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Episode 4 of The Event

October 13, 2010

Chris sends along a detailed report on Episode 4 of The Event. His own commentary is in square brackets. Thank you, Chris.

‘The Event’ – Episode 4: “A Matter of Life and Death


Sean Walker
Leila Buchanan (Sean Walker’s kidnapped fiancée)
President Elliott Martinez
First Lady Christina Martinez
David (son of President)
Sophia (E.T. and liaison to President)
William (E.T. defector)
Maya (E.T., partner of William)
Claire (FBI agent)
Blake Sterling (Aid to President)
Agent Lee (E.T. CIA agent – presumably a ‘white hat’)
Erica Bartlett (CIA agent, formerly “Vickie Roberts”)
Mount Inostranka (Alaska E.T. detention facility)
Avias Airline downed Flight #514

Opening Scene:

Claire and Sean escape FBI facility; pursued by male CIA agent.

Trust is emerging between Sean & Claire.

Claire shoots CIA agent in the arm in a car chase and she and Sean escape.

While pulled off to the roadside for a breather, Claire vows revenge for killings of colleagues. Sean advises Claire to go after Vickie Roberts.

4:15 Flashback 5 years earlier. Sean and Leila meet and go on a spontaneous airline trip to her folks for Thanksgiving dinner.

5:30 Leila presently shown cuffed and hooded, taken to a cell in basement of a house by Vickie and partner. Vickie overhears them talk about killing her in 2 hours.

7:30 Bio-Quarantine Facility in Fairfax, VA – Flight 514 passengers interviewed. They are disoriented and can’t remember details of flight crash. President observing their interviews behind one-way glass. Doctor explains tests run; cannot explain how they returned to life. Vice President suggests “they” [E.T.’s] might be showing how powerful they are. Flight 514 pilot – Mr. Buchanan – under questioning by Blake Sterling.

11:15 Mr. Buchanan: “Leila knew the girl who was going to kill her. Her name was Vickie. That’s all I know.”

11:45 Vice President confronts Blake after questioning, where it is suggested Blake knows the VP thinks Blake is trying to engineer an assassination attempt on the President.

[Note the layers of complexity and implied betrayal here. This is a very heady context for the viewer to register, especially since it seems to reflect the truth about the current situation of The White House, esp. from the point of view of disclosure.]

12:30 — President in White House talking with his wife; he remembers seeing a little girl at the crash site of Flight 514 who was clearly dead…only to see her alive days after. His wife says, “It’s like a miracle.”

President: “It’s not a miracle. It’s something else that Sophia’s people can do that we just don’t understand.”

Wife: “It’s natural for you to question this: you feel betrayed.”

[Notice how detailed a reflection of Obama’s current Presidency this scene portrays: the President feels betrayed (whether by positive E.T.’s or by negative members of his own administration). The level of emotional complexity associated with the President in ‘The Event’ is deep and convincingly real.]

13:20 – President receives cell phone call from someone who claims: “I’m the man who pulled the plane out of the sky to save your life.” The President humors him while his wife listens in on the call. The caller (Thomas – another E.T. from Alaska willing to betray Sophia following William’s being shot in Episode 3? Not quite clear to me…) orders the President to release Sophia and the detainees or “this time people will die.”

14:50 – Sean and Claire pull up their SUV to a random roadside wi-fi hot spot and Sean looks up Vickie Roberts’ various aliases.

15:40 – 5 year flashback continues: Leila and Sean show up at Leila’s parent’s house. Leila’s dad asks Sean about his parents…Sean answers vaguely, before admitting his parents split up when he was a child and he’s been out of touch with both of them for years (Mother died).

18:00 – Back to the present: Leila alone in basement. Cuts rope off wrists with a shard of glass.

19:20 – Claire and Sean drive by a house associated with the information Sean pulled up online.

19:50 – Vickie receives okay to kill Leila on the phone.

22:00 – President grills Blake and Agent Lee about the cell phone placed in his son’s backpack Thomas called the President on, then demands his security detail be replaced. “I don’t care how you do it…I want you to find the man who made that call.” President clearly believes that the detained E.T.’s could be a threat to ordinary citizens.

[Here it seems we are shown a situation in which Blake engineers a psy-op against the President in order to make him believe that the E.T.’s in Alaska are a threat.] Once again, Blake suggests the President consider forcing Sophia to divulge information.

23:30 – Flashback to 12 months earlier: President is leading his wife (Christina) to meet Sophia (who is vegan). At the meeting, the President shares that both he and his wife’s parents were Cuban.

24:30 – Sophia: “That’s amazing. A refugee comes to this country, pregnant, poor, alone – and a generation later, her son is the President. This is why your country is truly great.”
President – “I couldn’t agree more.”

Sophia: “So you understand why I’m hopeful that you will welcome my people the way that this country welcomed yours. My dream is that one day my people will sit around a table like this and tell their immigration stories and it will seem no more strange than a tale of a fishing boat from Cuba.”

[This statement is quite powerful, though it is portrayed in a semi-ominous light. But maybe it has to be – simply in order to (a) make it through NBC’s censor’s, and (b) to appeal to the free-will of the viewer. If ‘The Event’ was merely a one-way delivery device for promoting a blatantly positive view of E.T.’s in a pre-disclosure context, it would be implanting something in our worldview before most of us are ready to accept it as truth. What would that serve? Much better for ‘The Event’ to resemble a pop-serial while otherwise touching the viewer’s sense of truth from every possible angle.]

25:10 – (Back to Present) – President and Sophia in interrogation chamber.

Sophia: “I’m sorry that it has come to this.”

President: “Who made that call, Sophia? And how do I stop them?”

Sophia: “You know that I can’t –“

President: “No, it’s not that you can’t – it’s that you won’t. You do exactly what you want, no matter the consequences, isn’t that right?”

[Here the President may not understand that Sophia may be bound not to disclose the true nature of the situation playing out by the law of preservation of free will, or perhaps, in order to protect the President from realizing the true danger he is in. Because she may be trying to protect everyone involved from the shadow government, she has to remain silent and let the President and viewer alike realize the truth of the situation he/we are in.]

Sophia: “No.”

President: “It’s all you – you’re pulling the strings.”

Sophia: “You’re wrong – I didn’t condone any of this.”

President: “You had one of your own killed, because he was going to talk.”


President: “Did you think I’d never figure that out?…Please, tell me what you know.”

Sophia: “His name is Thomas…a natural leader…but we’ve always had our differences about how to adapt to our presence here. He is less patient…impulsive.”

President: “Where is he now?”

Sophia: “I don’t know. But whatever he’s asking you for, give it to him.”

President: “Well what he wants is you and the detainees – that’s not going to happen.”

Sophia: “Listen to me, Elliott: I know him better than anyone. You need to give him what he wants.”

President: “Or what?”

Sophia: “I don’t know. But please, for the safety of your people, do what he says.”

[This is, admittedly, a confusing line. How come positive E.T.’s would endanger anyone? This presents a potential hole in my suggestion that ‘The Event’ is a disclosure-positive serial. It may not be. Further viewings of future episodes are required.]

27:20: Mr. Buchanan and other Flight 514 survivors all come down with bloody noses.
[It may very well be that ‘The Event’ is designed to question every assumption we have about E.T.’s on earth until disclosure finally hits, at which point ‘The Event’ will be instantly irrelevant.

It’s greatest value in this sense may be that it humanizes the question of E.T. presence far more than any other serial or movie has yet done. This ambiguous purpose – and that of the E.T.’s portrayed within (esp. William and Thomas) need not do anything more than entertain us in good ol’ running-serial fashion, until D-Day is soon here. The purpose of this serial, in other words, may not be so much about telling us the truth than providing us with a context in which we can question the truth afresh – on all fronts, and allow it to more fully arise in our curiosity in a disclosure-positive context: to awaken our curiosity and desire to know what the truth is, beyond all “V”-related propaganda. In this sense, ‘The Event’ may serve to subtly displace “V” and its various media ilk, while re-aligning our native curiosity along the lines of free will.]

30:00 – While in the house of Vickie’s landlord (and mother), Sean meets Vickie’s son and at his request takes his picture with his iPhone. Sean then confronts Mrs. Larson as being Vickie’s mother, who says she doesn’t know where her daughter is. Under threat of felony, Claire and Sean pressure her into calling her daughter. Vickie’s mother provides them with Vickie’s phone number: “You’re only supposed to use this in an emergency.”

32:00 – Vickie approaches Leila with a loaded gun. Leila struggles, takes her gun, shoots her at the top of the stairs after a chase.

33:45 – Leila finds a police offer outside, begs him to take her with him after saying she was kidnapped and that she shot someone. Leila calls Shawn on the way to the cop station, but he doesn’t pick up. She leaves a message from police station in Snyder, TX.

36:38 – 5 yr. Flashback continues – Leila’s parent’s welcome Sean to the family.

38:34 – Seemingly nice cop leaves Leila in the main office, then in the hallway tells Vickie and her agent partner that Leila tried to place call to Sean but left a message. Flashback shows that the gun Leila used to shoot Vickie was full of blanks. (One of the two patrol cops is shown dead in the corner.) The entire set-up to kill Leila was a ruse to attract Sean to them. Vickie then receives phone instructions to kill Sean when he finally gets there.

[Clearly, Leila is being used as bait to trap Sean and kill him.]

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  1. October 13, 2010 7:13 pm

    i think Sean is Sophia’s son and that’s why everyone is after him. but maybe not just looking ahead. Kathy

  2. lou permalink
    October 13, 2010 9:35 am

    Thanks Steve for posting Chris’s narrative! He always manages to read between the lines in this series. I always look forward to reading what he has to say about “The Event”!

  3. Cheleangel permalink
    October 13, 2010 9:06 am

    In Suzan Carroll’s newsletter of September 2007 she writes of other brain wave states that scientists are working with. One is the epsilon state. The one where yogis can turn off their pulse, respiration and heartbeat. I wonder if that is what would be occurring to the passengers on the airplane?

  4. Malcolm permalink
    October 13, 2010 8:59 am

    Thank you for the capsule info on what happened. I find the sound production of the program really hard to understand. The voices are true to life, I guess, the way English is mangled and mumbled nowadays, but verisimilitude should not, IMHO, trump clarity. I read lips pretty well but the actors rarely face the camera enough that that skill is useful. Keep on with the digests. Thanks again. Malcolm.

  5. Gunnar permalink
    October 13, 2010 7:03 am

    I find it amazing that you guys do this to yourself. You really want disclosure 😉

    I’m sure God noticed!

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