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David Wilcock on Possible Plot to Kill Obama

October 1, 2010

Chris has brought to our attention a remarkable post by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford’s blogsite. David has contested Ben’s view of President Obama but has also shone the spotlight on what he feels to be a massive manipulation of the public designed to stoke racial hatred and provide a pretext for the assassination of Obama.  Thanks to Chris.

I’d like to draw attention to David’s comment as well that we “have to think like they do.” That thought, as you know, has occurred to me lately as well.  The exercise of thinking like the dark is odious and repulsive, but, if we don’t try to do it, we will not understand the way they operate.

David’s Post

Hang in there, Ben.

Whatever hate you get from the comments that follow, from those who don’t understand what’s really going on and expect guaranteed weekly fulfillment, is irrelevant.

I know what you’ve been through and the type of real danger you’re in. And I thank you for providing such a valuable service.

Everyone here should be grateful to have your insider perspective. You will be proven correct soon enough. There are so many correlations between what you post and what I hear from my own contacts that it is far more than a coincidence.

I’ll write my own description of something that is going on, and should be obvious, since we have nothing else to read here this week… yet. I authorize whomever reads this to re-post it and do not consider this as falling under Ben’s copyright — so please circulate it if you feel it helps.


I believe the evidence is very clear that Glenn Beck is being set up for martyrdom. By writing about this it may end up not happening, but it is extremely obvious that such a plan is in place at this time.

It was very, very audacious for Fox to put Beck out there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

The level of arrogance is so high, the potential outrage so great, that you can easily see this is another end-game maneuver the Republican / Rockefeller faction is making because they literally feel they have no choice.

Last year they tried to do the same thing by encouraging people to overthrow the government on July 4th — the original ‘Tea Party’. That didn’t work. They tried the 9/12 project to get it to happen after 9/11. That didn’t work.

Now they’ve spent months — and untold hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars — promoting this one event that just happened this weekend. And this time they actually got a decent amount of people to show up, some three hundred thousand or more, thanks to the incredible amount of premeditation and advertising that went into this.

Any time they put this much attention into something, they obviously see it as very, very important to their overall plans. Think about it.

They say it was only a ‘coincidence’ that Beck’s speech happened to be planned on the same day, in the same exact location, as Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Yet everyone, including their supporters, obviously knows this is not true.

Beck’s supporters are thus delighted by the fact that they get to trash Obama, and all blacks, in such a dramatic and mocking fashion and no one can do a damn thing about it. They have ‘plausible deniability’ — as if not one person at Fox would have ever noticed this date correlation and pointed it out. No one can honestly believe it was an accident — and that’s the point.

The right-wingers thus feel very inspired — like they can invade the most sacred ground of African Americans and trample on everything they care about. It is a massive, massive increase in the fight to stoke racial hatred, to get the people turned against each other rather than their oppressors.

A similar outrage on the sacred ground of another race was how Mount Rushmore was carved into a very sacred Native American mountain. The tactics have stayed the same all along.

The next stage of the plan is going to be mass disappointment. Everyone who participated, or who wished they participated, will be greatly disappointed by how little anything actually changes after this speech happens. Watch — it will unfold over the next week or two very clearly.

This is precisely what they are expected to feel. Ever-increasing indignation and rage. Blacks got civil rights and greater welfare benefits out of Martin Luther King’s campaign, (so the spin is supposed to make them think,) but now after Beck does it, they only seem to be losing, losing, losing more and more.

Remember the key behind the original event in the collective subconscious: King was MURDERED soon after this speech because he became too powerful. Beck is is being fit into a script that everyone already knows in their DNA.

Since this group is in its final death throes, it should be patently obvious that pumping Beck up to be the right-wing messiah, and then gunning him down and clearly blaming it on Obama (through false planted information just like 9/11) could be the stimulus they need to finally get their constituents literally up in arms in an attempt to overthrow their elected government.

That disappointment they all feel when nothing changes after Beck’s ‘historic speech’ turns into “Shock and Awe” when he is then killed — making him into the new right-wing Messiah, just as King was for African-Americans and many others.

Since Beck’s co-speaker was Palin, it is very obvious that this is meant to be seen as a Presidential-level event. The clear association is being made where Beck becomes the anti-Obama — his number one male opponent in the world, as McCain had been during the election.

Best of all — Obama is blamed for Beck’s death within a day or two, thanks to clearly planted evidence. This will involve, most likely, the use of a mind-controlled operative who will clearly do something that puts the thought in people’s minds. The operative may also suicide, so as not to tell any tales, while the trail of evidence clearly and immediately traces back to Obama.

This is all fabricated evidence, of course. The real planners are never seen.

I have said it before and I will say it again. One thing Ben’s sources have been consistently wrong about is Obama. The Pentagon guys have given Ben great intel on many things, but they themselves do not understand what’s really going on here. Or if they do, they’re not telling Ben.

I’ve heard some very shocking things I cannot say publicly, from highly credible insiders, that make it very clear no one wanted Obama to win, and he is under outrageous threats. Yet, the negative PR campaign in the conspiracy media has been so vast that many of the smartest people have not been able to figure this out.

After innumerable talks with the real people on the inside, one of the most consistent things I hear is that NO ONE wants Obama to be in office.

His cabinet is loaded with members of opposing factions, as are the rest of his administration. He has very few allies or friends. He cannot control many of the things that are happening, and he has been duped many times into supporting things that went against his own principles.

There have been many mistakes, and he has been forced to turn back on many of his own campaign promises. The only other choice he had was death — and obviously he is working on things that have not yet come to fruition, and that is probably the only reason why he hasn’t already been willing to die for his principles.

I also know for a fact, from more than one very well-placed insider, that Obama’s life and the life of his children has been severely and blatantly threatened. He has had to acquiesce to many things in order to survive. The Pentagon guys who speak to Ben do not ever appear to have disclosed this, and they may very well have a hidden agenda for why they have said certain things. If Ben doesn’t see through it then everything is flowing smoothly.

So, once Beck is killed, the right goes nuts. Obama is now personally responsible for the death of someone they consider a part of their own family:

Obama Killed Beck To Stop His Number One Enemy.

Obama Won’t Admit He Did It, but Now All Blacks and Friends of the Administration Can Rejoice.

Just like the planners of Beck’s speech made it obvious they knew what they were doing by re-creating MLK’s speech, the right-wingers will feel Obama made it obvious that he had to take out Beck like a rabid dog, out of anger, jealousy and spite.

The right-wingers will, in the hopes of these planners, feel as if Obama — and therefore all blacks — have killed Beck — for revenge.

Then, it is hoped, they will be motivated to fulfill the ‘dream’ that Beck was instructed to deliver in his speech — to “Restore Honor to America.”

That honor will now involve a revenge-killing of Obama for the death of their last remaining male super-hero, Beck.

Then, the insiders actually assassinate Obama — or attempt to, as Ben has already indicated such plans are being made for Obama to be removed, one way or the other.

The planners similarly try to blame Obama’s shocking death on a right-wing, Beck-supporting nutcase, just like Beck’s assassination was blamed on Obama.

Now they finally have the ‘chaos’ and “New Civil War” they’ve been hoping for. The president is dead, Beck is dead, the public is completely horrified (for different reasons depending on which side they support) and everyone is blaming each other for it.

The planners hope these two single deaths, strategically timed, will impact at the same time the economy goes down, further making everyone angry and ready to do anything.

Remember — the goal is Chaos. This is the ONLY chance they have to save their bacon. They need total, outrageous, blood-in-the-streets chaos. Nothing less can save them.

That’s the plan.

The whole trick to manipulating and controlling people is getting something outrageous enough to really mobilize them into action. Kill the two top heroes of either side of the debate and that’s your best chance. You can’t do another 9/11-type event because it’s not PERSONAL enough.

Every insider is telling me this group is planning for November as the time when everything goes wild. This corresponds with what Ben is saying vis-a-vis the deadline of September 30th to pay the international debts.

This has to be seen as a win-win on every level in order for it to work. Let’s start with why they would want to sacrifice Beck. (Frankly I am amazed he hasn’t figured out he’s being used as a pawn in the global game. Or perhaps he does think about it, and is willing to do this for what he considers to be a greater good. Somehow I doubt it.)

These insiders would knock off Beck for three reasons:

1) He’s too uncontrollable and has said things they really don’t want — getting people too close to the truth. For this same reason he has been politically useful but financially toxic in terms of the fleeing of advertisers from his show. If they know they lose everything after a certain point, then they have nothing to lose by killing their top shill either;

2) By building him up as the white Martin Luther King / savior figure, with Palin at his side (the new John McCain / would-be President) he is the only male left in the right wing pantheon that their constituents could genuinely enshrine as a martyr once the hammer came down. Everyone else is so ridden with scandal that he’s their only shot.

3) The left-wing hate against the insiders can, they hope, be channeled into Glenn Beck. When left-wingers see him die, in some kind of dramatic and grotesque public fashion, they will feel like ‘justice’ has been served. All the African-Americans and other ‘liberals’ who were justifiably enraged by this blatantly aggressive public display — just the latest of many outrages — will feel vindicated. That is, until Obama is killed by right-wingers. Then the REAL anger comes into play.

All I am asking you to do is THINK.

– David

Just as a P.S., I think the best thing we can do to insure this plan fails is talk about it.

You have to think like they do. Once you do this, it becomes very obvious.

By writing this up, it will probably never happen — but it is important to talk about it so the element of surprise is removed.

– David

4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 1, 2010 5:52 pm

    Dear I AM Presence, I give you all my love,

    I AM THAT I AM, and

    As the I AM THAT I AM, I AM sending the Violet transmuting Flame into all the negativity expressed in the above article, all like it in all minds and hearts of all humanity, forever sustained, until all such negativity in plans or thoughts, feelings and images is transmuted into Light.

    As the I AM THAT I AM, I AM sending protective white Christ Light, and warrior angels to protect President Obama and his family and all of his supporters forever sustained, and to Glen Beck and his family and supporters.


    and so it is.

  2. Lee permalink
    October 1, 2010 3:02 pm

    President Obama is the MOST PROTECTED BEING ON THIS PLANET.. this will never happen to him….

    We can not give any POWER TO THIS WAY OF THINKING.. Matthew has said this would never happen………

    The Dark Cabals just want us to give into fear in their last ditch of controling us, OBAMA IS THE COMMANDER HERE TO SEND US INTO ASENSCION


  3. Roxanne Bohnow permalink
    October 1, 2010 11:39 am

    Fox News and CNN reported on a subject that touches on this topic where power to assassinate is to be given to the president making such an act legal under the law. All that would be needed is a signature of the president on a document of elimination. This can be used to assassinate anyone who is suspected of terrrorist acts, or is a threat to national security. In effect anyone can be made suspect and assassinated.

    This alone would make Obama suspect if Beck were to be assassinated. What I want to know is how does the rest of the world feel about this, because I don’t believe that any one should be given the right to kill anyone else. Where is the law that protects us from our own Government, and this dark cabal that is forcing this chaos upon the people? It is time to find these dark cabal leaders and isolate them from the rest of the world.

  4. Baruch permalink
    October 1, 2010 9:16 am

    Dream peace and protection around both and yet their contract is set and most of the time very few if any other than that person knows how it really plays out until it plays out. The cabals will not ultimately succeed. Our consciousness from the heart knew the outcome of, “Lord of the Rings”
    and so it is in this case. Send these two dear eternal souls divine loving energy. Blessings….

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