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Retired Airport Employee Breaks Silence over 1997 Mile-Long UFO Sighted

October 15, 2010

Retired airport employee breaks silence over mile long UFO sighted

7 September 2010

George Filer

Mr Bill Stephenson wrote to me recently stating:

Hi George, “I just received information I was promised along with an air map that shows the location of a mile long Black triangle (UFO) that was looking directly at New York City. Employed as an Air Traffic Controller the witness waited until he retired to report his sighting”.

He states, “Late in the summer of 1997, my wife and I were driving home to Harrison, New Jersey about 1:30 AM, four miles east of Montclair I looked up at the approach path for runway 22t Newark Airport and noticed three aircraft about three miles in trail of each other on final approach.” Several miles east of the approach corridor, I noticed, a large dark object (UFO depicted above), I stopped the car and both of us got out and saw the object directly above us hovering at an approximate height of 3000-4000 feet. The object was completely without noise, no motor noise, no noise all.

“It was an enormous triangular shaped craft based on my experience pointed toward New York City. In my 30 years of air traffic control and 47 years as pilot, I have never seen an object of that size in the air. My estimate is that it was approximately 1 mile across.

“The following day I checked with Newark and Teterboro airport towers and nothing had been reported. The New York Tracon center had perfect radar coverage of that particular area and nothing unusual was reported. As such, I kept my mouth shut, as I did not want to be declared a nut case. Since then I have retired and while listening to the “Coast To Coast” broadcast I have heard similar reports. Whatever the object was, it was not detectable by any radar. It also, as the enclosed map demonstrates, remained clear of all arrival and departure routes in the busiest air traffic area of the country.

“Had this UFO materialized in the daylight, it would have definitely created a major panic. It still amazes me how it moved in and out of the area without detection. Man – this was gigantic! I do hope our report helps your research.”

Thanks to Mike Finnegan and Bill Stephenson, NJMUFON Field Investigator



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  1. October 15, 2010 2:54 pm

    I’ve often heard that UFO’s are undetected by radar…doesn’t that just mean that they MAY be coming from earth – BELOW the radar? OR, they probably have radar-deflecting shields around the ship. I think it’s possible they may even live in the oceans, and rise out of it…OR, they are just a “projection” by high-tech holographic technology. I have a friend who saw this huge triangle ship gliding overhead while at her cottage here in Nova Scotia – it’s quite the “hot spot”.

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