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Jill Bolte-Taylor on Processing Upsets

October 4, 2010

I mentioned earlier that the number of people who are putting out a process of clearing vasanas (habitual reaction patterns) based on being with the upset and observing it just keeps growing. My good friend, Ed, came over this evening with a new tape from Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor where she also now describes that process.

Jill is a neuroanatomist who had a stroke and observed its onset, achieving an extraordinary level of enlightenment in the process. Her left brain shut down, leaving her in her right hemisphere and Nirvana. Her “Stroke of Insight” is available at:

Remarkably, or perhaps not, Jill was still subject to upsets (1)  and so she went on from her experience to develop a means of clearing them. I mentioned earlier that enlightenment does not necessarily result in the elimination of our vasanas.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to import an .mp3 file into WordPress so I have to refer you to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) site where the file resides. The main site is:

The .mp3 file resides at:

If you have limited time, just listen to the last fifteen minutes.

Why is this of interest? Well, when the main events start happening, you can bet your boots we’ll be triggered. We’ll then need a manner of processing upsets. The process I call “being with and observing” is a good one and it would be well to begin practicing it early.

Now here comes Jill describing it.


(1) That says that she didn’t reach sahaja or permanent samadhi, like, say, Adyashanti or Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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