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Saul: You’ve Been Doing Lots of Preparatory Work

October 2, 2010

Oct. 2, 2010

As you know, because many channels have been telling you for quite some time, enormous changes in the way you live and experience life are shortly to occur.  You have been doing lots of preparatory work below the level of your conscious human awareness, and a very large number of you are now ready to embrace enthusiastically these, in your terms, amazing changes.

Your experiences of hardship and suffering have been intense and have been ongoing for far too long.  While you have been living those experiences in your physical bodies, other aspects of yourselves have been cooperatively planning, with great efficacy and competence, to build a new and magnificently hospitable environment through which you can depart from the illusion into your eternal Home.  It will be a kind of staging-post to enable you to adjust safely and comfortably to the realization that you are the beloved children of the sublime Intelligence that created you in Love to experience eternal bliss.

Many of you have been conditioned to believe in a fierce, judgmental god, who finds you sinful and unworthy of his affection, and who requires that you be harshly punished to cleanse you of the hideous marks and deformities with which your sins have stained you.  This collective belief in your unworthiness has been quite disastrous, as it has suggested to you that some of you are far more unworthy, in fact irredeemably so, than others, and this has encouraged you to compete against one another to prove that you do not belong to that class of irredeemable ones — the eternally damned.

This fiercely competitive holier-than-thou attitude, which people have frequently attempted, very ineffectively, to conceal beneath a cloak of false, pious spirituality, compassion, and “good works” fools no one, and those who engage in it often join together in groups attempting to convince themselves of their god-fearing righteousness while refuting their blatant hypocrisy, which is so obvious to others.

But God is Love, infinite, unconditional Love, and He judges no one.  He wants you to awaken and recognize your true beauty in the glory of eternal Oneness with Him — and so you will.  Those who have ingrained within themselves a sense of sinful unworthiness will indeed have it cleansed, not harshly by a critical and intolerant god, but by the soothing balm of unconditional, divine Love offered freely and indiscriminately to all in every moment.

The relief and untold happiness of all who have believed in their own unworthiness, and in the unworthiness of others, will be wondrous to behold, as the dark clouds of gloom, depression, and judgment, with the inevitable suffering that they contain, just dissipate to reveal the brilliant light of Reality.

Those who have judged and condemned and those who have been judged and condemned will once more know each other as beloved and inseparable sisters and brothers, at one with each other and with God, as the stress, anxiety, hate, and fear that have apparently controlled and driven them for so long dissolves with those dark clouds, leaving them in a state of peace and exhilaration which, at present, they cannot possibly imagine.

Your Father’s Love for you is infinite, boundless, all pervasive, and irresistible, and you will be uplifted into that state and enveloped therein for His and your everlasting ecstasy.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  1. Lynne Sorgen permalink
    October 3, 2010 1:47 pm

    Having just stated out loud this morning that “I am tired of not being ‘good enough'” to address that old and moldy feeling/thoughtform which was floating around, Saul’s words come as “the soothing balm of unconditional, divine Love offered freely and indiscriminately to all in every moment.”

  2. PeterW permalink
    October 3, 2010 3:09 am

    As ever, Saul’s words are the soothing balm

  3. Pleiaidan permalink
    October 3, 2010 2:28 am

    One of the best messages from Saul in ages! Love it!

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