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Banks Foreclose on Homes They Don’t Own

October 3, 2010

Document mills, phoney signatures, courts that refuse to believe that a high level of fraud exists – systematized fraud and rampant lawlessness has hit the mortgage business.

“We are approaching a point where the easiest way to make a buck is to steal it,” Congressman Alan Grayson says of foreclosure fraud, and cites examples where people who didn’t even have mortgages were foreclosed upon. Thanks to Jill.

Here is a second CNN video related to the problem.

The Youtube write-up accompanying the first video:

Find out who the owner of your mortgage is. You have a right to face your accuser in court. Demand the original mortgage note. Do not tolerate a lost note affidavit. If you need to foreclose do it. Stay as long as you can. Save as much as you can in the mean time. Wait for the Sheriff to give you the 24hr notice to leave. You may be able to stay after not paying the mortgage if the mortgage owner cannot be determined. MERS is a fraud!

The Banks received your tax dollars through bailouts. Why not try to get some of it back? Its your money.

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Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems(MERS)

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  1. Gunnar permalink
    October 3, 2010 6:54 am

    The easiest way to make bucks is to print them. Or as of today, type numbers into computers.

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