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Artcurian Group: Energy is Quickly Shifting into Higher-Dimensional States

October 8, 2010

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaelle
October 7, 2010,

We of the Arcturian Group say to you the people of the earth star that you are soon to see many happenings on your fine planet.  Energy is quickly shifting into higher-dimensional states,  leaving behind old energies that have for so long held you in bondage.  This is a new time, a new energy, and a new awakening into a consciousness of One.

You are all one, you know.   All are the manifestation of the One, that One which has been called by many different names over time resulting in the sense of great separation within all these concepts of that One.  However you are now awakening to the realization that One is One, no matter what it is called, and this is the energy of the fifth dimension. Churches and organized religions worldwide will soon learn that they are only as good as the truth they give to the seekers.

Those unevolved ones using organized religion for personal power and money have much to answer for,  because the spiritual  teacher accepts the  responsibility of nurturing and loving the spiritual evolution of those souls looking to it for guidance.  Many have failed deeply in this assignment. This is true for metaphysical teachers as well.  Always trust your intuition when  learning from another and know when to “cut the cord”.

We wish to say that you will see some events coming soon that will cause you to fear.  Please remain always in your Light and know that all is a part of the shifting energies. Some will transition; others will be called upon to assist those unawakened ones to understand that everything is simply a part of a graduation into the higher energies.  Before the light comes the dark, as it must come to the surface to be released.

Mother Gaia is doing her best to make her changes easy for all, but this is impossible at times.  Do not concentrate on issues of fear, for as creators you then add to the creation, think instead upon the true sense of life and love and on Mother Gaia as she was created – pristine and pure.  Add your Light to the Light and in this way you become light workers.

It is important not to spend an inordinate amount of  time on the news, which is often is meant to create unrest among the people – fear and trepidation – but do  send Light to those places and people suffering while at the same time acknowledging that Divine Light within them, even if they are completely unaware of it.  This is the work of evolved lightworkers, which you are now, and will become even more as these changes happen.

Go within often to commune with  and rest in the Divine that you really are.  Rest back in the energy of Oneness,  acknowledging that which you really are and not what you have been led to believe you are through the concepts of a third-dimensional  society. This resting within opens the door and gives your permission to be taught;  truth will begin to come when you least expect it.

Try to avoid those books, magazines, movies, and TV shows that pull you back into beliefs and concepts you have outgrown.  Until you are strong in the truth, it is easy to get sucked back into the old.  Entertainment and fine stories are fun and relaxing and often uplifting, but mind the qualities of these entertainments (level of energy) and don’t get so involved that you find you’re going  backwards. Society as a whole  still presents most of its media through the beliefs of the old energy.

Relax more, take rests, be in nature, and honor those things that make your heart sing even if others may say you are wasting your time or your “monkey brain” tells you you must “work, work, work” in order to survive.  The integration of these new energies takes a lot of energy, often leaving you tired. You begin to think something is wrong but nothing is wrong. You are working very hard on other levels, so rest when you feel the need, and don’t allow any guilt feelings about it.

Follow your intuition. Take back your power. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  You will find that the sky does not fall down if you make a mistake, or you wear the wrong color, or if you read books that aren’t on the latest “in” list.  There are  many wonderful discoveries you will experience about life when you take back your power, dear ones.

Taking back one’s power is  extremely important, especially now when so many would prefer you not take back your power. For women this means the acknowledgment and integration of their masculine aspect.  For men it is the acknowledgement and integration of their feminine aspect. As you begin to realize that you are  perfect and whole, embodying both aspects, you also begin to  realize that you no longer need those people and things that you once thought were necessary  to tell you how to live, how to believe, and how to be. This does not mean you can’t listen to their ideas, but always the bottom line is to be yours.

Those who would hold you back must and will evolve out of their ignorance, so all is perfect now and forever.

We say, Namaste, dear ones.

Thank you Arcturian Group                                                                      10/7/10

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  1. Joyce permalink
    October 9, 2010 6:18 am

    This was a wonderful reading. . . . :)It made me feel that there is Light at the end of the Tunnel. . . .

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