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Happy 10-10-10!

October 9, 2010

Best wishes to everyone on 10-10-10. I’m going to be more or less in silence myself, watching the impact of the energies.

I’ve posted a number of perspectives on this important day. Here is a listing of them for those who wish to re-read them.

“Meredith Murphy: Three Ideas for Receiving the Energies of 10-10-10,” at

“Denise LeFay: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” at

“Phoenix Rising Star: 10-10-10: Spiritual Mastery,” at

“Arcturian Group: Energy is Quickly Shifting into Higher Dimensional States,” at

“Jo Mooy: 10-10-10: A Catlytic Date,” at

“Sarah Bierman: the 10-10-10 Portal: Releasing Polarity,” at

“Lisa Renee: The Reality Check (Important),” at

“Archangel Sandalphon: The New Energy Wave (10-10-10),” at

“Patyricia Diane Cota Robles: We Are One. There is No Separation. 10-10-10,” at

“Denise LeFay: 10-10-10,” at

“Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of October,” at

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  1. Shelley Szajner permalink
    October 10, 2010 7:42 am

    I woke up and looked at the clock this morning, and the readout was 10:10. Today, I’m teaching my first class on Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities. Looks like I’m in the flow already—let the games begin! 🙂

  2. Cheleangel permalink
    October 10, 2010 6:31 am

    Thanks for the perfect picture Steve. Enjoy your quiet.

  3. October 9, 2010 10:45 pm

    That`s a real majic day,
    Once removed from it the ones
    Just three zeros will remain,
    While three zeros nullified
    Then again three trees will stand,
    Many thanks for joyful mark!
    Dear Steve, your eye is sharp!

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