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Archangel Sandalphon: The New Energy Wave (10-10-10)

October 7, 2010

The New Energy Wave by Archangel Sandalphon

This Week’s Channelled Message
through Natalie Glasson,    
4th October 2010

A deep appreciation extends to you now from the angelic kingdom and the inner plane light beings; we wish to say that we love you as our brothers and sisters and that we are here to guide and assist you through the periods of change on the Earth and within your being.

Change is an energy that must be embraced; it is an aspect of life that allows evolution. Our love for you cradles you completely and awakens your energy so that you may receive and accept the new energy wave of 2010 which is a powerful intention expressed by the Creator’s soul at this time.

First we wish for you to allow yourself to bathe in the angelic love of the angelic kingdom. This is one of the many reasons why I, Archangel Sandalphon, have been guided to bring forth this special message to you; it is to assist you in connecting with the love of the angelic kingdom to prepare your energies for acceptance of the new energy wave. The love of the angelic kingdom is so pure and fine in its vibration; a single breath of angel love will heal and rejuvenate your energies completely, releasing any fears or blockages in your own energy flow and expression. Allow yourself to sit peacefully for a moment and say out loud,

‘Beloved Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangels and the Angels, I invoke your attention, presence, love and light to encapsulate me now and the Earth. Let your love shine as a torch of light into my soul and heart, awakening and invigorating the natural loving energies that I hold. Pour your consciousness of love into my entire being and energy bodies so that I may exist as the pure and blissful love of the angels. Allow me to experience a love that is greater than I have previously experienced.

I ask that the energy of the entire angelic kingdom of the most appropriate vibration is anchored deep into the Earth now on all vibrational levels of the Earth. Please stabilise the Earth’s energies and my own  energies so that we may experience and absorb the presence of love with ease.

Archangel Sandalphon, I ask that now or at the most appropriate time that you remove the separations and boundaries between the Earth and the angelic kingdom to allow the love of the angelic kingdom to truly manifest into humanity’s physical plane and reality. Archangel Sandalphon, as an Archangel of the Earth I trust in your sacred knowledge of the Earth and humanity’s needs. Let the love of the angelic kingdom prepare all to be receptive to the new energy wave of 2010. Thank you.’

Take time to experience this fully, you should be able to feel the power of the angel’s love embracing and surging into your being.

The new energy wave of 2010 holds powerful intentions of connecting and bonding the energy of the nature kingdoms, nature spirits and Mother Earth with humanity to build a greater oneness, unity and harmony on the Earth.

In addition to anchoring love in preparation for the new energy wave of 2010 there is a need for you to energetically reach out to the Earth and the nature kingdoms to create bonds now so that the energy that you receive can be shared openly and easily with the Earth.

As the Earth receives the energy wave your energies will merge more fully with the light of the Earth. The nature kingdom, the Earth and Mother Earth are sacred and beautiful soul energies and vibrations, they are representatives of the Creator’s soul on the Earth. Now is the time to appreciate and honour their presence, learning from the knowledge that they hold. Allow yourself to sit peacefully in meditation and say out loud,

‘Archangel Sandalphon, I ask you to assist me in magnifying my energy and extending my light to the nature kingdoms and the Earth. Please create a sacred bond that is unbreakable between my soul and the sacred pure vibrations of the nature kingdom. I am open to learning from and listening to the wisdom that the nature spirits wish to share with me now.

I wish to anchor my own energies of love into the soul of Mother Earth so that we may exist as one united energy, merging and exchanging valuable Creator energy to aid our spiritual development but also the ascension of humanity. I express my love to Mother Earth for her constant loving presence and ask that I  am able to adopt a constant loving presence on the Earth as a reflection of Mother Earth’s divine soul and pure qualities.

Mother Earth, as I send my healing energies to you now, I honour, respect and love you with all my heart and soul, recognising you as the Creator on the Earth. Let my bonds and appreciation of the Earth, Mother Earth, the nature kingdom and spirits increase with each day, as I extend the love of my soul to all. Thank you.’

Take time to experience this and to imagine, sense or acknowledge your light extending into the Earth  knowing that your soul will create the most perfect connections and bonds for your growth and spiritual development.

With these preparations in place you will be ready to invoke the new energy wave of 2010 to anchor into your being, you can begin to anchor this energy several days before 10/10/10, but you will feel its strength and climax on 10/10/10. This is because of the greater volume of people holding the same intention on this day and a greater volume of light souls on the inner planes focusing upon the anchoring of this energy wave with devotion and love.

You may simply sit in meditation with the intention of anchoring the new energy wave of 2010 into your being, aligning with the Creator’s soul to experience this flow or charge of energy through you. Just being open to the light will allow you to experience and decipher its energy, purpose and intentions. Invoking the light each day will support your growth and understanding of the teachings held within the energy wave and how they may influence your reality and spiritual practices now and in the future.

Alternatively you may wish to say this invocation out loud during a peaceful state of existence,

‘Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, my beloved guides and the Creator, I call upon your protection, support and love now and ask you to align me on a new higher vibration to the soul of the Creator as well as the soul of Mother Earth.

Please allow me to be receptive and open to the loving and inspirational energies I am about to receive. I ask that you now anchor into my entire being the new energy wave of 2010. Let me experience this sacred energy holding wonderful intentions from the Creator’s soul pouring through and merging with my being. Assist me in perceiving and understanding the  teachings of the new energy wave with ease. Thank you.’

Simply feel the energy flowing as a beam of light down the centre of your being and into the Earth. Let this energy build as a core of strength within you emanating brightly into your entire being. Your body will begin to maintain and hold the light within your being while you experience the continuous and constant flow of energy through your being.

Allow the light to build in your heart and soul connecting with your mind to bring about a loving mindfulness where your thoughts are influenced by your heart and you are able to manifest loving experiences for yourself and the Earth. This is one of the energy wave’s teachings to adopt a loving mindfulness that allows you to work with Mother Earth to create and magnify the energy of love on the Earth through your thoughts.

The energy wave teaches all to take greater attention and care of the Earth, to listen to the Earth, to focus upon healing the Earth and blending your energies with the Earth’s vibration to achieve a powerful unity. The Creator asks you to listen to the needs of the Earth and to offer your services and thoughts of healing and love to manifest the divine will of the Creator and Mother Earth on the Earth. There is a need to  respect the sacred energy that the nature kingdoms and spirits hold, realising the wealth of ancient knowledge and abilities they can share with us.

When we begin to work with the Earth we will see the beauty of the Creator and discover more about ourselves as the Creator. A new found respect for the Earth will allow the Earth to support the growth of humanity and manifest a haven of love for true unity with the
Creator to take place. Listening to the Earth allows you to remain truly balanced in times of change, receiving essential information and insights when needed. If humanity begins to value the Earth, with a greater unity to the Earth, humanity will magnify the Earth’s energy as the Earth magnifies humanity’s energies.

Additional teachings of the new energy wave of 2010 are the ability to understand, accept and build your abilities of connection and communication, manifesting the presence of simplicity in your reality and actions as well as listening with a greater concentrated attention. These teachings will be discussed in greater depth next week.

It is essential now that you draw upon your own inner guidance and power to discover the personal  meaning of the new energy wave for you as a soul on the Earth.

May you enjoy the greater presence of the Creator and the Creator’s intentions in your life now,

Archangel Sandalphon

Natalie Glasson,    

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  1. Annette Kohn-Lau permalink
    October 7, 2010 7:59 am

    Did you delete the Chemtrail post?

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