then eliminate the dark reptilian influence…”

“S: […] Are you here in spirit or maybe even etheric body?

HORISS: Neither, Madam. I am able to see you distinctly from my homeland. At this moment I am in my “office,” as a comparative term for your business management place. However, I do like your asking as it gives me this opportunity to mention that this ability to see at a vast distance is enabled by the likeness of energy bonding, which also facilitates your clearly hearing my words.

I shall add that if I wished to be present in your office, I could be there in a twinkling either in spirit only or in a body that I would materialize. I would not choose to do this as I believe that a solid form abruptly appearing in any style configuration, even one familiar to you, would not be a comfortable experience for you.

S: I think you are right, Horiss—I wouldn’t be prepared for that. Please continue.


“HORISS: […]You ask other civilizations’ representatives about their people and I am eager to have you know more about my people. When I say “my people,” I do not mean that we are representative of all reptilian populations any more than Earth humans are representative of all human populations in the universe. I am speaking now only of the people residing in my world.

We reside on a planet in this galaxy that is as near my solar system’s sun as Earth is near Sol. We use the energy of our sun much more efficiently than you use the energy of Sol. Instead of your various forms of power generation, all of ours derive from our sun. Yours also can, and as you progress in awareness of this, that will come about.

Also, there is no pollution from any source anywhere on the planet, not on the landmasses nor in the seas, due to our technology that prevents such contamination rather than makes an effort to clean it up.

Our home planet is called Lacone [lah-cone’, with the accent on the second syllable and a soft “nnn” sound]. It is as large as Uranus, to make a comparison that still is beyond your perception, but that tells you it is much larger than Earth, and it is about the same density of Earth in form and substance.

We do not have the variety of natural beauty as does Earth, and which Earth itself no longer has as formerly due to destruction in many areas. Our cities are larger than your largest. That is the temperament and choice of most of us, and the union of ideas and desires focused upon the same goal manifested large, then larger population centers.

Our cities are immaculate, as are outlying inhabited areas throughout the planet. We can travel to any point on the planet almost instantaneously by thought or leisurely in vehicles.

The appearance my people has chosen when we are at home or visiting other advanced civilizations is as I appeared in Nirvana, when I met Matthew. Male and female forms and features are much alike and with little variation in any. We do not have a mixture of races as you do and which creates the great variety in your appearances, but that is not the reason we are so similar in ours.

Our collective choice is to look alike. Long ago we learned that differences in appearances can lead to prejudices and discriminations, and with our inclination to be a defensive people, we chose to eliminate elements over which we had control so that civil conflicts would not arise to weaken us.

To describe us, we are of a height not dissimilar to your average height, but we are uniformly slender except our females who are bearing children. The skin tone is pale blue-gray, which is pleasing to us although it is unlikely that you would find it so. Our most distinctive features are our eyes, which are large and dark…

Our education is in line with our advanced intelligence and every soul is in the learning system from birth until the move onward, what you call death, or transition. It is our intense desire for learning that has allowed us to give a back seat to spiritual development, and that is changing.

Emphasis upon learning is as great, but now the mental is more balanced with the increased desire for spiritual, which is another kind of learning. It is the self-discovery I mentioned that removes layers of indoctrination and allows the opening of the truth of this universe and of Creator’s laws that govern here along with God’s laws about the order of celestial bodies and other such activity that is unique to this universe.

Our children are conceived and born in the same manner as yours, but their intelligence at birth permits speaking soon afterwards and fine motor skills to develop immediately. So at a very young age, about five years in your time calculation but with maturity commensurate with your adults, they no longer are dependent upon parents for protective attention and guidance. It is the love of family that bonds us and results in our children staying close to home long after they are self-sufficient.

Madam, what else may I tell you?

S: Anything else that describes your life and your world!

HORISS: My! I welcome this! Very well, to describe the planet further, there are many similarities to Earth, such as great differences in elevation, large seas, many forests and plants, barren areas of rocks and sand. Earth is more vibrant in its unspoiled places than our planet and has a greater variety of colors. Nevertheless, this is completely satisfying or we would make changes to more greatly please us.

You have in your mind structures, so I will tell you that our buildings could be considered sterile in comparison with the many styles and shapes you have built. Our preference is what you would call ultramodern, I believe, with little variation in style overall but of course, considerable variation in sizes in accordance with usage. Homes are decorated simply in keeping with the austerity of surroundings, and our choice of attire also is plain.

Perhaps from my skeleton outline, I am giving the impression that we are an austere, harsh people in feelings. This is the sensation I am picking up from you, Madam. While it is true that we are serious-minded and are not given to “frills,” we are not without warm feelings. Our children are as precious to us as yours are to you, and our mates are the same. We are a monogamous people.

Mates are judiciously selected and know each other very well before aligning as partners, thus separations rarely happen except by the death of one. We enjoy levity and many forms of entertainment in which a whole family is participating, so you know that the sources of amusement are suitable for even the youngest minds. Music is important to my people, and none of it is blaring and discordant noise.

We are well informed on events in many civilizations besides our own. Earth is of special interest to us, just as it is to many other civilizations of individuals and of collective souls, but it is by no means a self-serving interest. My people want the banishment of the dark influence on Earth to be replaced by peaceful means of living among all of Earth’s inhabitants, and not to bring to you another source of troublemaking.

Our military might in numbers and technology could subdue yours in a day, as a description of our capability. However, ours is solely a defense force, and its purpose to defend rather than invade is the vital element of difference between our two worlds. This is further proof of our warm feelings, which extend to civilizations beyond our own.

I see “government” in your thought. Our planetary form of government could be compared with Greek city states of your history. Not the warring with each other, but the equitable and benevolent rule within each state is the basis of our planetary ruling body. We have the advantage of one language and telepathy, which provides clarity of expression and promotes honest communication among all the population. Smaller bodies govern large districts as this is more orderly and efficient in a world this size with a population of more than 20 billion.

Madam, do you have a question?

S: Would you like to mention the kinds of industries and other employment?

HORISS: Yes, thank you. For our strong defense force, we need industries to provide weaponry and space vehicles and all supporting services, so we have what I will call factories even though you would not recognize them as such because of the technology of their production equipment. As my people ease from the stance of maintaining military might, there will be a transition from this type of production to others. This is in the planning stages.

Our emphasis upon education makes that one of the largest fields of employment. We have computerized education along with tutorial forms to present opportunities for our children to specialize in areas of their greatest interest and aptitude. This is equally available to our adults who wish to change from one specialty field to another.

Studies are of our homeland history as well as the history of many other civilizations, and of course, all branches of science as it is in its authentic universal form. What you call “the arts” are of great importance to us, and I feel your surprise, Madam, although already I have mentioned fine music. Painting, sculpture, dance and poetry have significant meaning to us as an entire civilization. Parts of your own are threadbare in these necessities of soul expression.

Construction of buildings is by solid materials rather than manifestation by focusing on images. Although we could do that, and sometimes for expediency do so, my people find greater satisfaction in using their hands to form materials into desired structures and objects. This kind of productivity is a good balance to the concentration upon academic learning that everyone pursues. We respect the need for balance in our lives.

We have many employed in making and maintaining computer systems. I could boast of our advanced systems but boastfulness is not in our nature. It need not be as the condition of our world speaks for itself. However, I can tell you that our systems are at a development level that a word, even a thought, starts and stops operations and desired input or outflow are accurate and complete.

S: That is an advanced system! Horiss. You mentioned “death,” so I would like to ask about the ordinary longevity of your people, and do you have a sanctuary realm that would be similar to our Nirvana?

HORISS: I did say “death” and only as a term of ease. The physical shell of us gets used up by deterioration of cells or by combat wounds, but we know there is no death—the soul has lived from the Beginning. But longevity in the physical shell when not cut short by combat is about 200 years. That is our “present” DNA programming, and it will change as we reach higher spirituality levels where physical shells can live much longer with full functioning abilities.

I do not intend debasement of our bodies by the reference to “physical shell.” It is important that we have robust health to maintain combat fitness, and we do that, but I meant to make a clear delineation between the far lesser importance of our bodies as compared to our respect for our souls.

In keeping with that respect, we do have a sanctuary realm that is commensurate with our planetary population’s advancement intellectually. That realm also is rising in emphasis upon spiritual understanding and attunement. I discussed this with Matthew at the time we met in Nirvana, and his sound suggestions for treating our most psychically damaged souls have been implemented with great success.

Madam, may I answer anything else?

S: Horiss, is there anything else you would like to say to the people of Earth?

HORISS: Yes, thank you. As a summary of the intentions of my people, it is this: We do not often speak of our convictions and our nature. We live by them. At heart we are warm, peaceful, respectful and helpful, and that is what we look forward to showing you one of these days, when you are ready to welcome “strangers.”

S: I think that is a perfect way to end your message. Thank you for coming today and giving such interesting information about your people. I look forward to welcoming you, Horiss!

HORISS: And I you, Madam. I believe I will comfortably call you Suzy then. And for this time, I bid you good-day.

The Andromedan Civilization through Alex Collier

Alex Collier says that the Andromedans come from the region of the Andromeda galaxy and from a star system in that galaxy they call Zenetae. They are a telepathic race with light-blue skin. They were on Earth some 62,000 years ago for a period of 62 years.

The following excerpt is from a private interview with Rick Keefe in 1994:[3]

R(ick): Now you’re in contact with the Andromedans. Who exactly are the Andromedans?

AC: They’re a particular race that exists in the constellation of Andromeda. They’re just one of thousands that exist out there. They are the particular race that I have talked to and have had contact with and have given me and shared information with me, are human. They’re white skinned to light blue skinned, anywhere from four foot tall to eight feet tall, and they are human in every way.”


R: “I see, okay. What do they call their world in their language?

AC: They don’t speak. Everything is a symbol there. The whole race is telepathic…


R: Is there an economy?

AC: No.

R: And what is the basis of their economy? Is it like a spiritual economy? I’ve heard some people describe their views of other extraterrestrial civilizations as having a spiritual economy where the amount of psychic energy you put into something is given a value. Have they expressed any of how their social systems work?

AC: Ok, I know a little bit about that. Essentially, everybody is given exactly what it is they need to evolve. There are many different races, and each race has their own uniqueness about them based on their particular belief systems and my understanding is that everything is a belief system. As far as the Andromedan culture, children go to school, or the Andromedans, they go through a birth process just like we do. Those that are physical. They go to school for anywhere from one hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty years. They’re taught all of the major sciences and arts. They would be equivalent to PhD’s or doctorates or masters, whatever you want to call it, in all of the arts. It is at that point, once they are done with all of that education, that they choose what it is that they wish to do, where to evolve. And they can change their mind any time they want. The whole purpose is the evolution of the soul and life. They’re given whatever it is that they need to do that. I’m not aware of crime or whatever, or anything along those lines. Their whole focus is on education and not distraction. If it’s something that is not educational, from what I’ve observed, it’s simply something they’re not interested in. They just have it within them to constantly evolve on an educational as well as a spiritual level. And whatever they need is there for them to use. I’m not aware of them having to pay anything for it. To my knowledge it doesn’t exist.

R: Now are art and music important to them too?

AC: Yes, all of it is. But those things are very different than what we perceive. Art is creation to them, things that are created out of thought, out of the “Is-ness”. What they call “Is-ness”, the Pleiadians call creation, what we call God. Things are created just by thought, by nature. They consider art. They use extensively holographic technology. Music, their music, is of the universe, of what the music that certain planets make as they rotate around their sun, what different solar systems make as they revolve around their sun, and what whole systems – the sounds and energy that they create. To them, that’s their music. And then they put things together, different constellations, different star systems. They’ll put those together and overlap them to create music. It’s different than what we just pull out of thin air here.

R: How have they expressed what their daily life is like? Is there a solar day for them, or is there night or day? What is their daily life like, or periods of life?

AC: There is really, to my knowledge, no set schedule. I’ll give you an example of what I observed aboard one of their mother ships. They don’t require much sleep to my knowledge, simply because I guess they’re very healed; their beings, their physical form, they’re just incredibly healed. They’re just in touch. There is no night and day. They don’t need to experience that, although I’m sure other races have that, but the Andromedans don’t. They’re just constantly stretching themselves, trying to evolve and experience more and more and more all the time. They’re happy people. They don’t have the extremes of emotions that we express here. In fact, I’ve been told that virtually few races in the entire galaxy express the realm of emotions that we experience here. They’re just always in a very wonderful space. They’re not a civilization that really judges. They do accept things the way they are, with the exception of when those things threaten their particular lifestyle, or what they’re about, their essence, and others, what other races might experience or perceive as a threat.

R: Alex, you said they were evolving spiritually. What do they want to evolve towards? What spiritual goals do they have?

AC: I guess to be just the best that they are, to be completely at one with all that there is at all times… Their goal as a race is to go from the densities that they experience, which are three, four, and five, I guess to move to five, six, seven, and eight… It’s just to continue to evolve. Nobody knows exactly what the ultimate goal is, because the essences that they’re in touch with, that are on nine, ten, and eleven, are continuing to evolve… They themselves are still searching for what God is. They know it exists, but what it is nobody really knows, which is why they call it the is-ness. It’s just a force that’s there. And how we perceive it is based on how we perceive ourselves and our own belief structures, belief systems. And that’s how we use the energy, to create.


R: Ok now, what abilities do the Andromedans possess that exceed those of earth humans? You’ve mentioned telepathy…

AC: Well, that’s an interesting question and I don’t know that I necessarily like the way you put it. The abilities that they have are latent in everybody. They just haven’t lived in a society that has been screwed with like we have been here. They’re all telepathic, they’re all clairvoyant, they’re all healers because they’re taught all of the sciences. They’re just, they’re whole. I guess that’s the only way that I can put it to you is that they’re completely whole. Every soul knows who they are. They know who they’ve been. They know what their reincarnational past has been. They as a soul have a personal agenda, which every time they incarnate they’re consciously aware of. So they know where they’re going. They see improvement in themselves life after life after life. We, if we hadn’t been so screwed with here, would have the same abilities. We could very much be where they are…”


About the education of their children, Collier expounds:[4]

“Now, the Andromedan people teach their children everything. The oldest and the wisest are the teachers, and hold nothing back from their children. Those with the most experience teach others what they know. This is called by them the Law of Consistency. They know that their children are their legacy. They don’t “dumb them down” like the educational system here does. They would never ever think to do that, because they are proud of their lineage and their heritage. They know that this is who they are, and their young people are who they are…”


The following excerpts are from an interview with Collier by Val Valerian for Leading Edge Research Group, archived in 1999:[5]

V(al): What have you observed about Andromedan society?

AC: Well, I will give you the most striking things. They’re incredibly happy. There is a peace, tranquility and humbleness about them as a race …. it’s more of a feeling… an emotion. They are not like us. Morenae is the only one who has gone to the trouble to physically learn how to use spoken language. Vissaeus has always been telepathic. The others do not talk. They just watch.


AC: […] I mean, they [Andromedans] are very straight-faced. It’s like they are “all business” even though you can sense the emotions. I remember when I first started having contact and I was taken to a place where there were Andromedan children, who moved away from me because I was Earth.

Now, the children are taught about the different worlds and races, and because of the Andromedan holographic technology, it’s easy for them to create environments where their children really know and experience what Earth humans are like.

V(al): Well, what are they like amongst themselves?

AC: They are very much like us, except that there is always absolute silence. The children are not real expressive. They don’t run and jump around all the time. They have a lot of self-control. When they do run, they don’t bend their knees, like the Japanese or Chinese [Author’s note: Okay, don’t ask me what this means]. There is a lot of smiling, but there is not deep laughter. It is as if you were going to a “mute class.”

V: What is the pairing like in relationships?

AC: Well, there are three sexes. Male, female and androgynous. What is interesting is that the androgynous beings tend to be teachers. In the middle of their mother ships there are huge parks. In the ship I was on, the park was 25 miles square.

V: Can I safely assume that they do not have a social “power structure” because they exercise personal self-control? They don’t need an external political power structure?

AC: I have never seen that. No. There is what we would call a “science team”, that can also move into a military role if it needs to. The Andromedans go to school for over 150 to 170 earth years, and they are taught all the sciences, arts, and everything. They participate in those fields, doing the actual work, while they learn.

Then, they have an opportunity to teach what they’ve learned to the young ones. The oldest and wisest teach the youngest what they know. They express this concept as the “law of consistency.” The young ones gain the benefit from most of the knowledge of the entire race.

V: Do they consume food?

AC: I have seen them eat fruit, which they grow on the ships, but for the most part all I have seen them eat are little green tablets. It’s kind of like an alfalfa tablet, but it has a really wicked taste…


V: So, what else is interesting about Andromedan society?

AC: In everything they do, nothing is ever wasted. In other words, all of the things they do involve education. It’s almost as if everything they do is geared to “stretch” them more, challenge them more, and make them a more intelligent, more understanding, aware race. What is really interesting is that they are absolutely not competitive in any way. It’s something that comes from each one of them individually. All of their social functions are focused on education and not distraction.

V: Whereas the function of our society is exactly the opposite. No wonder it’s going nowhere. Do they have any kind of pseudo-religious structure within their society, or is it simply an appreciation of the “is-ness” of the universe?

AC: I have never seen any activity like that. It is as if they are “plugged in” all the time. There is just a serenity that is part of the race itself. I think it was Paul the Apostle who said, “always be in prayer.” That’s what it’s like. It’s like they’re always “in prayer.”

Omnec Onec, a Woman from Venus

Omnec Onec is a woman who claims to have been born and raised on Venus. She lived there until she was encouraged by her spiritual master and by her uncle, who raised her, to go to Earth and live the rest of her life there. In 1951, she flew from Venus to Tibet on Earth, where she was assisted by the monks to get adjusted to life on Earth, then in 1955 she went to Tennessee, U.S.A., where she took over the life of a young girl who had just died in an accident. She has written a book about her experience, which I have not yet read. To be frank, I have only recently stumbled upon information about her, so have not had time to fully filter it through my discernment process, but I have heard about the world of Venus previously through other sources. Although it seems quite uninhabitable with its hot, poisonous atmosphere, on its higher dimensional level it is said to be a beautiful world with crystal cities. I first found this material through The 2012 Scenerio website [6], and the full interview by Marina Popowitsch can be viewed on youtube as well.  Some excerpts from the interview follow below.

M(arina through translator): I would like to ask you my first question: How did you appear on our planet, what year was that, and in what manner did you appear on our planet?

O: All right, in 1955, I–  before that I was asked by spiritual teachers and the people who were raising me on Venus if I would like to do an experiment, come to earth, and live in the society here as a child and grow up with the mission to bring public the story of how people from other planets have been intercorrelating with people here for thousands of years and what the connection is– which of course we’re their forefathers, we brought the colonies here long time ago. They’ve lost track of their beginning, and the purpose in coming was to live in society and understand the human consciousness from their level, by living in their society. And to do this of course I would have to do this as a child and grow up with the understanding of the prejudices, the class structure, the different religions, and the changes people go through emotionally. I made the decision to come, went to the city of Retz (sp?) [on Venus], the only existing city on the physical and the astral level, and lowered my vibrations, manifested my physical body, and said good-bye to my family. I tried to bring artifacts with me, I gathered a few plants and tried to preserve them, and I had a ring to bring with me, and they picked me up in a small craft, what we call a scout ship, and transported me from the surface of Venus. We have like a dome over the city of Retz, and its not visible because of the gases and the fires and flames cover the city, but you’d have to know the location. Our ships have the ability to travel through time and can appear and disappear from vision because of their vibratory rate, the control they have over the magnetic waves and to create their own gravitational force…

[Traveling in a large mothership then transferring to a smaller craft, she arrived at a monastery in the mountains of Tibet in 1951.]


M: How were you able to get accustomed to our earthly conditions of living here? Were they very much different from the ones you were accustomed to? What were the major differences that you observed?

O: Well, the monastery was not too bad. I was living with the monks and they’re pretty spiritually aware. The hardest thing to get used to, of course, was my physical body. I felt like I was in a suit of armor. And I had difficulty walking and having my peripheral vision taken way. I didn’t, wasn’t able to see in all directions as I was used to. I wasn’t aware that in your society, whereas there we can think something and it can materialize, here you have to go through the physical means of, you know, picking up the objects and eating, and you know, reading a book, and if you want something, it’s not available to you just by your thoughts. I had to learn to use my vocal cords; I had to have exercises for that. I had to learn balance. They made me walk on walls and beams and stuff. I fell many times. I bruised myself and found that physical pain was something I was not familiar with, but I quickly became familiar with it. It was very difficult. Everything was hard for me.


M: Is there anything particular that was different between the two races, between the Venusians and the Earthlings, that you noticed after your arrival here?

O: I was aware that we as a people know that we’re soul first and that the body is just temporary. And most people were walking around thinking that they were their body. They had no ability to communicate on any level other than speaking with one another…


M: Will you please tell us a little about life on Venus? Are there plants, trees, what the sky looks like? We know it’s very hot there. How can people and plants survive on the planet? How is your life on Venus different from ours?

O: As I said, there is one city that exists on the physical as well as the astral, and it’s very much like the desert of Arizona or Nevada. It’s very dry, the plants are very similar, and the atmosphere is pretty much the same. It’s kept very comfortable within the dome because it’s controlled atmosphere. On the astral level, we have many plants because our environment is created by our thoughts, and we can have a tree growing through our bedroom, we can have waterfalls in the house, we have love for gardens and plants, and animal life is very similar to what you have on earth, just a little different. The fruit is almost the same. Sunflower and corn were brought to Earth by my people thousands of years ago. They’re among some of the vegetation that were brought here that can grow in the environment here, but there’s not very much difference. Just, we have more available to us than people here.


M: How is life on Venus manifested? For example, how are the Venusians manifested on Venus? Are they in biological material bodies or are they in kind of etheric, bioenergetic, and nonmaterial bodies?

O: Well, they’re actually not physical but a duplicate of the physical, being the plane directly above the physical plane. We carry our children the same way. I remember being in the womb and I remember being born even though I was on the astral level. When you’re there in your astral body everything is as real to you as it is when you’re here in your physical body.

Translator: If you touch the table, will it be hard to your touch, or will your hand go through the table?

O: No, it’s very solid. You have a body that correlates to each plane, and if you’re in that body on that plane, it’s very real to you. But if you’re a physical person, and you see an astral entity, then it seems like it’s ghostly-like…


The descriptions of these worlds do sound fantastical, because none of us alive on Earth has ever experienced this kind of reality, nor does it exist in any recorded history that we’re generally aware of. Telepathic communication, creating material through thought, and other key characteristics shared by these worlds defy the laws of physics as we have formulated them from our own observations of our world (although what we perceive as reality is rapidly changing with our evolving scientific tools and knowledge, please see Chapter 8.  Hand in Hand with Science in my book Bridge to Earth). From what I have read, these characteristics are those that mark higher-dimensional realities, worlds existing in dimensions higher than where we have been.  And this is what I’m hearing, that we’re moving towards this kind of higher-dimensional world in our evolutionary process. It is the consciousness that is evolving, and the consciousness is intrinsically linked to the dimension in which we exist, in a way that I don’t quite understand yet. Perhaps consciousness is the dimensional reality in which we exist.

I know I’m linking together a lot of topics here– extraterrestrials, spirituality, our evolutionary process, possibility of multiple dimensions– but they’re all intimately  interconnected. They are inseparable, from my perspective.

As always, I invite your comments and viewpoints.

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