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Saul: You Are All Tired

October 9, 2010

Oct. 9, 2010,

Humanity’s journey through the illusion is coming to an end.  Although in Reality it has lasted but an instant, in the illusion, where time is a major parameter, it appears to have been going on for untold eons.

You are all tired, and you want to leave pain and suffering behind you and return to your Father’s welcoming embrace.  And so you shall, because it is His eternal Will that you do so and enjoy once more the heavenly domain in which you were created to experience unending bliss.

Just remember that no other outcome is remotely possible; your destination lies before you waiting to welcome you.  Continue to focus your intent on awakening.  Dreams can be interesting, terrifying, amusing, or just plain boring, but however they appear to you, they remain distractions that keep you from achieving your purpose — let them go!

You need to assist one another by accepting yourselves and each other just as you are.  Those of you who are most deeply asleep are generally the ones in the greatest pain, which shows up as anger, judgment, condemnation, and a desire to see justice (i.e punishment ) imposed on the wrongdoers.  This attitude only deepens your sleep.

Look inwards.  Look at your apparent sins, unworthiness, and unacceptability, and forgive yourselves, because what you see and are judging truly never happened — it is all part of the illusion.  You were created perfect and nothing can change that.  When you see pain, suffering, inadequacy, and imperfection you are using your body’s eyes which can only see the illusion.

You have all had the experience of seeing gross misbehavior which you have judged as unconscionable and unacceptable, and then learnt later of the intense pain which the perpetrator is experiencing.  Your response to that knowledge might have been loving compassion and forgiveness, or compassion mitigated by your need to see justice delivered, or even a refusal to even attempt to understand how someone could behave so badly.

You also will have experienced feelings of guilt in the knowledge that you, too, have misbehaved and were fortunate not to have been found out, or having been found out were forgiven.

Just be aware that in the illusion all suffer, and all have a desperate need for love.  So, offer love.  This does not mean that you should condone misbehavior; you just need to refrain from judging or condemning the perpetrator, and instead listen to him, hear about his pain, and give him the loving support he needs to enable him to change his behavior.

Yes, occasionally people need to be restrained from hurting others, but punishing them only intensifies their sense of unacceptability which is what drives their behavior.  Look beyond the behavior, see the pain and the intense need for love, and respond accordingly.

Also be aware that there are people in your own lives whom you wish to help but who are, for whatever reason, unable or unwilling to accept what you have to offer.  Recognize, therefore, that what you have to offer is not right for them at this time, and get out of the way, in case another can help.  By being a loving presence you demonstrate right living and help many of whom you are mostly totally unaware.

Looking to help others and expecting to see results or receive recognition for your efforts is frequently very counter-productive.  When an offer to help is not welcomed, don’t push it, and certainly don’t judge the refusal to accept it as wrong or unwise.  When a person is ready to receive help, it will always be available for them.

Just be who you truly are, the loving presence that your Father created, and see that presence in all others, because no one is without it.  In being yourselves you will awaken into the glory of the divine Reality.

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