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SaLuSa: Look at Everything in Terms of How You Can Apply the Light

October 8, 2010

SaLuSa suggests that we carry on as normally as we can while the changes begin around us. He reassures us that mentors will be there to advise us as needed.

He reminds us that we cannot take anything with us but will have what we need and will need less than what we presently have. Our new bodies will not be subject to disease or old age and need less.

He tells us that the choices around Ascension have by and large been made and that those who have chosen not to ascend will start again elsewhere. He reminds us that we are clearing remaining karma and to weigh each decision and word in terms of raising our vibrations and completing unfinished business. Minor karmic residue will be forgiven by the Law of Grace.

SaLuSa  8-October-2010

What shall you do as the changes commence in such a way that they begin to affect your daily life. We would say carry on as normal as far as you can, and know that at the right time you will be advised as to what action to take. You will certainly be well informed as to the nature of the changes, and at some stage they will affect everyone.

You cannot go through the remaining period before Ascension, except that much of what you now have is moved into its higher expression. You cannot take anything with you and it is totally unnecessary, as all that you will need will be provided. In fact your needs will be considerably less, as you will experience the joys of having a new body.

It will be lighter and more of energy rather than physicality. Consequently much of your bodily input will come directly from the energy around you. Also with an ever-healthy body you will not need to replenish it as you do now. Since you will eventually create through the power of thought, you will not be wanting for anything at all.

As you are realizing, the changes are not coming to simply restore the status quo. The old paradigm is finished and has all but served its purpose. It is only those who benefit from the old ways, that will try their hardest to cling onto what they have now. These are mainly those who have built up vast wealth and also wielded it to gain power over others.

It matters not what they do as the alternative to Ascension for them is more of the same. It comes by starting again in another location, and it has happened before and proved to be an excellent way of bringing home some very hard lessons. There is no on else responsible for them, as you attract to yourself exactly what you focus upon. If therefore friends or family do not share your intent to ascend, it is clearly right to allow for different choices to be made.

Stand by your decisions where your future is concerned, as by now you should have found your path to the next cycle. Some souls may awaken rather dramatically at the last moment, but by and large the choices have already been made. Whatever direction you go into, one thing is for sure, that you will be greatly affected by your experiences at this time. Even those who profess to have no interest in Ascension, are nevertheless observing what is going on around them, and it will be valuable sometime in their future.

Much lies at a subconsciousness level that surfaces from time to time, as you never lose your memories of previous experiences. For example at this time many who desire to ascend, are subconsciously aware that in their past they failed to take such an opportunity. They are mostly souls that were present when Atlantis sank below the waves.

When you realize that your lives have a plan and a purpose to lift you up, your experiences become so important because they are not random or by chance. It is therefore essential that in the run in to the end of the cycle, you pay attention to what happens in your life. You are clearing your remaining karma, and as a result new people may enter your life. Look at everything in terms of how you can apply the Light, to ensure you do not create further instant karma. In the end you will leave the present Earth with a clean slate, and certainly minor karmic debts will be foregone through the Law of Grace.

If we suggested you enjoy yourself just now, you may wonder what there is to be happy about. However we look at you finally leaving duality behind, knowing that a great future beckons that promises everything you could possibly want. We say, live that dream now and create around you an aura of happiness that allows you to sail through life. That will also help others who travel along with you, as the higher vibrations are extremely uplifting. Notice the difference in people’s re-actions to you, and how interested they will become in you. You will have something they would like and are not quite sure how you achieved it, or they can too.

The mere promise of action at long last has greatly lifted the vibrations on Earth, and we do not want you to lose that excitement and energy of anticipation. It will carry you right past any attempts to pull you back, as you will no doubt you will have noticed a sudden flurry of negative outbursts calculated to bring back fear and uncertainty. Just keep your eyes directly ahead and do not lose sight of the reason you came to Earth at this time.

After millennia of time and in some cases hundreds of lives, you are ready to put your feet up and take an enjoyable rest and break from the rigors and demands of duality. It is well deserved, and you will be well rewarded in many ways. Perhaps the most important aspect is the valuable experience you will have gained.

It will serve others in the future, as you may well take your place in the Galactic Federation. Once ascended you will have much more say in your future lives, and the focus will be upon what can best further your spiritual evolution. As you begin to understand more about life and Universal Laws, you will be quite clear as to the goals that lie ahead of you.

Clearly it will not be too long before we can arrange sightings for you, rather than what appear as chance ones. The sooner your hearts can resonate and accept our vibrations, it will allow us to be far more open and contact will be possible. That is a time we greatly look forward to, and it will help release any doubts that may be held about our intentions.

A full explanation of our presence will in any event be given and we know it will satisfy the majority of the people. Others will be won over once they see the assistance we will provide, to remedy the damage to Mother Earth and the widespread pollution. It is course wider than that, as we will also instigate plans to give you the advantages of our futuristic technologies. The sooner you become independent of others for the essential tools of life, the quicker you will become self-supporting.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel that our venture with you is now only just beginning. There is so much we can do together, and life will become a delightful experience. For a time it will seem unreal after all you have gone through, but we know you will quickly adapt to your new roles as Galactic Beings. First however, stay firmly on your path to the Light and the freedom it offers. You are to claim back what is rightly yours, and is due to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. lou permalink
    October 9, 2010 8:27 pm

    Hi Steve, I really appreciate the research you did concerning SaLuSa’s previous messages on leaving behind material possessions etc. My problem is I have no idea how that happens or what it will look like.

    I know this question has been answered before, and you just said we keep our bodies, I just wonder how all of this will be done while we’re conscious and observing everything…this question is really hard to grasp!

    • October 9, 2010 9:23 pm

      Don’t know, Lou. No one has been that specific in their comments. We’ll have to wait until they address that question, I suppose.



  2. Doug Burns permalink
    October 9, 2010 12:29 am

    Hey Steve,

    Love this post from SaLuSa. Very thought provoking. And I got a bit lost too. What appears, to me, to be the missing link that fills in the spaces is the New Heaven/New Earth option (where Higher Density Earth splits off from lower density Earth).

    Personally I would love to live on and experience Earth as the Eden it is, perfectly created for our Consciousness and our physical bodies in a higher dimension where Love is the basis of “All the Laws and All the Prophets”. It would need some form of duality where we can lovingly create and lovingly interact with our world and each other and All That Is. I would love that – to experience this world Earth as it was meant to be in its Highest before moving on. And to experience this self as it was meant to be in its Highest. For me, that is an important part of the Ascension process and what was shown to me.


  3. Tom Magnussen permalink
    October 8, 2010 2:21 pm

    Interesting post from SaLuSa. The sentences, “You cannot go through the remaining period before Ascension, except that much of what you now have is moved into its higher expression. You cannot take anything with you and it is totally unnecessary, as all that you will need will be provided.” are quite unclear, and the 2nd seems to contradict much of what has been said before, and even later in this post. How is SaLuSa defining the term ‘anything’? Does that mean the physical body, physical possessions, old non serving beliefs, or all of the above? And what is meant by ‘much of what you now have’?

    • October 8, 2010 5:34 pm

      No, not the body, but we won’t be able to take our personal possessions, Tom. However we will be able to recreate them later. Here’s more on the subject:

      Personal loss of your belongings will result in some grief. … In the ultimate process of Ascension when you take your place in the higher dimension, you will have a different outlook where ownership is concerned, as material possessions are no longer necessary. You create exactly what you want and re-create again if desired.

      That means that you can create from memory anything that existed previously. You can therefore allow matters to follow their path on Earth, knowing that in real terms you cannot lose anything at all. As a result of Ascension the quality of your life will increase a hundredfold, and you will be surrounded by beauty and perfection. Not least of all you will be at One with everything, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. (SaLuSa, March 8, 2010.)

      We know there will be some sadness felt at the prospect of leaving all of your possessions behind, but it is but a small price to pay knowing that your every desire will be fulfilled in the higher dimensions. When you can create exactly what you need for your comfort and happiness, what more would you want.

      Your own powers of creation [will] provide all that you need. Whatever you leave behind when you rise up, you will have absolutely no regrets, as nothing can compare with the beauty and perfection of the higher realms. (SaLuSa, Dec. 1, 2008.)

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