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Chris Looks at Third Episode of “The Event”

October 5, 2010

Chris expresses his willingness to give his analysis of “The Event,” and its relevance to the current state of public opinion, disclosure, etc.  He supplies the viewing notes and his comments in square brackets,

I’m game if Chris wishes to take up the work.

‘The Event’ – Episode 3: “Protect Them from the Truth” Viewing Notes

Please Note:  The general tone of my thinking is based on the ongoing presumption that ‘The Event’ remains very much a disclosure-positive miniseries, rather than a distraction from disclosure. That said, I do engage in some internal debating of the true purpose and integrity of ‘The Event’, as I have no interest in holding a one-sided position in relation to it merely in order to be right. Instead, I merely follow my own intuitive lead, giving it voice as moved, and otherwise just thinking out loud. I would encourage others to do the same for themselves, as in the end, I am completely uncertain about the ultimate purpose of ‘The Event.’

My personal reflections are offered in brackets….

[Opening Question: Could the shifting obscurity of plot in ‘The Event’ be a device that allows this miniseries to make it to prime-time? Or is `The Event’ indeed just another distraction from the truth, in this case in the form of a mirror that deflects our attention from the real truth about the subject that it sensationalizes?]

[Towards the angle that `The Event’ remains very much a relevant mini-series in service to disclosure, note the title of Episode 3: “Protect Them from the Truth.” This epitomizes the character of the U.S. shadow government that would keep the subject of E.T.’s hidden from the public, both in `The Event’ and in real life.]

3:15 Sean Walker & FBI agents are plowed into by an RV after being turned back by a state officer near the site where Avias Air Flight #514 landed in the desert. Sean saves the woman agent (Claire) before her car is engulfed in flames. He drives her to a motel in the officer’s police car and dresses her wounds while she remains unconscious.

7:22 Vicki Roberts (an alias…later identified as Erica Bartlett) is identified by Sean as the kidnapper of his girlfriend, using Claire’s computer while Claire was unconscious.

9:40 Upon waking, Claire accesses her phone after Sean appears to leave the motel, and she calls FBI for help. Sean hears the conversation behind the door, where he is hiding.

10:37 Blake Sterling (creepy aid to President) is visited by the Vice President who says: “There were only a handful of us who knew that the president was about to announce to the public the presence of the 97 at Mount Inostranka [Alaskan detention facility].” The Vice President then asks Blake: “Who investigates the investigator?” Notable tension between the two.

[Essential information provided here between the moral difference b/t both The President and the Vice President…and Blake and Blake’s black government operatives.]

11:35: Blake reviewing airline crash with the President, briefing the government’s PR strategy about the apparently dead passangers.

Blake: “Our responsibility is to protect the American public as a whole.”

President: “Protect them…from the truth?”

Blake: “We don’t have a choice, not when the truth…is that we have been infiltrated by an unknown number of non-humans who possess devastating technological power that we have no defense against, and who just murdered a plane-full of people.”

President: “You’re assuming they were murdered. Could the deaths have the result of whatever process transported the plane here?”

Agent Lee shares his observations that the airline passengers appear to have been killed while trying to flee from a threat on the ground.

President: “Whoever did this, I want them found.”

13:40 Blake suggests the investigation process will take up valuable time, but that Sophia could divulge information…if the President agrees to her being tortured. (Agent Lee is shown hearing this suggestion, with eyebrows raised behind his sunglasses.) President responds: “I will not condone the use of torture.”

[This response delineates the moral difference between Obama and Bush.]

14:00 President and Sophia in interrogation chamber. Shows her photographs of 183 dead plane passengers.

Sophia: “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

President insists she help bring perpetrators to justice; Sophia does not divulge her thoughts in response. President threatens to release Alaskan E.T. hostages if they divulge truth against Sophia’s insistence that they can’t and mustn’t. Sophia does not share her thinking; President takes this as avoidance and protectionism of perceived potential E.T. murderers.

[Here, two different perceptions are portrayed simultaneously; the viewer left to weigh the truth between them. Again, this is a call to participation at the level of contextual intuition and ethical feeling.]

16:25 At Mount Inostranka, “William” (an E.T. detainee) offers to tell the President “everything”.

17:00 Special forces find Claire (FBI officer) at motel; Sean has fled scene.

18:00 Sean climbs out of trunk of FBI car Claire rode back to UMA field office in. Avias Airline downed Flight #514 shows up on television; Claire notes correspondence with Sean’s story.

20:00 Sean accesses FBI intranet on Claire’s laptop to pull up information about his girlfriend Leila.

20:20: Sean’s girlfriend (Leila Buchanan) tied up in back of van driven by kidnapper (“Vickie Roberts”). Van pulled over by police for a broken tail light. Officer asks her to open the back. She shoots officer dead; body dumped in back of van.

Jump-cut: Claire and FBI arrest Sean the moment Leila’s information is pulled up on computer.

24:00 Blake meets William (E.T. confidante) in a hotel room. William insists on the conditions of his freedom for telling Blake who killed Flight #514 passengers: money, a safe house, and his girlfriend, Maya (aka “detainee #31”).

26:11: Flashback to November 2nd, 1944: Brooks Mountain Range, Alaska at site of burning crash (of UFO?). Sophia does not allow William to follow Thomas: Maya agrees to stay with William (and risk arrest). [All characters appear no less younger than current day.]

27:40: William offers to tell Blake why E.T.’s are here and “how to stop them…before it’s too late.”

28:08: President is viewing William (E.T.) on a remote cam. President authorizes Blake to “give him what he wants.”

[What `The Event’ may be doing is training the public to appreciate the complexities of power behind the cover-up to-date of the true reality of E.T. presence on Earth.]

28:50: Agent Lee and Sophia discuss William’s betrayal of E.T. group. Sohpia to Agent Lee: “You’ll have to deal with him harshly.”

29:50: Blake reviews recovered black box recording of Flight #541 with Justin, in which Sean Walker is heard discussing plan to crash plane.

31:20: Claire briefs colleague on identity of ‘Vickie Roberts’, aka Erica Bartlett, who was connected to NSA as an underground operative. They then discuss how Flight #514 was systematically not tracked by any FAA operative at the time of its crash.

[What is shown here is the operational boundary between the CIA and the FBI.]

[Thought: possible parallel b/t Alaska detainee facility…and Guantanamo; and b/t Flight 514 and WTC as an inside job.]

32:00 Sean Walker cleared for transfer from Washington Field Office by menacing Agents that suddenly pull up. Claire clearly suspicious ethical violation is afoot.

[Claire = “clear”?]

33:00 Agents shoot Claire’s colleague dead; attempt to kill Claire and Sean.

[Agents resemble Agent Smith from The Matrix – one of them is later referred to as “Agent Smith” by Claire.]

34:00 Erica Bartlett parks van at port shipping company. Erica holds Leila (Sean’s girlfriend) inside a shipping container; verbal stand-off before Leila stabs Erica with her own police badge. Erica pushes Leila to ground and locks her in shipping container.

35:44 Claire shoots Agent dead who is about to shoot Sean.

[Apparent smoke & mirrors quality of Episode 3 may itself be a reflection of smoke & mirrors still operative at this moment at large in the Media War. Last Monday was a watershed day of information: notice how Episode 2 seemed to reflect a concrete disclosure scenario in the plot of ‘The Event.’ Then notice how this week, there is a deafening silence by comparison, both at large, and in ‘The Event.’ This may be more than coincidental…or not. ]

36:18 Sean returns the favor by clubbing unconscious last armed Agent ready to shoot Claire.

37:00 Claire and Sean drive away from FBI facility.

37:15: Maya returned to William in hotel room. She asks him how he managed to make their reunion possible: “What did you tell them?”

William: “I haven’t told them anything yet. I wanted to make sure they kept their promise first.”

Maya: “That was smart.”

38:50: Maya stabs William, then sincerely says she is sorry as he dies. [Clearly she is not okay with his betrayal of her people for self-gain, willing to kill her loved one in order to protect the greater good.]

39:50 Erica Bartlett opens storage container to meet a screaming Leila with a gun to the head. Erica then answers cell phone to fellow Agent who tells her Sean escaped. Erica is told they still need Erica (alive), since Sean is starting to connect the dots and has escaped their assassination attempt.

41:08 – @ Temporary Morgue for Flight #514 victims: One of the passenger opens her eyes, to alarm of security guard. Other passengers similarly come to life. They all come back to life. Security guard: “I need somebody down here…everyone’s waking! They’re all waking up!!”

[That last line is key. Amidst the manic power-shuffle, the innocent public supposedly killed after Flight #514 went down all wake up. Could these passengers represent We The People? The overall tone of Episode 3 remains one of the fundamental integrity of the detained E.T.’s and their mission on Earth, amidst the murderous assault upon the truth by the covert underground arm of the U.S. government. Indeed, what could be more true to life at this precarious moment in time?]

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