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Omnec Onec, a Woman from Venus

October 8, 2010

Several of you have drawn my attention to Omnec Onec. I have to say I’m unfamiliar with her story. But I’m as interested as you in the new and unusual. Here is Kees’ article on her, with three videos – two on her life and one short one on Ascension. I apologize for the sound quality.

Omnec appears to be a walk-in, coming into the body of a 15-year-old who had died. Her story of adjusting to Earth life is fascinating. Her message to us is inspiring. She appears to have a role to play in having us welcome and understand the galactics,

Thanks to Jeannie.

Omnec Onec, a Woman from Venus, Galactic Channelings, Oct. 8, 2010

Omnec Onec

As our galactic friends often tell us, humanoid ET’s are already living among us.

They’re here for all kinds of reasons. Some are allies for the Galactic Federation and actively working on change on this planet, others do research and yet others are here just for the experience.

Let’s take a closer look at one of them. Omnec Onec was born and raised on Venus. Venus is often referred to as our sister planet in this solar system.

This planet is very interesting for us, because long ago their society went through the same process as Earth is in right now, called Ascension. They now live in the fifth dimension.

Though from the outside Venus looks to us as a hot and uninhabitable planet, in the fifth dimension it’s a beautiful world with crystal cities. One of Mike Quinsey’s contacts, Ker-On, is from Venus and has sometimes spoken about his world.

Omnec Onec

Omnec Onec lived in this world until she was encouraged by her spiritual master and by her uncle, who raised her, to go to Earth and live the rest of her life there. This way she could clear some old karma, enlighten the people there and have a unique experience. She agreed.

In 1951 she flew from Venus to Tibet, to adjust to our low vibrations. The monks there helped her. In 1955 she went to Tennessee in America, where she took over the life of a young girl who had just died in an accident, with whom she had a karmic bond.

She married, had children, divorced, and wrote a book about her experiences on Earth. Also, she did a number of interviews. Here she talks about the process of Ascension and the difference between dimensions.

In the next two videos, she talks about her life story. She describes how she went from 5D to 3D, in order to be able to live among us, and what living in 5D was like. This is interesting information for us, because that’s where we’re heading!

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  1. Russ permalink
    October 14, 2010 5:42 am

    Fred… and all who have commented. This is an unusual but compelling account. I believe it is important to unravel the questions you pose. Otherwise how can you know the answer? Maybe find a guide to help you go deeper into meditation. the answers are within. Maybe you will find another as yourself and answers will be found there. Still the seeking spirit bust be allowed to complete its Karmic mission (Karma means “action” in sanskrit). Best wishes.

    PS. what is the Magdalen energy? Anyone?

  2. October 8, 2010 4:35 pm

    Maybe your high vibration is blessing all beings wherever you wander. Thank you for telling your story, there is a power in the telling of it.

    My hunch is that you are doing your soul’s work whether you know it or not.

    May you be blessed all of your days.

  3. Cheleangel permalink
    October 8, 2010 8:48 am

    Dear Fred,

    Have you considered the Magdalen energy?

  4. Fred permalink
    October 8, 2010 6:33 am

    It’s very interesting to me that this lady says she is from Venus. As a child, I too told everyone, including my parents, that I was from Venus. I was born on April 22, 1952.

    I was a strange boy. Born without a forehead (my parents had to “mold” my head into shape) and extremely poor eyesight (took years of special glasses to correct). I preferred to speak in an unknown language over English (I still speak it today especially in my sleep). When I finally did start speaking English (took 8 years of speech therapy) I told my parents that they weren’t my real parents and that my real parents left me on earth when they came from the stars.

    From ages 4 through probably 9 or 10, I had a nightly “teacher” who would appear in the dark of my bedroom and instruct me telepathically. Never clearly saw the being, only eyes, and felt its presence. During many of these encounters with my “teacher” I was instructed to shut my eyes. When I did, I was suddenly transported to a beautiful world of crystals and color. I would always be flying (like superman) high above crystal cites. I long to return to those crystal cities for I believe them to be my original home!

    Strange, but I never felt fear of any kind! From my nightly “teacher”, through all my dream encounters with beings who call themselves my “galactic family”, I have never been afraid. Then again, if I had ever been driving on a dark road and suddenly my car stopped and small, gray, big-old-eyed beings came towards me…. yup… I would more likely scream like a girl!

    I’ve had many dreams of children all around me taking my hand and leading me to classrooms with huge blackboards that flashed incredibly fast with symbols, equations and unknown languages. Sometime I would find myself sitting in huge auditoriums with these children. In one particular dream the children surrounded me pleading that I would become their teacher.

    I remember another dream where I was setting in an outside arena with thousands and thousands of people/beings dressed as ancient Greeks. On the main stage a small girl was speaking. From behind me a voice asked, “Do you choose to help us?” I immediately said, “Yes!” The voice said, “Choosing yes means we must change you and the process is intense”.

    I saw another being next to me that I knew had also chosen yes. I witnessed a hand approach the back of its neck holding a large syringe-looking device. The device pierced the being’s neck. Instantly, the being cried out in pain and began to transform right in front of me. Talk about reconsidering my decision!! But in the dream I remained steadfast to my decision. I felt the syringe device enter the back of my neck just under the right side of my skull. I awoke.

    In one of my dreams I found myself on top of a beautiful mountain! In the distance I saw 4 tall figures. All four had their backs towards me. They were very tall and wore full-length white robes with hoods. I was drawn to go up to them which I did. When I finally reached them I saw that they were on the edge of the mountain top looking down into a valley thousands of feet below. I spoke, “Who are you?” With those words all 4 beings turned and looked at me.

    The faces I saw were unlike anything I had ever seen!! They each had huge, slanted eyes (like the images of grays we always see). But their eyes were a bluish-turquoise and totally hypnotic!! Looking into their eyes was like looking into deep, deep pools of water. They each kept the white hoods over their heads and stood about 11-15 feet tall. I knew they were Elders. But from where I have no idea. Why did they summon me in a dream? Again, I have no idea.

    In 1998 I was reading out loud to a friend who was dying and in a coma. As I was reading, my friend suddenly awoke, sat straight up in his bed, turned towards me and said, “The Creator of the Universe wants me to tell you something of great importance. He said to tell you that you are the Keeper of the Water.” He smiled and lay back down as he fell back into his coma. I was dumbstruck!! I asked him repeatedly what the Keeper of the Water meant. I never heard his answer for he died a few days later. To this day I haven’t a clue to what the Creator was trying to tell me through my dear friend. Any ideas to what Keeper of the Water means?

    As exciting as all this may sound my life has been incredible difficult. From the mountain tops to the valleys time and time and time again!!! Plus, if life wasn’t already painful enough, I decided to live this incarnation not only as a gay man, but very religious (my earlier years I was a minister of music and professional Christian Vocal Artist until I was finally kicked out in the early 80’s). Honestly, I’m amazed I’m not totally nuts by now!!

    So why is it that many, many people as this woman seem to clearly know who they are and why they’re here? At age 58 I’m still in the dark to the meaning to all my dreams and visions? Of course I believe in Ascension and have way before 2012 became a household world. It’s beginning to look like I will never know in this 3D world who I really am and why I came here. I just don’t want to miss the boat and fail to accomplish the mission I came here for and obviously was prepared for. I have a message to tell… I know this.. but yet cannot remember what the message is nor whom to tell it too.


    • Casey permalink
      October 11, 2010 12:21 pm

      Hey Fred,

      In regards to your comment: “He said to tell you that you are the Keeper of the Water.”

      I noticed this phrase in this channeling:

      I’m guessing that this means you were probably a dolphin or a whale in a another life. And that you came into human form to accomplish some task, maybe just just being present and grounding your energy with human feet. 🙂


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