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Little Grandmother Explains the Norway Spiral

October 7, 2010

Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther) gives the indigenous Ancestors’ explanation for the Norway Spiral and the other spirals that occurred last year. Thanks to Patte.

Her talk begins with a review of the spiral in all cultures, following which she says:

“The ancestors have been telling the wisdom keepers, and we had a meeting about this several days before it happened. Grandfather told us [the Norway Spiral] was on its way and with it comes new energies and new life to this planet that has not been here for a very long time.

“These spirals have actually been happening all last year but this is the largest and it has opened something for our world that has not been here since the prehistoric times, since the time of these great indigenous people.

“And in that meeting when we spoke about the spiral, Grandfather told us science will try to come up with a solution. They will try to tell the people what to believe. But they will not find a solution. And they will be without an answer. And millions will see it and there is no way to cover up something this large. In the last year none have been this big but there have been several coming up to this spiral.”

Note that the wisdom keepers’ explanation rules out the explanation that the spiral had something to with HAARP.  Of that explanation, Matthew Ward said:

“Now then, some of you are questioning the conflicting information about the origin of the phenomenon in the skies over Norway some weeks ago: Was it created by another civilization, as we and other off-planet sources told you, or by the nearby HAARP installation from which a power surge was detected? We would say that this is a matter of different conclusions due to observations from greatly different vantage points.

“Remembering that everything is energy, therefore everything is connected, makes it easier to understand that when the enormous power generated by your space family’s technology caused a comparatively mild reaction from your manmade technology, some attributed to the latter that magnificent display. However logical that interpretation may seem, it misses the profound symbolism of the spiral design and its timing and location.” (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 11, 2010.)

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  1. October 12, 2010 5:45 am

    Indeed. People focus only on the physical manifestation and forget about the source from which the manifestation springs. Man is merely the midwife to the message. . .

  2. October 7, 2010 11:45 am

    Little Grandmother got it! This is wonderful. People then were so well-connected with nature that they were able to know the real truth of creation.

    But us, on the contrary; this materialistic world we created, made us blind to our surroundings. Now the time is here for us to presence what we all must see and feel.

    Great video

  3. October 7, 2010 9:31 am

    Excellent read! Indigenous peoples have spiritual truths that have kept them alive, together, and healthily function. Bravo to “Little Grandmother” ! I love her! Time, I think, for the females of our world to step-up and do our little part in creating Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Freedom!

  4. lou permalink
    October 7, 2010 8:07 am

    Every time I watch Little Grandmother I’m inspired! Great video!

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