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NESARA Awareness Day

September 30, 2010

Because today is the end of the American fiscal year and rumors are circulating about a bank closure and changeover to NESARA, I decided it would be a good thing to repost a number of articles about NESARA, to provide what I believe are accurate messages on the subject.

The first thing that needs to be said is that SaLuSa has shared that NESARA will not occur until after Disclosure: “Disclosure still remains as an important development that must precede the Abundance programs.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 27, 2010.)

St. Germain

Disclosure could come anywhere between now and Christmas. I think, but I have no evidence to back it up, that it may come before the end of October.

However, I don’t know if other bank correction programs will occur and I don’t want people to be left with no authoritative word in the face of rumors.  I regard the messages of SaLuSa, Matthew, and Saul as being about as authoritative and detailed as any we have right now.

So the next several articles will remain posted through tomorrow evening. Then they will be allowed to move chronologically down the blog.

Some dates may have been overtaken by events, but I’m afraid I don’t have the wherewithal to do a total update of the articles at this moment.



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  1. Gunnar permalink
    September 30, 2010 3:37 pm

    I don’t care in which order, just bring it on already!

  2. John Kronske permalink
    September 30, 2010 12:03 pm

    What you have pointed out is true when it was written, but as before the same had been written and did not happen. What about the reverse, what if Nesara comes first and disclosure second as the situtation may call for that now?

    • September 30, 2010 2:38 pm

      As you suggest, John, I can only go by the latest word. I haven’t heard anything later than SaLuSa’s last comment that Disclosure would come first.

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