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Disinformation Goes into Overdrive

September 29, 2010

I’m going to post an excerpt from a channel allegedly transmitting St. Germain who has been getting more and more erratic as time goes by. I won’t name the person, but if you see messages like this, I’d suggest setting them aside.

My hunch is that, as the time approaches for the curtain to be drawn, the purveyors of disinformation will be switching into overdrive.  Their role in matters is about to end so this must show up like the final battle for them.


“All channelings, that refer to physical changes being done to man by ETs, are not coming from Ascended Master consciousness. ETs are not a cohesive group of loving beings at all. Many of them are aligned with negative attitudes and condescending opinions about Gaia’s citizens. All are concerned about man’s nuclear machines.

“Mr. Nidle’s channelings are not from Christ consciousness. Many of his contacts are androids, with negative attitudes, who desire death to humans. His messages appear loving, but disregard most of the loving things that humans need to know: like being clear about their own mental ability to discern the material being delivered to them.

“No ETs are engineering change to human bodies for the purpose of ascension. Man must change himself! Characters of all kinds have made a game of delivering android consciousness to humans. SaLuSa is one of them. No DNA changes are taking place. No special gifts are being activated. No cancellation of man’s need to do his own inner work for ascension is being delivered.

“Mr. Nidle has no idea who those androids are. Christ consciousness is not delivering any of these messages. Those who channel MUST (as a matter of course) be clear about who is, and who is not, acceptable as an active deliverer of communicated material.

“Pretend that you were an ET, looking at man on Gaia as a fool. Can you completely deny a desire to trespass on the code of conduct asked of you? Only those who are controlled by other collective attitudes are contacting man now. Their attitudes are not Christ consciousness. Many are being drug controlled by their advisors. Chase them away. Ignore any who cannot contact an anchor of light with the answer, I AM THAT I AM.

“My next comments are going to anger and disappoint, as the entire NESARA nonsense must go away.

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  1. Gail permalink
    September 30, 2010 8:25 am

    Yes, my discernment meter went into overdrive on this. My thinking is, no Ascended Master would name names in disparaging another channeled source. Especially him!

  2. September 30, 2010 6:52 am

    Yes! Things are getting pretty wild now, but awaken minds and hearts, know that there is more good going on than negative. We know that there is a lot of info out there which does not resonates with our way of perceiving things and life; but Honesty of love in the heart causes us to discern better, forgive and forget those bad intentions from the dark.
    Right now many sites are disappearing like magic, and this has shocked me since yesterday. Probably these sites are sending confusing messages or they just have been blocked because they carry the truth. Who knows!
    I usually visit Galactic Friends, Galactic Round Table and others, because I know many messages there have truths in them, but I also sometimes doubt of some other messages given by these sites. Why? Well; because I don’t believe that fear has to be written between the lines to make you wonder if what you are going to be experiencing, will be more chaos, earth changes and death to many before we get to Ascension. If we are here is because we had to be here to finally welcome us into Heaven on Earth. Is not that what we have wanted all of our lives? I have and I can’t wait!
    If we are here right now, it is because it has been decree by Heaven for us to do so. So how come if we can sense and perceive that humanity is changing in every place and corner of this world, and this has been happening with honesty in their hearts, “something that has been expected from us for eons”, to do so; for us to have the right to go forward into a better life; then this means that years don’t go in vain in our lives and existence. Every thing changes and evolves naturally; and us, with a brain that senses what is good or wrong, and a heart which also does the same, are destined to evolve and ascend in this universe as naturally as everything else does. So where are we going wrong now? What is going on? Who does not want us to be in unity and be surrounded by God’s Love?
    I don’t believe that God’s Will could be disrupted by any human; unless we all decide to do so, and reject the love’s energy that is pouring from heaven for us to earn what was promised. I don’t believe that we want the contrary. I know that we all want freedom of the heart and freedom to express and share this love energy with the rest of the world. Is there anything wrong on this? I don’t think so.
    Evil floats everywhere, but it is up to us, to know how to fight this energy. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALWAYS
    Ascension for me has a meaning, but that is my feeling inside my heart of what this means to me.
    We go through life, learning many things, good ones and bad ones, and as the result of this, if you are a person with love in your heart and bitter situations disrupt those feeling of love, soon you will find yourself in confusion about who you are and the intentions that our Creator had, to birth us here on Earth.
    I feel that we naturally know the truth of who we are, and when we grow up, is like going up into a ladder, where each step brings you closer to your truth. Ascending those steps in the ladder is where you come to the top, for your graduation point. This for me is Ascension, where you get to the Apex. Your golden pyramidal cap that you earned by experiencing ups and downs in your life to find yourself. The last step is where we start a new life; aware of love and what it means for us and the one thing that will ever reside there, in us for eternity. Eternity, Love, Understanding ourselves forever in Peace and once you are “up there”, you will be able to see back and know that from there on your life has to change for good, and embrace Love eternally. That is God’s Way. We are open doors that no man can close.

  3. September 30, 2010 3:40 am

    whaaa? anyone with any sense in their head, that has read St. Germaine knows what i just read is a lot of b—s— . who in the cabal wrote that slander? In the Light Kathy

  4. Gordon permalink
    September 29, 2010 10:33 pm

    Yes SaLuSa rings true. I believe we are meant to use our own discernment to sort messages to determine if they are true for us. It is indeed a part of our training as spiritual beings, to discover that we do have our own truth detectors inside.

  5. Colleen permalink
    September 29, 2010 9:38 pm

    Mmmmmm…….discernment is always the name of the game, I for one trust SaLuSa. As he says the truth will resonate within. Always trust your instinct.

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