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Niara Isley: October 14, 2008 and Contact: For Me It’s Personal

October 7, 2010

Please note that Niara is talking about Oct. 14, 2008, not 2010

Prior to the Oct. 14, 2008 disclosure event, which did not occur in the manner expected (some sources say some ships decloaked, others say the event was postponed), Niara Terela Isley shared her feelings about her personal journey with the subject.

Niara was an Air Force radar specialist who, in a special night radar mission,  tracked UFOs with autotrack radar.  Because of what she saw, a shadow faction within the U.S. Air Force erased her memory using injections and severe trauma.

Once she retrieved the memories years later, Niara spent another 10 years in study and research trying to understand what happened to her, why, and in what context such things could happen at all, as well as trying to heal from the emotional fallout of her experiences.

Niara has firsthand knowledge that the the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrials are real.  She also knows her own ET connections. Today, at risk to herself,  she lectures on UFO disclosure and ET contact, from government-military cover-ups and associated abuses of power to the spiritual implications of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Here is her account of how she felt three days before what we all hoped was disclosure.

October 14th & Contact: For Me, It’s Personal

Durango Exopolitics, Oct. 11, 2008

Dear Friends who read this blog, like so many around this globe, I am waiting to see what October 14th brings. I have been waiting for this for so many years. I have become so awakened, and more and more all the time to my small but important role in preparing for full – undeniable – open public sightings and contact.

There was a time years before, when, after my initial hypnosis session turned my world completely upside down, I lived managing a certain level of terror just to work and live and move through my life in some kind of ‘normal’ manner. As I investigated the material around my newly emerged memories, I found more and more corroborating stories, testimony, evidence that they were real.

Indeed, I could not complete my healing process until I accepted that they were real and dealt with all the emotional fallout from them. I finally, years later, did some subsequent hypnosis sessions to uncover more that I had questions about, needing more answers. I remember sitting on my sofa for hours at a time after, in shock, pushing down rising panic at the calculated cruelty and incredible abuse I remembered.

Difficult as this process was, it was also a time of great awakening of my consciousness and that continues on to the days through which we are now passing.

I remember the times years ago I sat watching UFO documentaries on TV, knowing extraterrestrials are real, watching evidence being presented, and watching debunkers allowed to comment on it all and ridicule it back into the realm of the unreal and the ridiculous, preserving the fragile reality of those who can’t or won’t face the facts of what is going on all around them.


Niara at the time of her military service


I was experiencing not only fear of emerging memories and speaking about my experiences, but deep anger and rage, and deep grief around them as well. Especially grief. I wondered how I could live with memories of such cold, calculated cruel abuse. Just to know that some human beings were capable of treating other human beings in such a way felt like a loss of innocence so profound as to be almost too much to live with… and I wondered if my earlier near-brush with suicide had sprung from the pressure of these phantom memories which my body knew, but my mind had not yet reclaimed at that time.

I wondered, ‘how do people survive carrying around memories like this?’ The weight of the grief was overwhelming. I’m currently working with a friend to create a DVD to tell my story in full, so others who want to know it can, and so I can be complete and never have to repeat my experiences again. I have moved beyond the need to tell this over and over again.

The shift that has happened to me in the last few years has been because I did find two gifted healers to work with and they will always have my deep love and gratitude. With the pressure of the emotional turmoil lifted, I reclaimed a sense of joy in living and enjoying a wonderful community to live in, here in southwest Colorado. I turned my attention to art and other interests, like sustainability.

I did my best to put my experiences behind me, keep quiet about them (except to a few friends) so as not to upset others who didn’t know about such things or expose myself to disbelief and ridicule, which in a minor way, is almost re-traumatizing. But in the last two years I have found that speaking out about my experiences is a necessary – and vital – part of my final stages of healing.

So I created Durango Exopolitics, as a blog here online and as a local discussion group, in which, from my own well of experiences, spirituality and insights, I do my best to educate people about the reality of extraterrestrials, the shadow government and what they are capable of and, in spite of what has happened to me and the memories I carry, take a joyful, peaceful and hopeful view of humanity’s future. Part of this future that I consider to be inevitable, is full, open public contact with spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials.

An Awakening Wanderer

Speaking now as an awakening Wanderer – an extraterrestrial soul who chose to incarnate as human – I feel strongly that I chose this life for multiple purposes for my soul’s growth. I’ve been associated with this planet for eons as time passes here, memories of coming here from Lyra and settling on Lemuria to seed and colonize this planet strong within me. During my earthwalk here, first as a Lyran, then incarnating as human to experience more fully this world and its peoples’ evolution, I picked up karma, which choosing this particular present life, with all its challenges, has helped to clear for the coming ascension, or humanity’s first-stage enlightenment that will help as many as possible move into another energetic octave of spiritual evolution and experience.

The difficulties of this life have spurred an equally wondrous awakening to consciousness, to who I truly am. My mission here is two-fold: to educate to the best of my ability about extraterrestrials and the shadow government from my unique experience and spiritual perspectives, and as a field-worker liaison with the Star Nations of the Light to share my human experiences and insights with my Star community so they can understand what it’s like for us who live on Earth and factor in these experiences as they determine how best to intervene in and set humanity back on course for the coming Shift or portal of 2012, that we are even now in the great wave of. I am as human as any of you, and yet also (and I’m one of millions) a soul who came here long ago as we measure time here, to learn/teach and assist.

There were many lifetimes when I forgot my purpose here in the Great Forgetting that happens to souls who incarnate here. Remembering our purpose and why we came is extremely challenging, and yet, as with other emerging feelings/memories that surface, I smile to myself when I think I must have most enthusiastically volunteered to come, excited at such opportunities for my soul’s growth that I’d encounter here. When I go back among my Star community for good, the passage of time there will seem like I was on an extended pilgrimage of several months to a couple of years, though here on Earth I’ll soon celebrate my 54th birthday. Don’t ask me how I know this. It just seems to emerge as truth from within.

So, as I contemplate October 14th, first undeniable sightings/contact with the kind of extraterrestrial beings we need so very much to come to know and have contact with, for me it’s personal. It’s the complete joy of two realities I belong to coming together at last. It’s weeping tears of joy and relief to know that the kinds of cruelties and abuses I experienced will never have to happen to anyone here again.

It’s having the insight that, if NESARA is truly real and is implemented, it will be a bridge to a true moneyless society where people create abundance for all and work to their individual and common good and the good of all life here and Gaia herself. It’s knowing that all people will know all the truth of what has transpired here at last – no more denial – and that truth will set them free, and that freedom will then become responsible co-creativity of our collective, conscious world from our hearts in loving cooperation with each other and the living conscious Universe. It’s knowing that it is a beginning rich with promise, truly a New Dawn for humanity and this world.

Thanks for reading…


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  1. October 7, 2010 8:25 pm

    I can’t wait to see how all the TV stations around the world are going put fourth a news story on what is going down!!!??,we all remember when the Us landed on the moon everyone was viewing there TV sets on that day all around the world, and years later we found out the ET’s were there when Mankind walked on the moon .
    So can you see in your minds eye what is going to be said when thousands of dron scouter ships show up all around the world!!!!???; mind you some people will be freaking out big time do to in part there up bring in there church and family!!??, This is going to be a test from the ET’s point of view to see first hand how well mankind worldwide will handle all the sightings.

    This will be the biggest show on earth that is going to change history as we know it, like only a short 100 years ago if someone said out right ===The day is coming when Man will someday fly in the air like a bird and man will walk on the moon!!!!?? they wood put that person in the Nut house for Life saying he or she is talking to the Devil?? it’s the devil”s work brothers and sisters. My my how times have changed in only a short 100 years and thank God for that,as when they make contact it will be in there ball park not our’s and I can’t wait Iam all fired up it’s going to be awesome I must say.

  2. Kyle permalink
    October 7, 2010 12:31 pm

    Its always interesting to hear the various predictions bouncing around..

    One can definitely get caught up in the exercise of creating timelines in one’s mind. The problem is that predictions of these kinda things seem to prevent them from happening… thanks our’ loyal oppositon’.

    I think i read in a message of SaLuSa’s, cant remember which one (2010), that they’d like to get started before next spring- northern hemisphere. I’m in South Africa and so that’s about march (?).. anyway, this means that as that date races toward us, something will have to give.

    A new message from Matthew with updates on disclosure would be lovely! I wanna see if he confirms what SaLuSa has said.

    When i look at the events around me.. things don’t seem to be pointing in that direction. I hope Chris is right in saying that we’re in the quiet before the storm possibly catalysised by 10/10/10.

    On a personal note.. articles like this that bring thoughts of impending disclosure and contact make me contemplate what life will become like, especially since i’m 20 now. It’s interesting to compare this with the ideas i had of my future before i got into all this (at about 16 or 17.)

    I wonder what the thoughts of people with more life experience are on the topic of life after disclosure (after ascension more intererstingly)- you know, the interaction with the increased crystallisation of intent and distillation of life experience intrigue me very much. Maybe a small piece on this one day Steve??

    Take care everyone.. let’s soak in what our lives are currently like, it will change dramatically very soon.


    • October 7, 2010 12:50 pm

      Interestingly I was working on just such an article, Kyle, when this whole sleep thing arose. Perhaps I can get back to it soon.

      The message from Matthew is delayed a bit because Suzy is snowed under with work. But it should be coming along soon.

      Things are a bit crazy at this moment, which SaLuSa talked about. Not only are the 10-10-10 energies winding up, but the cabal is trying to scuttle disclosure. Hence the upside-down nature of the world.



  3. Baruch permalink
    October 7, 2010 12:09 pm

    What a beautiful testimony Niara. Even if the 14th is not the date YET, the very disclosure of so many now, like yours, absolutely bespeaks the truth of what is happening & the shift of the ages. Thank you from my heart to your heart. Blessings….

  4. sid permalink
    October 7, 2010 9:47 am

    I keep reading on some sites that this event will happen this year on 13-15th October (ships decloaking in all major cities). I dont know where they get that information. Do you know anything about that Steve? 🙂 BTW tnx for all your hard work of researching

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