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Support the Foreclosure Freeze!

October 9, 2010

Thanks to Janis for this one.

I’m  mad about the issue of mortgage fraud and foreclosures. We are turning America out of their homes.

This issue has three parts.

One, the banks of America are taking the homes of families away instead of finding a way through this crisis.

Two, the banks are doing it in a rampantly and totally illegal … no, worse than that … corrupt … way.

Three, the banks are converting America into a wasteland of deserted homes, which are being looted and torn apart, reducing neighborhoods to ghettos.

This for me is where I draw a line in the sand. If there was ever an issue to say “no” to and call for the people to rally on, mortgage fraud and foreclosure are it.

  • I ask that the sherriffs of America stop turning people out of their homes.
  • I ask that the press of America disengage from the Illuminati and support the people on a forcelosure freeze.
  • I ask President Obama to bring in a foreclosure freeze by executive order.

Let’s get behind the foreclosure freeze movement and stop the cabal in its tracks.

Save the homes of America!

Foreclosure Freeze Spreads Across America

Consciousness rises – – foreclosure freeze spreads across America “There’s a wildfire spreading across the country”

News Headlines

1.  Candidate for Sheriff Rico S. Giron Will Declare a Moratorium on All Foreclosures and Evictions in His County (San Miguel, New Mexico) – –

And he will NOT enforce any IRS liens or levies; he will repeal the Patriot Act; he will NOT accept any salary, etc. etc.  WOW!  Where can we get sheriffs like that in our own communities?!?  – –>

2.        Texas Attorney General calls for statewide foreclosure freeze – –

3.        New York Times: Flawed [apparently fraudulent] Paperwork Aggravates a Foreclosure Crisis – –

4.        Documents Show CitiMortgage and Wells Fargo Also Committed Foreclosure Fraud – –

5.        Speaker of the House Pelosi Calls For Investigation Of Foreclosure Fraud – –

6.        Attorneys General Ordering Banks to Halt Foreclosures for Possible Violations – – “There’s a wildfire spreading across the country: instead of the continuing wave of foreclosures, the practices banks use to initiate the sales of homes are going under the microscope of judges and attorneys general.” – –

7.        40,000 Turn Up for Mortgage Reduction Event in LA – – October 6, 2010 – –

8.        Systemic Fraud Dominates Mortgage-Securitization and Foreclosure Scam – – 10-06-        10 – –

9.        State of Georgia Set to End Forced Driver’s Licenses – – (this is not foreclosure related, but is interesting nonetheless, as it begins another branch of the trend towards greater individual sovereignty)

10.      Three More States Demand Halt to Foreclosures – 10-06-10 – –

11.       Bombshell – Unconstiutionality of Rocket Docket Transcript – 10-07-10 – –

12.      U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Justice Department looking into home foreclosure mess – –>

13.      New York Times – “Foreclosure Furor Rises; Many Call for a Freeze” – –   s http;//

14.     “Freezing Foreclosures” on Good Morning America ABC News – 10-04-10 – –

15.       Kentucky RICO Class Action Lawsuit Attacks Foreclosure Fraud – 10-03-10 – –

16.       JPMorgan, Bank of America Face `Hydra’ of Foreclosure Probes – Bloomberg 10-06-10 – – Http://

17.       Huffington Post on Foreclosures – 10-07-10 – – variety of important updates about the national war against so-called “lenders” – –>

Articles Already Sent the Last Two Weeks

Moratorium NOW – Rep Alan Grayson Petitions the Florida Supreme Court to HALT Foreclosures – – –     foreclosures/

American Foreclosure Moratorium Petition.  Please sign it now – –        httP;// [that is Barack Obama’s site – the petition is sponsored by his administration] .

BREAKING!!! GMAC Freezing Foreclosures in 23 States to Take Corrective Action – – http;//

Congressional letter to FANNIE MAE regarding “foreclosure mills” – – –   grayson-rep-barney-frank-and-rep-corrine-brown-to-fannie-on-foreclosure-mills/

California Attorney General Brown Directs Ally/GMAC [America’s fourth largest lender] to Suspend Foreclosures – – .

JPMorgan Suspending Foreclosures –
New York Times – –

Bank of America Freezes Foreclosure Actions – – http;//

Bank of America Freezes Foreclosures in ALL 50 States

Posted: 08 Oct 2010 08:52 AM PDT


Bank of America halts foreclosures in all 50 states from:

WASHINGTON — Bank of America, the nation’s largest bank by assets, is placing a moratorium on all foreclosure proceedings and sales across the United States, according CNBC and a report on The Wall Street Journal’s Web site. The postponement takes effect Saturday.

Separately, PNC Financial Services Group Inc. is halting most foreclosures and evictions in 23 states for a month so it can review whether documents it submitted to courts complied with state laws.

An official at the Pittsburgh-based bank confirmed the PNC decision, which was reported earlier by the New York Times. The official requested anonymity because the decision hasn’t been publicly announced.

The moves come amid mounting political pressure on big U.S. banks to examine foreclosure-documentation problems. Bank of America’s decision comes amid revelations that the banking industry had used “robo-signers,” people who sign hundreds of documents a day without reviewing their contents, when foreclosing on homes.

In a statement released Friday, Bank of America said it will stop foreclosure sales until “our assessment has been satisfactorily completed. Our ongoing assessment shows the basis for foreclosure decisions is accurate. We continue to serve the interests of our customers, investors and communities. Providing solutions for distressed homeowners remains our primary focus.”

Bank of America spokesman Dan Frahm said the company is reviewing its entire foreclosure process but is focusing on the validation of signatures on foreclosure documents.

Bank of America will continue to track late payments and pursue delinquent borrowers but will stop short of foreclosure on those mortgages held on its books — about 20 percent of the home loans it services.

Frahm said the average foreclosed borrower has not made a payment in 18 months. He declined to disclose how many foreclosures would be affected by the move.

Ally Financial’s GMAC Mortgage unit and JPMorgan Chase announced similar moves to review their books in the past two weeks.

Also Friday, Litton Loan Servicing LP, a smaller mortgage company based in Houston, halted some foreclosures and evictions so it could review its handling of foreclosures. It made the disclosure in an e-mail to The Associated Press and did not say which states are affected.

Litton, owned by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is a mortgage servicer. It collects payments but doesn’t make loans.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama refused to sign proposed legislation that would have made it more difficult for homeowners to challenge documents in a foreclosure.

The Senate Banking Committee will hold hearings after next month’s elections to look into allegations that the nation’s largest lenders have improperly foreclosed on struggling borrowers.

“American families should not have to worry about losing their homes to sloppy bureaucratic mismanagement or fraud,” outgoing panel Chairman Christopher Dodd said in his announcement of the Nov. 16 hearings.

The hearings would take place during a “lame duck” session of Congress after the Nov. 2 elections where Democrats are expected to face heavy losses at the polls. The new members would not take office until next year.

At issue is the validity of a system banks and other lenders use when they move to foreclose on a mortgage and seize a property. Rather than presenting an entire set of documents in court, the lender typically submits an affidavit establishing their claim signed by an employee who has reviewed the file.

The validity of that process has been successfully challenged by attorneys representing homeowners facing foreclosure. Last month, GMAC said it was halting foreclosure sales and evictions after an employee admitted in a deposition that he had signed 10,000 documents a month without personally verifying the mortgage information. JP Morgan Chase put 50,000 foreclosures on hold after one of its employees made a similar admission.

Bankers argue that the flawed review documents don’t undercut their original foreclosure claim, which they say can still be established by providing the full documentation. But given the large number of foreclosure cases in the pipeline, a full review of every case could be very costly.

“Banks realize that it’s going to be really hard to prove, and it’s going to be really expensive to review all the documents and make sure they are doing it right,” said Andrea Bopp-Stark, a Maine attorney who was involved in the case challenging GMAC’s foreclosure process.

The unraveling of the mortgage paper trail could be costly for more than just lenders trying to foreclose on a home. Difficulty establishing the legal title to a mortgage could also create headaches for companies that wrote title insurance on the property.

“If it turns out these are mistakes in who owns (the mortgage), the claims against the title insurance industry could be overwhelming,” said Kathleen Day, a spokeswoman for the Center for Responsible Lending, which has joined a suit against GMAC and has called for a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures.

Lenders aren’t the only ones facing headaches if they can’t properly establish ownership of a mortgage. During the height of the boom, millions of mortgages were pooled in trusts that issued bonds backed by monthly payments from those mortgages.

Attorneys working on behalf of homeowners have also been challenging the legal validity of the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, or MERS, an industrywide system created to consolidate the process of transferring mortgages. By naming MERS as the “nominee” for the lender in original loan documents, the system speeds the sale of mortgages by replacing the more costly paper trail required to record the transfer directly in courthouses or local governments.

But judges have recently been siding with homeowners’ attorneys, who argue that MERS doesn’t have the legal authority to sell a mortgage.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 11, 2010 7:34 pm

    No one is being turned out of a single home who keeping their payments current. It is the folks who took on too much debt and now can not afford the home. There is plenty of blame to go around and the over-extended consumers living beyond their means are all personally responsible for the results they are experiencing. They are not blameless in their plight. You talk about rights, Sir. Rights come with responsibilities!

  2. Chicago permalink
    October 11, 2010 11:46 am

    Class action lawsuits against banks in KY, NY, FL, CA, and other states regarding FRAUD in mortgage origination, securitization, MERS as nominee, fake documents and more. The banks defrauded homeowners, insurers, lenders and more.

  3. John Kronske permalink
    October 9, 2010 2:41 pm Tell them what you believe!

  4. Robin. permalink
    October 9, 2010 12:20 pm

    Shelter, Food, Clean Air and Water, Free Speech—->

    Your RIGHTS! Claim them!

    In Light.

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