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Mainstream Media Responds to Decloaking

October 14, 2010

The mainstream media are choking, gasping, chuckling, slapping their knees. Much discomfort and toing and froing. I hope the galactics do things gradually and only close their distance slowly so that the population isn’t frightened and these ones don’t lose too much face.

UFO over Manhattan Caught on Tape

CBS News, NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2010,;lst;1

Was Mystery Shiny Object Superman? Balloon? Looking for Its Mother Ship?!

  • The UFO that has New Yorkers buzzingThe UFO that has New Yorkers buzzing 
  • (CBS) A mysterious shiny, silvery object floating high over Manhattan Wednesday had even jaded New Yorkers scratching their heads.

    Dozens of people were stopped in the middle of the sidewalks of the Chelsea neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side, looking up in the sky.

    One speculated it was a balloon, another joked that it was Superman or Superwoman, and yet another wondered whether whatever it was was simply “looking for the mother ship!”

    The city says its 311 help line got dozens of calls about the object.

    And city officials haven’t provided any answers about what it might have been – though they’re said to be leaning toward the balloon camp.

    Erica Hill told the story on “The Early Show”


    Dozens Report UFO Over New York City


    Published October 14, 2010

    Fox News | New York Post,

    Has Chelsea become so trendy even Martians are scouting for co-ops?

    A silvery vision of a dozen balloon-like dots hovering in yesterday’s clear-blue sky over West 23rd Street in Manhattan had thousands speculating the mysterious objects might be UFOs.

    Callers began phoning the NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration at 1:30 p.m. with reports of the strange, silver objects high in the sky.

    “Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it,” said FAA spokesman Jim Peters. He added that if the objects were weather balloons — as some suggested — his agency had no prior notification they’d be launched.

    Witness Daniel Calhoun, 52, admitted, “Common sense says it wasn’t a UFO. Common sense says it was a plane or a balloon, but this thing stopped everyone in the street for two blocks. Any New Yorker will tell you, that alone is extraordinary.”

    Pete Bryant, 32, said, “I saw five or six lights shining in the sky. There was no way that thing was a balloon.

    “There was something weird about it. Light just doesn’t reflect off balloons like that. “If Martians were to land anywhere, New York is a much better location than some backwoods town in the Midwest.”

    Tim Powell, 28, described the objects as “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.”

    “It looked like a jellyfish made of lights that just hovered in the sky like it wanted to be seen,” he said. “I was half expecting the aliens to beam down and introduce themselves.”

    And Richard Molina, 42, compared what he saw to the “creatures from ‘Predator.’ “

    “It freaked me out. It was a real Superman moment, too,” he said.

    “Everyone looked up in the sky. It really was an event.”

    Read more at the New York Post.


    UFO over New York City?

    Washington Post, Oct. 14, 2010,

    There’s a UFO over New York City?

    Honestly, it looks like a balloon to me.

    But I’m a jaundiced skeptic. I used to be the regular kind of skeptic, but then I didn’t get enough iron in my diet for several weeks.

    In case they’re here checking out the place, let me roll out a welcome mat. Sure, Stephen Hawking said that if aliens ever contact us, we should avoid them at all costs, but what does Stephen Hawking know about anything? The only thing I’ve learned from all those movies about meeting aliens is that you should wait at least three days to call after making First Contact.

    Still, if that were really alien life, they were wise not to hop off the ship. We don’t do very well with aliens, at least not if they’re missing their papers. “We’d come down,” they said, “but not before they pass the DREAM Act!

    “You don’t understand,” they would explain, “we’ve got technology from the future!”
    “That’s nice,” we’ll say. “But where’s your green card?”

    Perhaps they came from Gliese 581 G, the mystical “Goldilocks” planet that we thought was habitable and that now some scientists are saying doesn’t show up in the data at all. Maybe they just were informed their planet didn’t exist. “This is like Alderaan all over again,” they mutter to each other, setting a new course for the only other planet reputed to be habitable.

    Maybe they flew over a Paladino rally. “Looks inhospitable,” they’ll mutter. “Especially since, where we come from, gyrating wildly in short shorts is how we say hello.”

    Then they floated over Manhattan. “That doesn’t look all that habitable to me,” they said, glancing down. “Besides, I doubt the coop boards will be enthused about our pets, who are giant, noisy robots with very limited bladder control.”

    I wonder why they left so soon.

    Maybe they’d come to take back Christine O’Donnell and, after watching the debate, decided they didn’t want her after all! After last night’s debate, it wouldn’t be surprising. She doesn’t believe in close encounters of the third kind — or the first kind, for that matter.

    By Alexandra Petri  | October 14, 2010; 11:31 AM ET

    2 Comments leave one →
    1. John Kronske permalink
      October 14, 2010 1:48 pm

      If you ask me I think its a bunch of balooney! 🙂

    2. philavox permalink
      October 14, 2010 10:32 am

      Awesome Steve — this is exactly the follow-up needed in this moment: how the press is responding.

      Your compilation skills are making available a real-time documenting of this event in a no-nonsense, unhyped, plain English style that lays bare the reality that is disclosing itself now before our eyes.

      [Note to self: Watch this space!]

      – Chris

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