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Saul: You Will Once Again be Glorious Fully-Conscious Beings

September 29, 2010

John Smallman, Sept. 29, 2010

Humanity is right on course to return to full consciousness, its normal state. To understand that that is your normal state is not easy because life in the illusion, the physical earth on which you have your “normal” existence, has apparently been going on for eons, so with your average human life expectancy of less than 100 years, that large a time period is of a totally unmanageable size for your limited intelligence to grasp, in fact it is really quite meaningless to you.  And if the illusion has been around for that long it is equally difficult for you to believe that it or your life experience will change anytime soon.

Yes, Earth and your solar system may collapse and die, but they are infinitesimal parts of a universe which appears to all intents and purposes infinite in space and time. Never­theless, you all hope for change, for an improvement — a real improvement — in your environment, and a loving God to smooth things out and to remove all suffering and pain.

Where do those hopes and wishes come from?  If everything that seems to exist was just a chance occurrence in a totally inanimate cosmos why would you have thoughts, feelings, or even individual consciousness?  You were created by God out of His infinite Love, which imposes no conditions on you, and which you are free to accept or refuse.

And when you chose to build an imaginary alternate reality in which you thought you could live most satisfactorily without Him and unaware of Him, He placed within you the means for you to leave that illusion (1) so that you could return to His divine Reality without ever being truly lost.

With your self-imposed, but unreal, separation from Him you experienced a sense of fear, a sense of abandonment which intensified over the eons as your memory of Him faded.  But because He had installed within you, permanently, the means to leave the illusion and return Home, your hope never left you.

At times it was very weak, almost imperceptible, but it is always within you nudging you towards wakefulness, and it will remain with you until its work is done and you do awaken.  Your Father loves you, He wants your companionship and He knows that you want His, because awareness of that state is eternal bliss, the state in which He created you.  You can be nowhere else because there is nowhere else, but you can, as you have, shut it out of your awareness.

That lack of awareness is disintegrating, fading away, dissolving into nothingness.  You will once again be glorious, fully conscious beings of infinite brilliance, totally aware of who you are — the perfect children of your divine Father.  This knowledge is within you always, allow yourselves to acknowledge it and awaken into the joy that is your rightful and indissoluble heritage.

You want to, you have constant help and guidance to assist you, so failure is impossible, therefore you should celebrate that knowledge in every moment of your existence.

With so very much love, Saul.


(1) The unquenchable longing for liberation.  Ch. 7 The Longing for Liberation and “Saul: An Inextinguishable Flame to Light Your Way Home” at

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  1. Isis permalink
    September 30, 2010 5:27 am

    So very beautiful

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