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Chris: Clawing at the Grass for Brakes

October 4, 2010

Chris gives up lunch to write.

I’m a great fan of Chris’s. Chris speculates here on 10/10/10. As background, our sources have said that the energies on the planet are being increased gradually and gently. 10/01/01 is said to be another occasion for an increase.

Clawing at Grass for Brakes

Monday, October 04, 2010

Last Monday was such a watershed news day that by day’s end I positively was electrified with a palapable sense of disclosure in the air.

Admittedly to my chagrin, the rest of the week proved to be thin soup by comparison — to the point where by week’s end I wondered if Monday had made much difference at all, or if it had just been another proverbial “blip” upon the sea of cacophonous information we surf together. (I especially wondered this in light of ‘business as usual’ following October 1st, when flying rumors suggested there could be a big bank holiday, accompanied by a grand economic shift; neither of which have yet occurred.)

The weekend however gave me exactly the shot in the arm I needed to lift my chagrin and set my vision on the horizon of current events afresh — all beginning with a dream:

Early Sunday morning I dreampt I was running (a favorite form of exercise in my daily life). Only in my dream, I was running at about 60 mph, completely effortlessly. In my dream, this was a new development – so much so that I didn’t know how to slow myself down except by leaping into the air, turning 180 degrees and clawing at the grass to bring myself to a stop.

Upon waking from this brief and amusing dream, I found myself suffused in what I call “the grog”: a state of deep bliss I often wake up in when sleeping in on weekends. Only in this case, “the grog” was accompanied by electrical sensations of pulsing light streaming through my veins. “Intense…” I said to myself, upon waking.

Of course, I didn’t read the signs in front of my eyes that this was going to be a potentially doozy of a day. And a doozy it was. (A real bona-fide Laura Gorgo “Ass Over Teacup” kind of day, I daresay.) Upon lifting my body from its bliss-grog, I found myself so sensitized at such a deep level by my touch-sensitive state that I found every little noise and interruption that morning to be a nerve-wracking assault on my very well-being. After several rounds of inner complaining and growing torment, I remembered to convert my stress into energy by going for — you guessed it! — a run.

Although I didn’t reach 60 mph, I did find myself running twice the distance I normally do, and noticed I could easily go twice as far still. Not wanting to strain my body, I headed home, feeling amazingly clear and light. A bit later in the day, however, my case of ‘energy nerves’ returned — so much so that I had to suddenly mow the lawn to stave them off, followed by a round of weights training (which, like my morning run, was twice as long as I normally do).

By nightfall, it dawned on my that there might indeed be a connection between my running dream, my electrified waking bliss-grog, my deepened, dramatic level of energetic irritability, followed by my endless reserves of energy for exercise.

I then realized that in a week it will be 10/10/10, and I suspected that, per usual, I was feeling nothing but the edge of that energy wave a week in advance.

Now how I usually process such waves is that they touch me at a depth where I am inherently as-yet untouched and unintegrated. A rapid falling apart in my interior being is thus the consequent result, requiring much in the way of quite intentional self-soothing and self-holding just to keep from floundering in a puddle of nerves and tears.

Then, as if my magic, by day’s end, all is well, the integration phase apparently complete, and the week begins, with me feeling that “clean cut” feeling that is the result of such energetic deep-sea diving the day before.

Only now does it occur to me that not only is 10/10/10 the likely suspect of my sudden exposure to new energy: we are also less than a month out from the end of the final galactic underworld (the 6th), according to Calleman’s reading of the Mayan Calendar:

Taking Calleman and 10/10/10 together, I now see last Monday’s news watershed as — rather than a blip — being nothing less than a foretaste of the avalanche of news, events and energies that are readying themselves to be unleashed across the collective at precisely this moment in time.

The deafening silence we are now in following last Monday’s floodgate-taste-spoon is, I suspect, very, very temporary — even worth enjoying, if you will (at least since we cannot change it).

My personal take-away from this past weekend’s energy download is that it is time to be ready for an acceleration in my embodied being — one so deep and thorough that I will have to learn how to find out where the brakes are; i.e., how to regulate this massive input of turbo-powered cosmic fuel that will come rushing through us in very short order…and perhaps not letting up once it does.

Hands at the wheel, ready for anything…


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