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Can Illness Be Caused by Major Reactive Patterns?

October 3, 2010

Can illness be caused by major reactive patterns? And can illness be part of the universe’s message to us that we need to flatten a reactive pattern?

Last year I was sick for approximately six months with colitis. It took several months to diagnose. It involved food allergies and other things as well.

This year I seem to be inviting a major illness from a sleep-deprivation pattern.

But when I look deeper I see a major habitual, reactive pattern, which Vedantists call a “vasana,” underneath both illnesses.

Is illness the universe’s way of telling us to handle our patterns?

I see a pattern throughout my life of overworking myself and watching helplessly as my health declines. Finally some major illness occurs and I’m forced to take a rest.

The vasana or habit pattern is that I’m trying to prove to a critical father that I’m not lazy.

Sixty-three years old and still playing with childhood records! Hmmm, I think you could safely call this a racket.

This is the first time I’ve become aware of where I’m headed and the first time I’ve seen an illness as involving rackets and vasanas. I intend to use the clearing process on it and see if I can turn the situation around before I create a major disaster for myself.

I was writing one of you and noticed that I took a certain stance on this issue of sleep deprivation. I was getting whiney.

I had a good night’s sleep two nights ago but last night I got only two hours sleep again and I’m ready to keel over from the impact of it.

The stance I took was that I was powerless to do anything about the situation. Like a train headed for disaster, I could only follow the track.

But this time I’m not prepared to act out a vasana. I intend not to get sick.

I also intend not to resist what’s happening. When I do, the ill effects of the situation are multiplied.

So why am I discussing this? Because I plan to ease up on the amount I publish.  I think I’ve proven to my father dozens of times over that I’m not lazy. Dad isn’t even around any longer and still I go on proving it. Hey, Dad, pretty silly, huh?

Enough is enough. A vasana is a vasana, no matter how good some of its effects are for me or for others. Any automatic behavior turns a person, in the end, into a robot.

The most important thing for me right now is to complete this pattern. I’m not sure what it will take or what it’ll look like. But I don’t intend to lose my health once again and be of no use to anyone, including myself. Not wishing to be disrespectful or inconsiderate, but I intend to rest up over here and take it easy. Yes, indeed, I may even take a holiday. Be unpredictable. Put my feet up. Just veg.

I’ve always assumed that illness arises because of some physical weakness, ailment, karma, etc. But I’ve never approached it as something I’m doing to myself out of an unconscious repetition of patterned behavior. I’m tired of behaving like a robot. I want the human being underneath the patterns to emerge.

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  1. Rebecca permalink
    October 4, 2010 1:09 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I don’t want to throw you off your game nor am I saying you don’t see the bottom of your issue, but it could be possible it’s not a vasana or reactive pattern either. I personally, as well as professionally, work from what could be called the ‘top down’ approach to figuring out what’s going on using essences and energy kinesiology to decode myself or support someone else decoding for themselves. EFT is useful for this as well.

    Dr. Edward Bach’s work with flower essences (Heal Thyself and The Twelve Healers are two of his books) demonstrate this position that illness comes from a lack of harmony or a disconnect or contradiction between the soul and the personality. He posited that it was first a spiritual issue and then progressed to a mental attitude with emotional symptoms.

    What I have found in working with the essences as well as other types of energy medicine is that if the issue has moved from spiritual to a mental-emotional place and doesn’t get fully resolved, it will progress to the body. If it persists there then it’s a stubborn issue. It may well be a pattern but …as one of your other article headline says “we’re seldom upset for the reason we think” and sometimes people will jump over re-evaluation when it seems to be presenting what they’ve already decided it to be. I’ve seen this often with people who have an aspect of themselves resisting, as you mentioned, but also for people with a deeper aspect trying to present, myself included. Sometimes it’s as though we have to look again and again even though it ‘seems’ the same because the soul says there is still a small sliver trying to fester. This is where the metaphor of the onion layers comes in–peeling each layer back with fresh openness to get down to the core.

    Again…I’m not saying that’s you but just offering some more perspective. I’ve found flower essences, Bach’s especially, to be quite effective in helping with the emotions that trail these presentations both to bring balance as well as revelation. It’s subtle work. I would say it’s not the universe trying to tell you anything, it’s your own soul trying to get on the same page as your mind and personality.

    • October 4, 2010 4:44 pm

      Interesting what you say, Rebecca. When I was sick with “colitis” last year, I found myself correcting one issue after another. First it was diagnosed as a food allergy and we corrected that. But the condition persisted. Then it was a problem in food combining and we corrected that, but the condition persisted. Then it was colitis and we took aim at that. But many symptoms persisted. Then it became a problem with a non-benzo sleeping pill that I had been taking for years. When we corrected that, finally all the symptoms stopped. Another diagnostician said it was stress, by the way.

      But I’m not sure how to work with essences and energy kinesiology. I may need a few more words. Thanks for your insights.



  2. Robin. permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:27 am

    ‘Visualisation’ is also a VERY powerful ‘tool’ in self healing.

    If you can locate a specific area of your body that is ‘tired’ (Yes.. I know it probably feels like the whole lot!),
    then visualise Golden Light being pumped by your conscious awareness into that place!


    As we become ‘Homo Luminous’.. so we work with our new medicine-tool of Luminosity.

    In Light.

  3. Annette Kohn-Lau permalink
    October 4, 2010 8:25 am

    Nurture the adrenals. I think we are burning them up quickly with all the adjustments our bodies are making for the new energies. Glad Peacemaker will be helping you……. I have found that my body is needing HUGE amounts of B vitamins (especially Riboflavin and B6) as well as magnesium…….and lots of downtime and QUIET. I think I could really use more bodywork, but finding it harder to connect with just the right people…….there are some very cool homeopathies out there for balancing hormones…..check out Dr. Theresa Dale……here is a link to her page on hormone homeopathies….

  4. Anara Brinmere permalink
    October 4, 2010 7:45 am

    Hi Steve– you might try squeezing lemon into your water. It is acidic until it reaches the body, and then becomes alkaline. A chemistry thing. You can also look on line to discover what foods are alkaline and which are acidic, and determine from there.
    Years ago I was told (don’t remember who I was channeling then) that my ego was a puppet. Same as your robot. The ego is the thing that gets caught up in reacting. I’m also going to look deeply into why I’ve been taking so long to come out of the effects of a short term virus — I got an instant clue — now to “work” it thru. Blessings — and thanks so much for the work you do. You more than deserve a break. Tell your dad bye-bye maybe — that part of him.

  5. October 4, 2010 4:51 am

    Dear Steve,

    I am a certified Natural Health Professional, and I’m studying to become a N.D.,
    I have been trained to understand the body’s functions. It’s so important that you get to bed around 10:00 p.m. This is because the body goes through a cycle during the night of cleansing and it gets rid of toxins that would normally lodge themselves in the colon. I can mail you a cycle list if you send an address for it.

    I drink alkalinized water to clean my colon, for acidic toxic waste, and I do not drink pop or processed bottled water (two of the highest acid-forming drinks on the planet), I drink green tea, it is highly alkaline.

    I bought a life-science water filtering and charging system from this company. You might want to research it for your self.

    They are used in Japan in hospitals and private homes, Japan has outlawed Dasani and Coke and Pepsi products from their markets.

    I think keeping the body and mind healthy is very important to a clear consciousness. With unfiltered minds, we become stagnant, and lazy, and the flow of energy does not work very good. They also taught us that pain is caused from damage to the body’s electrical currents.

    I have other things too, that help keep healthy electrical energy currents flowing in and through us.


    • October 4, 2010 5:36 am

      Thanks, Peacemaker. I sent you my address. I did by chance get to bed at 10 last night and will do that now as a regular occurrence. I slept seven hours, which is great, but I did it by using a strong sleep medication that is addictive. I’ll need to replace that to be successful in the long-term.

      At present I’m taking melatonin, gaba, tincture of hops, and magnesium. But together they don’t provide the wallop needed to overcome my loss of hormones as I age – which I’m led to believe is what’s keeping me awake, I can’t eliminate bottled water from my diet and my living arrangements do not allow a filter on my water system. So I’ll have to find a way around that.

      Send me all you’ve got. I’m going to lick this one.



  6. Oompadda permalink
    October 3, 2010 10:51 pm

    Having gone through a very similar cycle quite a while back, I know the feeling. I was so busy at work and doing for others and ignoring the self,I finaly decided to make a complete break (my boss was not happy), I let those near and dear to me know that is was signing out for a while, ended up taking a 2 month sabbatical (did not go anywhere in the physical sense) the time was spent in meditation and rediscovering who I was. The first few weeks were the hardest, ever since that time I have been at peace with both myself and my maker, I have been Astral traveling for most of my adult life (was clinically dead for 42 min. back in 1959 when the OBE’s started), up until the break I never knew when or where I would take go, I had no control. It was during the break that I learnt how to control the when and where. Life is wonderful things are coming together for mankind, I am now retired but busier than ever (poor as a church mouse but far richer than Bill Gates will ever be).
    Heal thyself brother, we can wait. rest assured youare of the Light.
    Peace and Love

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