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And This, Just in: A Vanishing Breed

October 14, 2010

“Take me to your leader.”

We may not be seeing this type of article for much longer so I thought I’d post just one of them. A full-fledged  (or nearly full-fledged; see the ending) ridiculing of the notion that aliens are coming, one to put in your scrapbook and get nostalgic about.

Very soon people like this reporter will say, “Ah, I wasn’t ridiculing anything. Of course I knew they were real. I just didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Why, we’ve known about this for years!”

The decloaking yesterday was seen by thousands and will be viewed on Youtube by millions. SaLuSa has said that the divine deadline is approaching. I cannot but think that the show is actually getting on the road.

Bid a fond farewell to Bill Nye the Science Guy. Watch the TV interviewers unscrew their faces and compose themselves. Watch everyone who has any sense at all turn their hats.

I predict there will be a shedding of the public persona of scorn and a surfacing of the private persona of belief and then a denial that the scorn was ever “meant to be taken seriously.”

Heads-up, Earthlings! Aliens are on way

By MIKE STROBEL, Toronto Sun, October 13, 2010

I bet they’re just stuck in traffic. Rush hour near Uranus can be brutal.

On the other hand, our Oct. 13, 2010 date with space aliens was just ballpark. It could be next week. For sure this year. Keep your head up.

Flying saucers will hover over Earth’s major cities. They’ll do this again and again in coming months.

When we stop panicking, when folks in Scarborough stop shooting at them, the aliens will fix global warming.

You heard it here first, Earthling.

Actually, the dope comes from a new book, Challenges of Change, by one Stan Fulham, 87, of Manitoba, RCAF captain (retired) and ex-NORAD radar officer.

Fulham scored this space scoop, via a psychic named Rick in Belleville, from the Transcendors, a think tank of 43,000 souls from various planets, who in turn confirmed it with the Alien Council of Eight.

This raises a number of questions.

The obvious one, especially since last month’s unsettling UFO press conference by seven USAF vets, is: What kind of space cowboys have their fingers on our nuclear response buttons, anyway!?

Also, if no alien fleet hovers over Toronto, does that mean we’re not world-class?

And, uh, who exactly does he say is coming?

Why, the Pleiadians. Little green buggers. Plus other members of the Alien Council — the Alpha Centauri, Bootes, Orions, Sirians, Zeta Reticuli, Pousetis and Comsulis.

Keep a wary eye on the Bootes. The “greys”. The abductors.

They can’t procreate and need humans because our DNA is similar.

If you wake up tomorrow feeling like you’ve been ravished by Chewbacca, odds are you’ve contributed to Save The Aliens.

But that’s a cosmic speck compared to spacecraft hovering over Earth’s major cities.

Gazing skyward, Cap’n?

“I doubt they’ll come to Winnipeg.”

You never know. Winnipeg got the Pan Am Games long before we did.

And the aliens’ timing is a bit hazy.

For them, says Fulham, “the past, present and future all happen at once. It’s difficult for us to understand.”

I’ll say.

He tells me how he came to know we’re not alone.

He says he was at Stalag 357 in Poland in 1943 when a mysterious, red flash dazzled him and his fellow PoWs.

He says he was in fighter control at Comox in the 1950s when he scrambled jets to chase two UFOs over the Pacific west of Vancouver.

“Nothing unusual happened here tonight,” his commander told him, knowingly, when he tried to file a report.

“The attitude,” he tells me, “was that the public is too f—ing stupid to cope with an alien existence.”

By f—, he doesn’t mean foo? “Foo fighters” was the World War II term for UFOs.

Then he tells me how weird things happened during his career with NORAD — the Canada-U.S. defence network. How UFOs flew through mountains and into the Atlantic. How an intelligence officer named “Dave” told him of the UFO coverup, etc, etc.

How he retired in 1971, full of questions, until someone put him on to the Belleville psychic — and those whacky Transcendors, who told him when to expect company, more or less.

“If not Oct. 13, then by the end of the year.”

Say, cap’n, any chance I could ask ‘em a few questions? Like will the Leafs make the playoffs?

“They see the probabilities, but they’d never tell you.”

Oh, foo.

“And they won’t give you the winning lottery numbers, either.”

Well, kiss my asteroid.

“They’re concerned about bigger universal problems.”

Like global warming, apparently. They come to help fellow space cadet Al Gore.

Easy to dismiss Capt. (ret.) Fulham as a kook, until you consider those seven former U.S. airmen who recently announced aliens are trying to save us from nukes.

Hard to imagine those guys would…oh, hang on, this just in…

CBS New York is reporting something in the sky Wednesday…uh-oh…

media lines are lighting up…hang on, they say it’s yellow balloons…

no, no, no, wait…they’re NOT yellow, they’re silvery and there’s lots of them and they’re descending on Manhattan…

that’s it…sorry, folks…end of column…gotta run…

Mike Strobel’s column runs Wednesday to Friday, and Sunday. or 416-947-2265.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 15, 2010 4:00 am

    Very funny article.
    Just a niggly point here about the authenticity of the Galactics and their ships…why don’t they just say specifically, something like: “on the 20th day of Oct. we will reveal a ship over, say…Halifax”. This will give time for people to prepare to watch as it is a pointed reference – something a person can witness, and then BELIEVE. This would help the nay-sayers, come to a truth and give credibility to the believers the researchers/woo-woo’s.

    • October 15, 2010 7:42 am

      The galactics probably cannot give advance warning, Deb, because the cabal would take steps to scupper the display. For instance, if they had given advance warning that they intended to appear above New York, what would have prevented the cabal from actually releasing numerous balloons causing the ships to be lost among them and killing any effect the occasion might have had?

      Or the cabal could have done something that would actually scare people and convince them that ETs were malevolent.

      I believe that’s the reason.



  2. John Kronske permalink
    October 14, 2010 1:35 pm

    Steve you know we dont have to like those shabby reporters but we gotta love em’ 🙂

  3. BlueCube permalink
    October 14, 2010 10:04 am

    Funny stuff! That’s how we should be handling all this…”kiss my asteroid.”

  4. October 14, 2010 10:03 am

    Am I seeing things or does your smile look bigger this morning.

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