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Meredith Meredith Murphy: Three Ideas for Receiving the Energies of 10-10-10

October 9, 2010

Again the notion of completing our unfinished business or habitual reaction patterns is presented by Meredith Murphy. Who have we not heard this from? This is a time of completion.

Meredith’s suggestions: complete, integrate, and celebrate. That is a handy way of putting it.

Hello there!

Depending on where you are in the world, there is one day or less until we arrive at the 10-10-10 Stargate.  A Stargate is a portal; an opening.  It’s an opportunity to make major changes.  In this particular stargate we have the opportunity to move into an entirely new way of being.

This may not happen immediately or all at once, but it is available upon this moment and will flow into each of our lives in whatever way perfectly suits our own unfolding of consciousness/awareness.

In preparing for this day, I encourage you to take advantage of these powerful energies by first of all considering what you would like to “complete”  One of the New Earth qualities is the ability to create and experience life in completion; in wholeness.  Meaning that we can experience things in a way in which when they’re finished, they’re TRULY finished.  No karma, no lingering energies.  We have the ability to know our experience in wholeness–the essence of its true form–and to allow ourselves to experience that; no more, no less.

Another key aspect of this Stargate and a major platform now available based on our integration of unity–meaning our whole being knowing and operating from an understanding and awareness of the unified field which we both ARE and are a part of–is the I AM presence.  You might see people talking about this in many ways.  From using “I AM” in affirmations to I AM all that is!  The opening and the continual evolution we are experiencing naturally involves us becoming our Divine selves here on Earth.  Heaven on earth, naturally would involve divinity.  (US!)

To prepare for this opening, you also might spend some time considering what it means to you that you are divine.  Each of us will embrace this in our own way and at our own pace.  We can be inspired by those who might be moving into this before us; knowing all is well and we are each playing our part perfectly.

Part of embracing our Divine I AM presence, might begin with trusting in our own perfection.

I encourage you to choose consciously both how to participate and what you’d like to create and experience.

And if you feel inclined to join with others to celebrate, then by all means…read on and consider joining us!

As I often say, and it is so true now: It’s time to expect more…

Expect Wonderful!

Much love to you,
Message from Meredith

The 10-10-10 Stargate!

This is a pivotal moment in our evolution!

WHERE will YOU be?

Join Archangel Michael & I for the…

The Expect Wonderful 10-10-10 Stargate Celebration!
(Listen via skype, the internet or by phone…and at whatever time works for you!)

Participate in a one of a kind, experiential passage through this portal!
Bring yourself to a new platform for creation and self-expression!
Receive an activation transmission from Archangel Michael to activate a new level of BE-ing!

The powerful energy of the 10-10-10 Stargate is converging!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to receive energetic attunements and transmissions that come forth on this specific and powerful portal!

Sunday, the 10 of October 2010
(thus the 10-10-10)
a soaring webinar/teleseminar
Join via phone, skype or the web.

Time/Date Conflicts?  NO PROBLEM!
Audio Recording of Event for all Attendees!
Listen and Attend at whatever time works for you!


It’s SO time to Expect More…need I say it?
Expect Wonderful!

Love to you!

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