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What a Roller-Coaster Ride!

October 7, 2010

What an incredible roller-coaster ride we’re on.

Speaking personally, last week I was sleep deprived. This week I can’t do anything else but sleep. Yesterday it was all I could do to get home, I was so energyless.

But I know this is attributable to the energies and I’ll wait them out.

Meanwhile, in society at large, people in the markets are jumping up and down like Keystone Kops, the manipulators are pushing the DOW up, put options are mushrooming, the Fed is teetering, banks are into mortgage frauds, other countries are decoupling from the American market, Europeans are rioting, and rumors of a “terrorist” attack spread.

All this is probably happening because the forces of disclosure are gathering steam and the curtain will fall inevitably on the days of the elite.

Leslie Kean plans to approach Congress and Obama over disclosure, Jeff Peckman is bringing Initiative 300 to Denver, The Event is stirring interest, the Hastings Panel is followed by the Royal Society meetings, The Day Before Disclosure has just been released, and a prediction for an Oct. 13 UFO “display” is circulating. Whether or not it happens, it will keep the topic before the public.

Add to this the 10-10-10 energies knocking us over and Earth changes moving ahead.

We are truly inside the blender.

I have no idea how long it will last, but, as the sage said, this too will pass.

All we can do is bracket it. Take ourselves out of the hubbub and remember who we are.  Put our arms around the melee and pull our heads free of it.

The discipline is to remain calm in the midst of it. Knowing what we know (that this is about disclosure and the fall of the cabal) should make it easier for us than for those not in the know.

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  1. Louie permalink
    October 7, 2010 6:27 pm

    Love your work, Steve! You do such a great service for us all. I used to go hunting for the daily info but you collect all the things I’m interested in, so stumbling onto your blog was awesome.

    My body has told me to fast, so fasting I am, Its definitely helping to clear out all the unneeded junk that might be hindering this energy grounding, DNA upgrading, lightbody activating journey!

    Thanks again


    • October 7, 2010 7:50 pm

      Great, Louie. Regular fasting is probably very helpful. Welcome to the site.



  2. Vendo permalink
    October 7, 2010 4:55 pm

    So glad to hear that you’re sleeping Steve, ….. like the dead, …. oh well!

  3. October 7, 2010 4:48 pm

    Maybe I should stop sending you healings to sleep!!! It’s over-corrected!!! lol !

    • October 7, 2010 5:37 pm

      No, no, don’t stop, Jeannie. I’m sure healing energy will cure whatever is occurring. And not only for me, but for all humanity.

      Thanks for your healing thoughts,


  4. Chuck Sweet permalink
    October 7, 2010 4:05 pm

    When I find that Being that told me, in whatever life it was : “May You ALWAYS Live In Interesting Times” I think I am going to sit down and have a Loooooong talk with him/her/it. In the Blender indeed!

  5. Gunnar permalink
    October 7, 2010 3:43 pm

    Hopefully this month won’t hurt as much as September.

    And the galactics can clean up the cabal already! Let them experience their own FEMA camps or whatever.

  6. Kyle permalink
    October 7, 2010 3:12 pm

    Hi Steve

    What a roller-coaster ride indeed!!

    Things really are speeding up. It’s so absorbing to see how both the forces (personally and globally) of progression and regression are emerging and receding continuously. Even more interesting to note is how the regressions are now offering a reflection of the barriers to be overcome- and so giving further impetus to the progressive cycles.

    Is this behind the accelerating pace of events?

    Very interesting times… it leaves one with huge “feelings of expectancy” 😉 😉

    This brings me nicely to the next thing i wanted to mention here. It relates to the alertness these feelings of expectancy generate.

    I’ve been giving some thought to the sleep problems you’ve been having. Now, i don’t know if you’ve ruled out all the most plausible physical causes. If you have, i’d like to offer some info for your consideration. When i was thinking about this, i remembered something from the Law of One material… it basically says that distortions that arent resolved in the spriritual or mental/emotional aspects of ourselves show up in the body.

    Here’s the quote from Session 61, question 7:

    ” Questioner: Then the second question is, could you give an example of how feelings affect portions of the body and the sensations of the body?

    Ra: I am Ra. It is nearly impossible to speak generally of these mechanisms, for each entity of proper seniority has its own programming. Of the less aware entities we may say that the connection will often seem random as the Higher Self continues producing catalyst until a bias occurs. In each programmed individual the sensitivities are far more active and, as we have said, that catalyst not used fully by the mind and spirit is given to the body.

    Thus you may see in this entity the numbing of the arms and the hands signifying this entity’s failure to surrender to the loss of control over the life. Thus this drama is enacted in the physical distortion complex.

    In the questioner we may see the desire not to be carrying the load it carries given as physical manifestation of the soreness of those muscles for carrying used. That which is truly needed to be carried is a pre-incarnative responsibility which seems highly inconvenient.

    In the case of the scribe we see a weariness and numbness of feelings ensuing from lack of using catalyst designed to sensitize this entity to quite significant influxes of unfamiliar distortion complexes of the mental, emotional, and spiritual level. As the numbness removes itself from the higher or more responsive complexes the bodily complex distortions will vanish. This is true also of the other examples.

    We would note at this time that the totally efficient use of catalyst upon your plane is extremely rare”

    Now, if i think about what sleep is, i come to the conclusion that it’s the gradual desensitising of the body to incoming stimuli and (therefore) the lessening of the tendency to respond in a self determined way. With respect to the mind, i think it’s the decreasing tendency to respond with conscious thought-analysis and choice. Lowering alertness.

    So i was just thinking that this could be a manifestation of the need to be alert and responsive in spirit and mind to ‘something’ that are possibly lodged ‘within’. Anything been a nagging presence in your mind or your spirit (‘heart’) where you feel ‘on call’? This blog-site? Personal stuff?

    Just something i thought i’d offer for your consideration since even if this doesn’t help physically it could provide a new angle of understanding.

    Let me know.

    Thank you for all you do here 🙂


    • October 7, 2010 5:58 pm

      Yes, I can make sense of that, Kyle. One issue is in fact a thrownness to work hard to satisfy the inner critic. Another issue is the individuality’s protest against seemingly being “required” to play the game of life, without being at choice in the matter. I’m “being with” that issue at the present time, as a matter of fact, treating it as a vasana or habitual reaction pattern.

      Thanks for your insightful comment,


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