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Enlightened Business Summit, Oct. 25-29, 2010

October 6, 2010

My own predilections don’t lean in the direction of business and so I can easily overlook the fact that business is also transforming, along with the rest of society.

So to give attention to the r[apid]evolution that is happening in business, I post the Shift Network’s Stephen Dinan’s invitation to the Enlightened Business Summit, happening Oct. 25-29, billed as “a free five-day teleseminar.”

The Enlightened Business Summit

I am excited to invite you to The Enlightened Business Summit, our next major event that features top CEOs, NY Times bestselling authors, pioneering entrepreneurs, and provocateurs – all for free!

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The Summit includes access to the wisdom of leaders such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, John Mackey, George Zimmer, Christine Comaford Lynch, Tony Schwartz, Roxanne Emmerich, Stephen M. Covey, and Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi.

I believe that conscious capitalism can be an incredibly powerful engine for good on our planet, which is why we decided to launch this Summit.

To make business truly transformational, though, we need a great guidebook and wise advisors. Most of us have been raised in a war-zone approach to business that actually doesn’t work very well – it leads to unhappy employees, uncreative teams, burned out leaders, and stagnant sales. The recent financial meltdown has forced companies to get far more creative in harnessing the best science, insights, and wisdom for creating businesses that liberate our full creative potential and truly succeed–on all levels.

That’s why this event can be so valuable for you and your organization – it gives you unprecedented access to world-class advisors for transforming the way we all do business, leading to sustainable success.

You can participate live on as many calls as you like and interact with both the featured leaders and other participants via a state-of-the-art MaestroConference platform, which will connect you to participants from around the world.

The Enlightened Business Summit runs from Oct. 25-29th as a free offering from The Shift Network and it will be hosted by Chip Conley, author of Peak and one of the most popular speakers at this year’s TED conference. Chip is a true gem of a human being, running his 3000-person company with a sincere commitment to the betterment of  employees and the world. You’ll love him.

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Please do share this invitation with friends and allies and your business networks – all are welcome to participate.

Stephen Dinan
CEO, The Shift Network

P.S. The Enlightened Business Summit gives you personal access to the following inspiring leaders: Tony Hsieh, John Mackey, Tim Ferriss, George Zimmer, Roxanne Emmerich, Tony Schwartz, Priya Haji, Stephen M. Covey, Christine Comaford-Lynch, Keith Ferrazzi, Bill George, Hazel Henderson, Tim Sanders, Casey Sheahan , Vicki Robin, Mihaly (Mike) Csikszentmihalyi, Sarano Kelley, Shai Agassi, Ping Fu, Lance Secretan, Tami Simon, Randy Komisar, Chip Conley, Juanita Brown, Richard Barrett, Lisa Nirell, Srikumar Rao, Bo Burlingham, Paul Spiegelman, Bettie Spruill, Marcia Wieder, Alan Gregerman, Kellie McElhaney, Chester Elton, Monika Broecker, Ari Weinzweig, Ahmed Rahim, Jeff Hayzlett, Simon Sinek.

Series Co-sponsors:

The Shift Network, Joie de Vivre, Ode, Social Venture Network, LOHAS, MaestroConference, Berrett-Koehler Publications, Conscious Capitalism Institute, Small Giants Community, Elite Resorts and Spas, Rypple, The Shift Movie, The World Cafe, Presidio School of Management, World Business Academy.

More about The Enlightened Business Summit:

Business can be a powerful engine for innovation and growth on all levels – personal, economic, and societal. What often is lacking, though, is a deeper understanding of how to marry enlightened values and the bottom line, as well as how to liberate the full potential of employees, customers, and even investors.

We don’t have to choose between inspired employees and sizable profits. Great companies aspire to create both – and in the process create great places to work.

That’s why we’ve created the Enlightened Business Summit. Never before has such an impressive collection of thought leaders come together in a global telesummit to show how business can move from being only about transactions to being about transformation.

We have gathered well-known CEOs, academics, New York Times bestselling authors, TED speakers, and provocateurs to create a rich exploration of how business can make the world a better place in the 21st century.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a long-time small business owner, a leader in a large company, or just someone interested in learning more about the cutting edge of business thinking in 2010, we know you’ll find our star-studded teaching roster educational and inspiring, leaving you with many practical ideas you can implement immediately.

Here’s just a sample of topics/questions our speakers will cover:

  • What defines Enlightened Leadership today and how do you create an organization that incubates enlightened leadership?
  • How do you create a successful Corporate Culture and sustain it during a downturn or when you’re growing quickly?
  • What makes for a healthy Workplace Psychology and how can you improve the “psycho-hygiene” in your business?
  • What are the best tips toward creating an organization with Triple Bottom-Line Values?
  • How do you Make Change in a Big Organization, whether it be a for-profit, non-profit, or even the government?
  • How are lifestyle tastes changing and how can you help create a Self-Actualized Customer Experience?
  • Are there plentiful Enlightened Investors out there and how do you identify them?

Not only will you have free access to top thought leaders. We’ll also harness MaestroConference’s teleseminar technology to allow you to meet, dialogue and network with other participants.

First Name:
We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.

Chip Conley, founder of the U.S.’s second largest boutique hotel company and a 2010 speaker at the TED conference, will be the host and moderator, ensuring the daily events are dynamic, entertaining, and valuable.

Join us to make your life, business, and our world better through the best ideas from the frontiers of conscious capitalism!

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