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Montague Keen: Focus on Improving the Human Experience for All People

October 12, 2010

MONTAGUE KEEN Message 10-10-2010

10 October 2010

Veronica, my dear, the Time of Awakening is Now, the dark Cabal are pulling out all the stops to try to prevent the inevitable. The have put mankind through the bloodiest 100 years in the history of Planet Earth, now they are concentrating on attacking those who try to awaken others to the Truth. They have ruthlessly plundered the world, they have amassed great wealth which has bought them Power and control.

You now have the opportunity to focus on improving the Human Experience for all the people of the Planet, you have the know-how, you now need the desire to do this. Come together, forget your differences, you are all in this together. It is decision time, there is an awakening happening, wake-up, take responsibility for your actions, share your knowledge with those less fortunate, talk to each other. You are being given the opportunity to create a World of Peace, Love and Light.

Open your hearts to others, forget the conditioned responses that were forced on you by Religions and state. Please do not give in to FEAR and the paralysis it causes thus leaving you open to the Control of the few, let the transformation begin, stop being victims. Go forward with confidence to the Light as was foretold by Ancient Civilisations.

Wake up to what is being kept from you. Listen to the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer talk about our friends from other Planets. Look also at the Film “The Day before Disclosure” by Terje Toftenes, these people are trying to show you the Truth that has been kept from you.

Be aware also that a FAKE ALIEN INVASION is being planned to create Fear and Panic among the masses and so keep them under control. Remember that those in Control are Ruthless, Heartless individuals who see you, the masses as their slaves. I spent my formative years listening to such people but I saw the Light, You know I tried to see the Light in everyone. Unfortunately this blinded me to the Dark side of those around me.

You have been sent a photograph of your Aura , this, my love, is as how I saw you, please allow others to see this, I want people to know the woman I loved and love so dearly, now you can see why I called you the light of my life, you are Light. Those who try to extinguish this Light will face the consequences of their actions. The aura photograph of David Icke shows him as one who not only heals when he speaks but has healing hands also, this did not surprise you, you were of this strongly the moment you met.

You have influential people to meet and places to go, we are putting everything in place for you to go forward with our projects. Do not allow the distractions of threatening telephone calls interfere with our plans, greater minds than theirs are focused on our work. As I have repeated many times we will succeed.
You have had a busy day my dear, try to take time for you now.

I wish to thank all those who by their actions spread the Light, who reach out to those who as yet have not embraced the Light of truth, time and patience is required but the rewards are priceless, see yourselves as disciples of the Light on a path of transformation.

My love , never give up no matter how the dark attack you, together we will succeed. Your adoring husband, Monty

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  1. Robin. permalink
    October 12, 2010 8:43 am

    The ‘mix’ is good.. yes!

    If nothing else it gives us the opportunity to learn and practice discernment as to what we do and do not ‘resonate’ with.

    Personally I feel M. Keen is using this as an example of what (ridiculous) lengths the Controllers will go to in their afforts and games to generate fear! It is amusing!

    It somehow also indicates that this really is approaching the END of these ‘games’ too.. for surely if the one thing ‘they’ fear most is an open ET presence here and their only reaction to this possibility is to emulate ‘their version’ of it, then there is little more after this that ‘they’ CAN do?


    In Light.

  2. October 12, 2010 6:22 am

    i have a lot of respect and sympathy for montague and veronica keen, but of all the channelers that we publish on, they are certainly the most fear oriented. coincidentally (or not), both suzy ward and blossom goodchild also address the fake alien invasion issue in their latest channelings. but where their contacts confidently reassure us that this won’t ever happen, montague puts it in capitals. i appreciate his messages nonetheless, i just sometimes wish he had the view of the greater picture that the galactic federation (and matthew) have.

    • October 12, 2010 8:01 am

      Kees, I find it useful to have a range of channeled messages, from the wise and calm, like Matthew and SaLuSa, to the inspirational, like Saul, to the rough cut, like Montague Keen. I don’t give equal weight to each. Somehow the mix helps me discriminate.



    • Gunnar permalink
      October 12, 2010 9:31 am

      Feel that way, too. I chose to abort reading the message.

      Be well.

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