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Hui Sun: Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: How Much Do We Know? (Part 2/3)

October 15, 2010

Part 2 of Hui Sun’s three-part article.

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: What Are They Like? (Part 2/3)

Posted on October 2, 2010 by hkim135

Aliens. Extraterrestrials. Star visitors. Galactics. These are some of the terms used for our off-Earth visitors, each term with its own connotation, conjuring up different images in our minds. What are the intelligent extraterrestrial life forms who have been interacting with us like? There is much “stuff” about them on the internet and in books, which comes through a mixture of (1) actual experiences with extraterrestrials; (2) other kinds of experiences that feel like, or are remembered as, experiences with extraterrestrials; and (3) plain-old made-up experiences. It takes quite a bit of discernment on your part to choose what to believe. In this post, I’d like to present what I have come to believe about the extraterrestrials who have been engaging with us Earth humans. I invite you to contribute your own thoughts and beliefs in the comments section.

Although there are many sources of information about intelligent extraterrestrial life, such as those coming through abductions, voluntary contacts, or telepathic communications, for this post I would like to mostly focus on the testimonies of the government worker and Livermore physicist Arthur Neumann (with the pseudonym Henry Deacon) [1]; Clifford Stone,[2] a retired Sergeant of the United States Army who testified publicly at the Disclosure Project press conference in 2001; and independent researcher David Wilcock.[3] I have chosen Dr. Neumann because he seems to have been at a particularly high level of clearance in his work, and had interacted with a broad variety of extraterrestrial species in the course of his work. Sergeant Clifford interacted with captured extraterrestrials as an extraterrestrial “interfacer” on crash recovery missions in Vietnam in the 1960′s, and was given access to briefing documents containing precise descriptions of all the varieties of ETs known. Researcher David Wilcock, while not claiming to have had direct contact with extraterrestrials, have had the privilege of talking privately with a number of highly-significant witnesses with classified information, including Arthur Neumann and Sergeant Clifford, which I believe gives him a broad inside view. Of particular importance in my choices is that what they say is also in general agreement with information from various other sources which I find credible.

The key characteristics about intelligent extraterrestrial life who have been interacting with our government, the military, and individuals are the following:

  • They are humanoid in form;
  • They have highly developed telepathic communication capabilities;
  • They are technologically more advanced than we are;
  • The huge majority of them are spiritually more advanced than we are, and are greatly interested in the advancement of Earth humans’ evolution and welfare;
  • There is a peripheral minority who do not have Earth’s best interest at heart.

They are humanoid in form.

This observation seems to be universally agreed-upon by those who have interacted with extraterrestrials, although the degree to which the ETs look like Earth humans seems to vary from species to species. Arthur Neumann met and interacted with over 40 different human species in multiple highly classified projects.

“The human form is very common in the universe,” he says. “Understand that we share a common ancestry, not just here, but our whole galaxy.”

Clifford Stone says, “…we had identified, by the time I got out, 57 different species.” He says that they are all humanoid, and at the 2001 Disclosure press conference, said that it is a “great mystery our scientist will have to solve” as to why every single one of these 57 species is human in appearance.

David Wilcock, based on his interviews of the witnesses, says in his blog that “…the ‘extraterrestrials’ basically look like us. Human! And not approximately  human, or roughly  human, but in some cases similar enough that you couldn’t even tell the difference! Depending on the species, you might need to give them some contact lenses, snap-in denture plates, and perhaps a wig or some foundation makeup, but otherwise they’re good to go. Other species differences are still relatively superficial, such as height (everything between a foot and a half to 15 feet tall) and skin color (almost every variety you can think of, including dark green, light green, orange, pink, gray, white, jet-black, et cetera). In almost all cases, hands look the same, with either five or six fingers per hand.” Various other information that I have come across also tell me that many of the off-Earth people look quite like us, some being absolutely indistinguishable from Earth humans.

If you watched the video of Stephen Bassett’s presentation which I embedded in my last post, Bassett shows pictures of three different species on one of his slides (Part 1, time 10:03). This is just a tiny sampling of the myriad groups of extraterrestrials dealing with human beings, but it does show three of the better known ones: the Nordics, the Greys, and the Reptoids. The Nordics look just like Earth humans, except– way more beautiful, to put it concisely. As Mr. Bassett describes, “They look like Swedish runway models and Swedish tennis players. They are tall, they are gorgeous, they are perfect– and telepathic.” Of the Greys, Mr. Bassett says, “They come in three varieties at least–small, medium, and large.” Then there are the Reptoids, who look as one might imagine a reptilian human to look.

Note that although we broadly classify them as “Greys” or “Reptoids” based on their general appearance, there are many different “grey” or “reptoid” civilizations, each with its own philosophies and culture. In the course of the long and complex galactic history, factions differing in philosophies even within a single species may have split off, and different species with common ideologies may have merged. I think it’s important not to lump them all together based simply on appearance.

They have highly-developed telepathic capabilities.

This observation also seems universally undisputed from every source I’ve read. They communicate telepathically. “Some could talk like you and I,” Sergeant Stone says. However, “You’re not just talking to them. They know, and they feel everything you know and you feel. You go in, you feel what they feel.” I believe that every Earth human also has this capability, although most of us have yet to consciously develop it.

They are technologically more advanced than we are.

Well, this observation is a given. At the minimum, I think only those who are technologically more advanced than us could visit us from their respective homes in the galaxy and elsewhere. There is quite a bit of information about ET technologies out there on the internet, and I leave it to the interested reader to do the research. ET technology has huge consequences for Earth if we are able to access it through full disclosure, for the betterment of our planet.

The huge majority of them are spiritually more advanced than we are, and are greatly interested in the advancement of Earth humans’ evolution and welfare.

To our greatest fortune, although they are all technologically way more advanced than we are, most are also much more spiritually advanced than we are.

Sergeant Stone says says,“…they are vastly superior to us in intellect and even in spirituality. They would permit themselves to be killed– many of them would, many of the species– other than to do something that would cause us to get injured or killed.” Sergeant Stone, who interacted with extraterrestrials captured by the military for his work, is obviously extremely distraught with the way our military is treating these visitors. He says, “They’re treated like prisoners and there is no law under ‘protection’ to protect them. No more than the rights… a lab animal would have more rights that one of our visitors.” He goes on to say, “We see our visitor as cartoon characters. They have cultures, they have societies, they have families, they have loves, they have dislikes, they have likes, they can feel pain, and they can feel fear.” Of their interaction with us, Sergeant Stone says, “Well, they’re very concerned about our well-being. And a lot of people say that can’t be so. We’ve done terrible things to ourselves. And they know this. And we… they’re trying to understand certain things about us. And I think at the same time they’re exchanging information saying “Hey, here’s what you have done to yourself.”

As I mentioned in my book, David Wilcock says, “Henry [Arthur Neumann], the witness who‘s interacted with them, says they‘re much more enjoyable to spend time with than people on Earth here, because they have a much higher sense of morality, and compassion, and balance, as people.” In contrast to Stone, Neumann seems to have interacted with extraterrestrial species as colleagues, almost like co-workers on projects.

Arthur Neumann says, “…we’re living in a galaxy full of worlds and people – people like you and me, basically – that have gone through the same experiences as the people here on Earth. The same experiences, long ago. And it’s a continuing thing, and they already know what’s going to happen… But they’re watching this change happen now, and they’re supporting it and helping, gently and quietly, behind scenes. And if you’re aware of that, then you don’t have anything to be afraid of.”

Neumann is obviously referring to our evolutionary process, our “ascension” process, the “2012”-related phenomenon. This planetary “shift” to a higher consciousness and planes of reality is a natural evolutionary process that is not only happening to us, but has happened to other peoples and worlds of the galaxy for eons of time. It is said from many sources that millions of ships are currently surrounding Earth, the passengers watching us, gently assisting us behind the scenes, cloaked. These are the peoples who have already gone through this evolutionary step that Earth is undergoing, perhaps even a few evolutionary steps ago.

There is a peripheral minority who do not have Earth’s best interest at heart.

This is a point that is heatedly debated among “those in the field” studying and pursuing this extraterrestrial phenomenon. Understandably, this is a topic skirted by most of those supporting disclosure; yet I feel that this is one of the most critically-important topics to be directly addressed. From my perspective, it is clear that both types of ETs– those who are interested in our welfare and those who are not– have been actively engaging with us Earth humans. I do believe that we live in a universe of polarities– polarity is a game that we are all currently playing. It only makes sense that both choices exist among the extraterrestrial civilizations. I do get the idea that many nations of Earth had at some point, voluntarily but unwittingly (if that makes sense), struck up some sort of deals with the “service-to-self” (for lack of better term) extraterrestrials in exchange for technology. However, over and over again, I get the strong message that these “service-to-self” extraterrestrials are very small in number and weak.

“These black factions and such, these dark operations, they are very weak. They’re very weak and powerless.” says Neumann– especially if we realize and understand that we are being watched and supported by the other peoples of the galaxy.

An interesting observations was reported by David Wilcock regarding certain Annunaki extraterrestrials, who seem to be regarded by many sources as entities who are not interested in Earth’s welfare (But please note again, as Wilcock says, the Annunaki are not all one race, from one location). Wilcock, while emphasizing that the vast majority of the extraterrestrial species are working to assist us, does talk about the Annunaki as one group that has been somewhat intimidating. He relays what Neumann said about the Annunaki: “And they‘re really not very respectful towards human beings. They see us as property. The dealings that we’ve had with them, on a governmental level, have not been all that favorable to us.” But Wilcock also says, “One of the most interesting things I heard from these insiders in regards to the Anunnaki is that these Anunnaki are actually extremely terrified of us because we have the potential to be much more powerful than they are as psychics, and this is something that’s starting to happen.” I had heard this from other sources as well, that our inherent powers of intuition and conscious creation are rapidly growing at this time, and we have nothing to fear if we can only be aware of it, see ourselves as who we really are (or even see the potential that the Annunaki see in us).

Now I present an excerpt from one of Kryon’s messages, channeled through Lee Carroll, which touches on extraterrestrial life interacting with us. It is from a channeling that took place at the United Nations in 1996.[4] Despite what the average person may think of channeling, United Nations seems to think there is something of value in it, inviting Lee Carroll back year after year for channeled messages:

“Here is the third issue for today: It is about what you call extraterrestrials. Dear ones, you have not yet met the ones you expect to meet. When your planet is of a vibrational intent that matches that of the others, it will be as a beacon to them to come. They will bring you great news and wonderful help. But the beacon is not yet in place .

The ones you are meeting now [as of 1996] are not forerunners of the others. They are outsiders – peripheral entities that absolutely do not represent the vibration of those who are waiting.

Did you know that the universe is teeming with life? Even subsequent to my last visit in this very building, you have discovered over nine planets not in your solar system!…”

“We have advised you before on this subject. Listen! Nations of this Earth, pool what you know with the others so you will understand the intent of the messengers! Each of you has a piece, but none of you has the whole. You are being given a great deal of misinformation by those who are the ‘peripherals.’ They will trick you into doing things that otherwise you would not if you had the whole knowledge. They have an agenda that is not commensurate with the raising of the planet’s vibration, and this agenda is filled with lies. When you reveal what you know, there can be no secrets! There is great irony that by keeping these extraterrestrial activities a secret, you are perpetuating their very agenda, and it is not in your interest! Do not trust those who are physically here now! They do not represent the ones to come.

Oh, they are amazing. Their technology is beyond yours, and their presence is being sequestered by powerful Humans – in a way that is inappropriate for planetary growth and enlightenment. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE!”

And I leave you with Sergeant Stone’s words: “But the whole situation is, we look for the differences. In species, the 57, look for the similarities. When we look for those similarities and we then begin to realize just how much we have in common and eventually we come to the point of one thought: they are us… because everything within the universe is interconnected. All species are interconnected. Anybody ever ask why the common denominator is humanoid? You would not expect to find that if there was not some type of galactic blueprint. You become spiritually enlightened by going through this life, even those that we say are insane…”

So, what are your beliefs about extraterrestrials?

—–> To Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: What Are Their Civilizations Like? (Part 3)

<—- To Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: How Much Do We Know (Part 1)



[2] (a) (b)

[3] (a) (b)

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  1. Karl Kukat permalink
    October 15, 2010 1:00 pm

    Concerning Ur last point: “There is a peripheral minority who do not have Earth’s best interest at heart.”

    It may be helpful to point out here, and indicate from other sources such as SaLuSa, that the Annunaki, although in previous times they were part of the dark forces trying to dominate and enslave us, are now benevolent and have themselves become members of the Galactic Federation and as such are assisting the Federation and us in our program of ascension.

    As well, I understand that there is no more interference allowed from any other sources to interfere in our evolution. The Galactic Federation is divinely empowered to constantly monitor and police this very situation.

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