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Hui Sun: Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: How Much Do We Know? (Part 1/3)

October 14, 2010

Hui Sun is putting out a very literate and intelligent blog at, which I highly recommend. She lives in the San Francisco area. The article that follows is on extraterrestrial life and is part 1/3. I’ll post all three parts here, one part each day.

If I recall correctly, she’s only been going a very few months and has made remarkable progress.  I recommend to other people starting some form of communication site as well. The more the merrier and the better it will be for the inquiring public.

Certainly anyone is welcome to take anything published on this or its sister sites on Angelfire and incorporate any parts of them, without the need for approval, in anything you produce.

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: How Much Do We Know? (Part 1/3)

Posted on August 14, 2010 by hkim135

I wanted to speak further about my view of intelligent extraterrestrial life. I’m still at the beginning stage of learning about this topic, and as usual, I’m inviting you on this journey as a peer, not as an expert.

In the part of the country that I live in– San Francisco Bay area– it is actually not too uncomfortable to bring up in conversations topics such as auras, past lives, intuitive abilities, the law of attraction, and alternative healing. Of course, it must be done in a way that fits with the particular audience and situation, but most people are at least tolerant of this positive, empowering, “light-filled” view of the human nature. However, what will provoke a completely unpredictable, and possibly a very emotional, reaction is the topic of intelligent extraterrestrial life– especially the possibility that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms have been, and even now, are interacting with us. Yes, there is a likely chance of ridicule. I rarely (interpret: never) bring it up in conversation.

So what is so unbelievable about this possibility to the general public?  Even Stephen Hawking believes that intelligent alien life almost certainly exists.[1] He points out that the universe has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational,” he said.  Scientists are seeing– although they quite disagree about its cause– that the “fundamental traits, forces, and physical constants… make it appear as if everything about the physical state of the universe were tailor-made for life.”[2] This observation is called the Goldilocks principle because the cosmos unexpectedly appears to be fine-tuned, designed to be “just right,” for life. It was announced this summer that NASA’s Kepler space probe has found more than 100 “Earth-like” planets. “…the statistical result is that planets like our own Earth are out there.  Our Milky Way galaxy is rich in these kinds of planets,” says a Kepler scientist.[3] More and more, life as we know it does not seem to be a random accident in our universe.

I suspect that for most people, the argument that life may exist beyond Earth is not what provokes the emotional reactions. What provokes the emotional response is what Stephen Hawking worries about: the possibility that some of these alien life forms could be intelligent and pose a threat.  They may possess the kind of intelligence that can “harvest the energy from an entire star”– as Dr. Hawking puts it– intelligence and capabilities vastly beyond ours, even beyond our imagination.  Yes, I believe it’s fear that is at the root of the ridicule. And I must acknowledge, it’s completely understandable.  As I’ve said in “Chapter 14. Note: About Moving through Fear” of my book Bridge to Earth, it is the unknown that generates fear. And I doubt anyone can argue with the observation that much is unknown to the general public about intelligent extraterrestrial life– this topic is so lacking of light, so unknown. Driven by “a little bit of knowledge” and the movies that we watch, we have allowed our wild imagination to fill in the huge gaps in our knowledge about this topic.

Now, here is where we– you and I– may digress in our beliefs: I believe that it is not due to an absence of knowledge that the we know so little about intelligent extraterrestrial life. The knowledge exists, right here on Earth– it’s just that the general population has not been allowed access to it. This situation has just recently begun to change, through reasons unknown.  At this time, information is being allowed to trickle into mainstream media and to the general population.

Last summer (July 2009), Buzz Aldrin announced on C-SPAN that there is a monolith on the surface of Phobos, a moon of Mars: “…[we should] visit Phobos, a moon of Mars. There’s a monolith there.  A very unusual structure on this potato-shaped object (Phobos) that goes around Mars once in seven hours. When people find out about that, they’re going to say, ‘Who put it there?’”[4] As is well known, Buzz Aldrin was the pilot of Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history, and the second human being to set foot on the moon. Just a few months prior, in April of 2009, CNN online reported that Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut who was a part of the Apollo 14 moon mission and the sixth man to walk on the moon, asserted at a National Press Club conference that extraterrestrial life exists, and the the truth is being concealed by the U.S. and other governments.[5] “I urge those who are doubtful: Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on. Because there really is no doubt we are being visited,” he said. In 2008, the British government’s Ministry of Defence with The National Archives released its most comprehensive UFO files to the public for the first time, disclosing UFO sightings by even air traffic controllers and police officers.[6] The latest batch of documents released by them this month suggests that Winston Churchill, during a secret meeting with U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, ordered a cover-up for at least 50 years of a UFO encounter incident involving a World War II pilot, fearing that it would provoke a mass panic and loss of faith in religion.[7] France in 2007 was the first country to open its UFO files to the public when it unveiled its website documenting more than 1600 sightings spanning five decades.[8] In 2004, in a historic decision by the Mexican Department of Defense, the Mexican government publicly acknowledged that UFOs are real. The Mexican Air Force Authorities have subsequently released clear video footages of UFO encounters.[9]  Just couple of days ago, it was announced that Brazil has ordered its air force to document any UFO sightings, and to make the data available to researchers and the public.[10] I suspect that more releases of classified UFO files from governments around the world are forthcoming in the near future.

Information about UFO sightings have been everywhere for decades; reports and testimonies of researchers and government and military personnel regarding UFOs and our interactions with intelligent extraterrestrial life can be found all over the internet. The point is that, despite observations by multitudes of people over decades, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and our interaction with them had not been “officially” recognized prior to this millennium– not acknowledged by any governments nor treated seriously by the mainstream news media. This situation is what is changing. We’re now being allowed access to this knowledge that had hitherto been hidden from us, “classified” to us.

The Disclosure Project [11] led by Steven Greer has done much to give legitimacy to the UFO and intelligent alien life phenomenon.  Dr. Greer is a medical doctor, former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina, who set aside the practice of his profession for many years to work toward the full government disclosure about the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. The goal of this project is to have an open, secrecy-free Congressional hearing and legislation regarding these topics. On May 9, 2001, Dr. Greer presided over a press conference at the National Press Club during which over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate, and scientific witnesses came forward to establish the reality of UFOs, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion techniques.[12] They spoke, bringing their supporting government documentation and other evidence, putting themselves at great personal risk by the breaking of their oaths of secrecy, and proclaimed their willingness to testify in front of the Congress of their knowledge and experiences. This group of witnesses at the conference is only a small sampling of the firsthand testimonies obtained by the Project from over 400 military and government witnesses involved in covert, unacknowledged, “black budget” government projects. The testimonies at the press conference showed that the involved people were not allowed to publicly speak of their UFO and alien-related experiences, there are abundant artificial structures on the moon, the NASA images of the moon have been doctored before release to the public, there have been retrievals of extraterrestrial wreckages and bodies, there are highly-advanced technologies that have been reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial technology and not made known to the public, UFO presence has been clearly connected to the disabling of nuclear missiles, and that we know of at least 57 different kinds of extraterrestrials, who are all humanoid.  Over 500 pages of briefings are available on the website.

Pictures speak a thousand words. I recently watched a powerful documentary made by Jose Escamilla called Moon Rising,[13] which show NASA photos of the moon surface.  Close examination of these black and white photos show that many images have areas have been digitally smudged or blurred.  Escamilla discovered that when color tones were broadly laid onto these photographs in Photoshop, numerous, anomalous geometric structures on the moon’s surface were brought into visibility that could not be discerned before in black and white.

Besides the monumental impact on Earth human society and consciousness, what is the urgency behind getting to the bottom of this subject? Here is what Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Project had to say at the news conference: “These unacknowledged, special-access projects are taking in at least $40-80 billion per year, and they’re sitting on technologies that can change the world forever… [The official inquiry and disclosure on this subject] has the most profound implications for the human future, for the U.S. national security, and for world peace. Specifically, technologies connected to UFOs and extraterrestrial vehicles, if declassified and used for peaceful energy generation and propulsion, would solve the looming energy crisis definitively, would end global warming, would correct the environmental challenges that the earth is facing. It is also critical that we begin to debate as a society, the propriety of placing weapons in space. If indeed, as we can prove that it is true, that we’re not alone and that space is territory which we’re sharing with other civilizations, it could be a very imprudent, destabilizing thing to place weapons in space. This is not being debated because it is off the national, international radar screens.  It needs to be placed on it…”

If you do decide to follow your curiosity and start opening doors to this possibility in your minds, hold on to your seats as you start uncovering this material. The extent of our interactions with intelligent extraterrestrial life, and the extent of technologies known to us, will floor you, knock you down. If you’re like me, you will go through stages of disbelief, fear, acceptance, distrust, wonderment, and every other emotion before you fully integrate this information into your reality through the dynamic discernment process.  Myself, I have had the luxury of time for this digestion process.

Rumor has it that government disclosure– “official” disclosure– is imminent. I think it’s already starting to take place. The real question, I suppose, is: Do you, as an individual, really care to know?  Or would you really prefer to continue to not know? I think up to this point, most of the general population has made the choice, at some level, to not know.  All the information is already out there, and has been for a long time.  But I think the window of time during which we will have a choice of entering into this sphere of knowledge or not is closing quickly. Perhaps the more relevant question is: Do you believe that our world, and humanity itself, could be made better by our knowing?

In the next post of this series, I’d like to explore what we know about intelligent extraterrestrial life forms and their civilizations.

***I’m still learning about this topic, and have picked up bits and pieces of information from various sources. I think books by Steven Greer, as well as by leaders in exopolitics like Alfred Webre (Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe) and Michael Salla, which I have not yet read, would give good overviews from experts who have done many years of serious, in-depth research on this topic.

—-> To Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life: What Are They Like? (Part 2)

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