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Wanting, Waiting, Longing, Loving

October 5, 2010

So many people are expressing their tiredness of wanting and waiting and yet the need to wait seems to go on.

What we may fail to realize is that the whole of life is set up, purposely designed, around a model of wanting, waiting and longing and that what we need to do with it – though I speak as someone who has not completely done this but only sees it dimly – is to convert it to loving.

The very act of descending into Third-Density reality entails cutting ourselves off from All That Is. It’s an act of separation and polarization.

This reality’s basis is the experience of ourselves as something apart from something else, an act which challenges and puts barriers in the way of love.

Now we have, evidently, plumbed that experience and are taking our first steps to return to unity with All That Is. And we are wanting that experience and waiting.

This is the lowest point in the sacred arc that moves away from God and returns to Him/Her/It.

From now on we grow in our experience of unity – and love.

The Architect of Life has furnished us with a mechanism that keeps us moving towards Him, which I’ve described elsewhere as a “longing for liberation.” (1) It’s a subsensible thirst for God, a yearning which we try to fill with possessions and experiences but which can only be filled by God.

That mechanism is built-in to all of life and keeps it moving back to Him.

From all I’ve read and experienced the only escape from longing itself lies in loving God. Loving engages the Law of Attraction, another design feature of life, in a wholesome and rewarding way. Fearing trips it in an unwholesome and unrewarding way. Either love or fear brings the object of our attention to us.

I suppose we could fear God and bring Him to us, but I’d think that the God brought near would be a fearsome projection of our own imaginations.

Let’s do as Chris said and “lose wait.” The wholesome way out of wanting, waiting, and longing, it seems to me, is to love God.

If we can remind ourselves that all things we want, for which we’re waiting and longing, are insufficient, except that one “thing” – God – if we can immerse all feelings of wanting, waiting, and longing in the love of God, I believe that all our difficulties will disappear.

I shall be experimenting with my own remedy myself. I too am trapped in wanting, waiting, and longing.

My hypothesis in saying this, unenlightened mortal that I am, is that love is both means and end, destination and journey, mechanism and reward.

If I want love, I get love. If I get it, I get my reward. In the course of getting my reward, I get the taste of God. In the course of getting a taste of Him, I realize Him. That’s my belief about the situation, starting out.

So, with these new powers of co-creatorship that we’ve been hearing so much about, let me create only love, which fills in emptying, rewards in being sought. Let me love God and the God in all of us only. Let me wait, want, and long for love. Love is the only thing that satisfies all three.

If you are wanting, waiting, or longing, and feeling oppressed, I suggest you love. Join me in the experiment and see whether that transforms a situation which now oppresses us into one that rewards. Evidently, from here on in, our only work is to lose our chains.


(1) On the longing for liberation, see “The Longing for Liberation,” at, Saul, “An Inextinguishable Flame to Light Your Way Home,” at, and Saul, “You Will Once Again be Glorious Fully-Conscious Beings,” at

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  1. Fay permalink
    October 5, 2010 11:01 pm

    I agree that LOVE is the answer.

    Wanting, waiting, and longing, seems to be looking outside of ourselves for an answer. Perhaps expecting something to transpire in the future to fill this need.

    Is loving God something that we are looking for outside of ourselves? Is God separate from us? Does God even need to be part of the equation – unless God is Love? But are we then just loving Love?

    Actually is seems to be quite simple. We are human ‘beings’ – BE LOVE – or in other words, go within, or go without.

  2. philavox permalink
    October 5, 2010 3:27 pm

    Steve, I love your suggestions.

    I wonder: to the extent we release ourselves from waiting by returning to the present as the site of love, could it be we also free ourselves to then be able to wait playfully, and even to wait with gusto — but without that waiting being any kind of substitute for our innate inherence in the field of love we are?

    I mean, after all, we are facing some pretty heady possibilities at this time as a people, and as a world. This existential dimension of life remains very much part of the field of time, and as such, some waiting may be appropriate. But to the extent my or your waiting takes us away from our center of being and inherent aliveness, to that degree it may hurt rather than help; distract rather than balance…

    Not offering any conclusions here…just thinking out loud in dialog with your ideas.

    – Chris

  3. October 5, 2010 1:29 pm

    Dear Steve and fellow ascendants,

    I had a strong, strong longing for God, for awakening, for liberation. In about 2003, I think, I was enveloped in Light and Presence and joy, and the mind, usually talking away in my head, was off about 4 yards to my right, and up a bit, like a motel tv mounted up high and out of the way. The mind keep talking, but I was usually able to ignore it, due to it’s distance, and due to the great pleasure I was experiencing with the Light and the strong and beautiful Divine Presence.

    Longing disappeared in the fire of awakening. Two and a half weeks later, the mind returned to it’s old place in my head. I came up with some simple processes to pull myself, and later others, back into Presence and Oneness, even with the mind chattering away.

    This is really, really simple. We experience life, all of life, all of our 5 senses, as sensations in our physical bodies. We call some groups of sensations anger, another fear, another sadness, grief, another joy. What they all have in common, the bottom line of all, is physical sensations which arise and leave.

    So to imitate how I went into that state of enlightenment, scan the sensations in your body, from the top of your head, thru your arms, legs, head (front, back, inside), neck, chest, each leg and foot, one by one.

    And to each thought that comes, approximately one a second, say to it, “Not now,” and return to focusing on the sensations in your body, any sensation (not the chakras, for you psychic ones, the physical body!).

    Any thought, “not now,” and make the mind scan your body. Continue this for 5-10 minutes, and you may begin feeling Divine Presence more and more. The mind gets bored and will let go eventually, often in just a few minutes.

    I wrote a four chapter awakening book, to explain this simple process and a few others.
    It is on my website, and called “Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed!” Poems and observations I wrote during the 2 1/2 weeks without the mind are called “Awakening To Our Oneness” on that site.

  4. June permalink
    October 5, 2010 12:28 pm

    Thank you.

  5. Vendo permalink
    October 5, 2010 7:39 am

    Fine piece, Steve. I would only add that we certainly have no longing greater than the longing for God, but we may also be longing for something else as well. We are after all still flesh and blood, and Spirit may influence us to do yet more flesh and blood things in the spirit of love and discovery.

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