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Sick Today, Probably Also Tomorrow

September 28, 2010

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I’ll go to the naturopathic pharmacy and health-food store later and pick up what you suggested.

Yes, it’s all undoubtedly karmic clearing and ascensionis, to be sure. Thank God, I’m not driving!

I’ll probably be moving fairly slowly for the rest of the day.

Well, I guess “sick” is one way to talk about it.

I’ve had insomnia for months and working away trying to find a way to solve it. One night a decent sleep, the next night very little or none.

Today I reached a point, after two hours sleep last night, where I couldn’t lift up tools. Just no more energy.

I was wondering how this would all pan out and now I know. Just plain ran out of energy.

So now I have to find a way to end this insomnia and get a decent night’s sleep or I’m not going to be good for anything.

Any suggestions by way of comments or emails would be very welcome.

I won’t be posting very much for a bit, until I get this under control. If I could just say “I’ll sleep for a day,” things would be fine, but the problem is getting to sleep.

So down to work on ending this condition.

Funny, my last post will be on Braco. Maybe I should go too….



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  1. September 30, 2010 1:31 pm

    Steve, I just wanted to share what works for me. It’s quite simple. I ignore the clocks and go to bed whenever I feel sleepy, whether it’s 3:00 am or 3:00 pm. I have no regular sleeping/waking schedule whatsoever. As a consequence, there is never a problem of whether I’m getting enough sleep.

    Being retired and living alone aids in this effort. Also keeping my bedroom dark and a fan going for noise helps. Morning light and birdsong should not be able to reach you, nor noises from other parts of your house. Your generation and mine grew up thinking that if you were still in bed after daylight, you were ‘lazy’. That is just plain wrong at our age.

    The simplest solution is often the best. Drink water only as you near the end of your work day/night. Avoid chemicals altogether. Avoid heavy foods, especially those with fat content.

    If you share a bed with your wife, consider setting up a bed of your own. No two people can be expected to have the same circadian rhythm.

    You put so much heart, mind, spirit and time into The 2012 Scenario that you get overly stimulated. That is why you can’t sleep well. You are a man on a mission: You know there is much important work to be done to prepare as many people as possible for the events to come. For this I salute you and honor you.

    Continue pushing yourself to work this hectic schedule as best you can; you have been given the gift to do this better than anyone else I see online. Just forget about time; you’re already half out of time anyway as your soul seeks ascension. Cut the cord–free yourself from the clock altogether and you will find sleep, rest, and probably some pretty amazing dreams. I’d like to hear more about your dreams.

    • September 30, 2010 2:44 pm

      Unfortunately going to bed at any hour is not working any more either, Brenda. I go to bed and don’t sleep, even in the afternoon.

      It’s even taken me two days to get up the energy to go to the naturopathic pharmacy, which I plan to do right now, if I can get myself out the door.

      Nonetheless, I’m sure this is related to the energies and will pass. Yes, over-stimulation may also be part.

      I’ve even considered working nights, since I’m up anyways, and sleeping days.

      I’m not concerned, just tired. I’ll try the measures you suggest and thanks for the assistance.


  2. Chuck Sweet permalink
    September 29, 2010 6:37 pm

    Hiya Steve, am hoping that you are feeling better. I have been having troubles finding any sort of sleep schedule myself, I sleep 2-3 hours at a time all day long and find myself waking up at 3 every morning, and going back to bed around 7 in the morning. A couple of days ago I had a, what seemed like, massive fever with intolerable chills, it lasted just for about 12 hours tho and I woke up from that feeling rather good, surprisingly enough. I tend to think that it is the energetic changes as well as our bodies reconfiguring for the new situations. Hang in there, changes are afoot and we will soon see the fruits of our physic labors!

    • September 29, 2010 7:08 pm

      Gotcha, Chuck. I’m sure it is energetic changes. Thanks for the note.


    • Susan Turnbull permalink
      September 29, 2010 9:09 pm

      I had the exact same thing happen to me. After months of not being able to fall asleep, then falling asleep only to wake 90 minutes to 2 hours later – then having to go another 15 hours or so, I developed the exact same symptoms – chills, horrible muscle aches, joint aches – the flu times 10 – only a low grade fever not high fever – 2 1/2 days later it was not only gone but felt better than I’d felt in months and I’m sleeping again – (with help of Melatonin and L-thianine …reading all of these posts I can only attribute this to the energetic changes afoot. I want to thank all of those that have posted for Steve – it has helped me understand that I’m NOT going crazy or coming down with some horrible dis-ease…

  3. Carol Pippin permalink
    September 29, 2010 4:00 pm

    Hi Steve,
    I and some of my Lightworker friends are also having trouble sleeping right now and not sure what to do about it either. We think some of it’s from ascension symtoms but it’s really hard to function with no sleep. I’m going to attach an article just sent to me that may help some. You probably already know about this, but just thought it may help. Take good care of yourself and thank you so much for all the wonderful messages you send out.
    Love, Light and Many Blessings to you,

    Sleep Soundly: Safe, Natural Insomnia Solution

    A good night’s sleep… there’s nothing more restorative — or elusive… for the 64% of Americans who report regularly having trouble sleeping. A disconcertingly high percentage of the sleepless (nearly 20%) solve the problem by taking sleeping pills, but you can guess how I feel about that! Not only do we know that sleeping pills are dangerous and potentially addictive, physically and/or emotionally — but swallowing a pill when you want to go to sleep doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. What, exactly, is keeping you up at night?

    I have always felt strongly about this — and now even more so, since I had a conversation with Rubin Naiman, PhD, a psychologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, who called it “somewhat violent” that we expect to be able to climb into bed and fall immediately asleep… slumber soundly all night… and then rise and shine, on demand, at the buzz of the morning alarm! We discussed how to set more “natural” expectations, which can help bring about the “gentle experience” that he believes sleep is meant to be.

    Slow Down…

    According to Dr. Naiman, most of our sleep problems have to do not with our bodies, per se, but with our habits. The modern American lifestyle — replete with highly refined foods and caffeine-laden beverages, excessive exposure to artificial light in the evening, and “adrenaline-producing” nighttime activities, such as working until bedtime, watching TV or surfing the Web — leaves us overstimulated in the evening just when our bodies are designed to slow down… and, importantly, to literally cool down as well.

    Studies show that a cooler core body temperature — and warmer hands and feet — make you sleepy. “Cooling the body allows the mind and the heart to get quiet,” said Dr. Naiman. He believes that this cooling process contributes to the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking.

    Deep Green Sleep

    Dr. Naiman has developed an integrative approach to sleep that defines healthy sleep as an interaction between a person and his/her sleep environment. He calls this approach Deep Green Sleep. “My goal was to explore all of the subtleties in a person’s life that may be disrupting sleep,” he told me. “This takes into account your physiology, emotions, personal experiences, sleeping and waking patterns and your attitudes about sleep and the sleeping environment.” This approach is unique because it values “the subjective and personal experience of sleep,” he said — in contrast with conventional sleep treatment, which tends to rely on “computer printouts of sleep studies — otherwise known as ‘treating the chart.'”

    It’s important to realize that lifestyle habits and attitudes are hard to change, so Dr. Naiman cautioned that it often can take weeks, even months, to achieve his Deep Green Sleep. The good news is that the results are lasting and may even enhance your waking life.

    Here are his suggestions on how you can ease into the night…

    Live a Healthful Waking Life

    “The secret of a good night’s sleep is a good day’s waking,” said Dr. Naiman. This includes getting regular exercise (but not within three hours of bedtime) and eating a balanced, nutritious diet.

    Cool Down in the Evening

    It’s important to help your mind and body cool down, starting several hours before bedtime, by doing the following…
    Avoid foods and drinks that sharply spike energy, such as highly refined carbohydrates and anything with caffeine, at least eight hours before bedtime.
    Limit alcohol in the evening — it interferes with sleep by suppressing melatonin. It also interferes with dreaming and disrupts circadian rhythms.
    Avoid nighttime screen-based activities within an hour of bedtime. You may think that watching TV or surfing the Web are relaxing things to do, but in reality these activities are highly stimulating. They engage your brain and expose you to relatively bright light with a strong blue wavelength that “mimics daylight and suppresses melatonin,” said Dr. Naiman.
    Create a Sound Sleeping Environment

    It is also important that where you sleep be stimulation-free and conducive to rest.

    In your bedroom:
    Be sure that you have a comfortable mattress, pillow and bedding. It’s amazing how many people fail to address this basic need — often because their mattress has become worn out slowly, over time, and they haven’t noticed.
    Remove anything unessential from your bedside table that may tempt you to stay awake, such as the TV remove control or stimulating books.
    When you are ready to call it a night, turn everything off — radio, TV and, of course, the light.
    Keep the room cool (68°F or lower).
    Let Go of Waking

    Each day, allow your mind and body to surrender to sleep by engaging in quieting and relaxing activities starting about an hour before bedtime, such as:
    Gentle yoga
    Rhythmic breathing
    Reading poetry or other nonstimulating material
    Taking a hot bath
    Sex seems to help most people relax and can facilitate sleep, in part because climaxing triggers a powerful relaxation response, Dr. Naiman said.

    Consider Supplementing with Melatonin

    If sleep is still elusive after trying these Deep Green Sleep tips, Dr. Naiman often suggests a melatonin supplement. Dr. Naiman believes that this is better than sleeping pills since melatonin is “the body’s own natural chemical messenger of night.” “Melatonin does not directly cause sleep, but triggers a cascade of events that result in natural sleep and dreams,” he said, adding that it is nonaddictive, inexpensive and generally safe. Not all doctors agree however, so it is important to check with your doctor first.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Naiman’s Deep Green Sleep program, you can visit his Web site ( and take a free quiz that helps identify your particular sleep challenges. But, since it is computer-based, make sure you do it several hours before bedtime!


    Rubin Naiman, PhD, is a psychologist specializing in sleep and dream medicine and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. He is founder and director of Circadian Health Associates, an organization that offers a broad range of sleep-related services, training and consultation. Dr. Naiman is author of the book Healing Night (Syren) and is coauthor with Dr. Andrew Weil, of the audiobook Healthy Sleep (Sounds True).

    • September 29, 2010 4:11 pm

      Great, Carol. Of all of those, working late on the computer is one I’m doing. I’ll go to Dr. Naiman’s website. I’m sure tired of being tired.

      Thank you very much.


  4. janice permalink
    September 29, 2010 2:33 pm

    I think it would help to see an acupunturist and she can tell you what herbs to take for your body but valerium and passion flower are both very good, so is hops and poppy (the legal type found in tintures). Some people swear by Meletonin, might not be spelled correctly) but it resets your clock and helps sleeplessness. I would recommend seeing an acupunturist though for the best advice specifically for you. Hope this helps. Have you considered, and i am sure you have, that something very important is about to happen and you are like a little kid that can’t sleep due to anticipation???

  5. Cheri permalink
    September 29, 2010 10:27 am

    Resttttttt Dear one , and be well,

    Love you

  6. John Kronske permalink
    September 29, 2010 10:09 am

    Steve, you are the most important thing in our world!

    Without you where will we be then? Get some sleep! 😉

    • September 29, 2010 10:14 am

      Thank you for the kind words, John.

      I’m going back to bed now – perchance to sleep!!!

  7. Annette Kohn-Lau permalink
    September 29, 2010 9:15 am

    Steve, sorry you are not well. I have been struggling with this exact same issue the last few weeks.
    I have found that when I can get someone to massage my feet, it really, really helps me to get to a deep place of relaxation so I can sleep. It does feel that at a certain point, we need someone to touch us in that healing way…..that all the meditation and affirmation in the world can’t reach the same places warm, healing touch can. I am reminded of an Ayurvedic practice I used a few years ago and had forgotten as well. Warm some sesame oil (not the toasted kind!) gently on the stove (maybe a few Tablespoons) and take that into the bathroom with you. Keep it comfortably warm and massage your whole body in slow circles, paying particular attention to the joints. Work from the outer parts of the limbs towards the heart. Massage your head with the oil as well. Do this with loving, mindful intention. Then, if you can, get into a warm bath. Don’t wash off the oil. Get into some sleeping clothes you don’t mind getting oil on and go to sleep.

  8. mary permalink
    September 29, 2010 9:06 am

    Hi Steve,
    About your sleep issue, I take Valerian or Melatonin or a combination of the two..All natural…and don’t think that getting one good night’s sleep will fix you up…They say it takes 30 days to catch up on ONE night’s lost sleep energetically so this situation will take some time to remedy.
    Don’t drink coffee or other stimulents after noon…Don’t exercise before bed as it speeds up your metabolism…Drink some warm milk or eat a piece of turkey if you aren’t feeling drowsy…I know there is all this important and fantastical information that you must put out..but we need you whole and healthy and rested to be able to do your work…We out here are counting on you Steve to get better…Sending peaceful dreamy thoughts your way..Don’t be hard on yourself, be easier….Love & Snores, Mary E.

    • September 29, 2010 9:47 am

      Thanks, Mary. I’m putting along, but not at any speed…. I’ll pick up some Valerian.

  9. lou permalink
    September 29, 2010 8:58 am

    Hi Steve, here’s something that might help your insomnia:

    “Food that is rich in serotonin, which is converted by your body to sleep-inducer melatonin, can be helpful before your snooze time. Eating whole grains and other complex carbohydrates could also promote sleep at night.

    Many sleep-deprived individuals are magnesium-deficient. Magnesium is known to be a natural tranquilizer. If you are not sure why you have difficulty in sleeping, you might want to eat magnesium-rich foods. These include whole grains, cashews, almonds, wheat bran, leafy greens, legumes, and brewer’s yeast.

    Melatonin And Other Natural Sleep Inducers

    Nature has also provided us with a lot of herbs and other natural sedatives. Melatonin, a hormone that is present in our bodies, is a popular sleep inducer which can be especially helpful for those who work during night shift or experiencing jetlag. However, if you are pregnant and suffering from various psychological problems, such as depression and schizophrenia among others, you should not take a supplement that contains this ingredient.

    Another popular natural sedative is the herb Valerian. Although experts believe in the efficacy of Valerian as a natural sleeping aid, they have not yet discovered the underlying reasons for this effect. However, you do not have to worry because this herb is safe and using it will not make you feel tired, dizzy or groggy in the morning.

    There are many products in the market that contain a combination of natural remedies like melatonin, Valerian, chamomile and magnesium to help you with your sleeping difficulties. One such product is Sedamine. You can visit for more information.

    here’s the link:

    I used to have the exact same problem, now I don’t go to bed without taking 1600 mg of calcium citrate….vitamin D is a natural sleep inducer.

    Hope this helps a little.

  10. dave permalink
    September 29, 2010 8:23 am

    AMBIEN works for me.
    Good luck!

  11. Chris M permalink
    September 29, 2010 7:59 am

    If it’s not too late, i’d like to suggest possibly trying Melatonin to help you sleep naturally. On occassions when I have had insomnia for several days or over long periods, melatonin supplementation about 30-40 minutes before lying down to sleep has really helped:

    You can purchase this at any decent health food store or Whole Foods type market…

  12. September 29, 2010 7:22 am

    Karma clearing

    We can instantly clear all negative karma, simply ask God (whatever your term) 3 times out loud, Dear Father/Mother God, please give me the neutral implant. Then: Dear Father / Mother God, please give me the implant for emotional balance…..then: the implant for safety. You will instantly get 3 master guides, and be in graduate status. Your vibration will rise tremendously!

    You won’t have any more negative entities around. However, you could still have negative energies. To keep clear of others’ energies, first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed, say, “Dear Spirit and DNA, I intend that I am shielded, filtered and protected from all negative energies, frequencies, and all psychic energies from all beings for the next 12 hours, and am releasing such now.” (Say 3 times).

    Then: “Dear Spirit and DNA, please enhance these shields and protections. Sometimes I add “I intend that this room and this property, my car, and this town are also shielded, if it is highest and best good for all beings here.” You could add your children and pets, as well, in your shielding.

    Another fun and powerful tip is, every so often, to ask your Spirit and your DNA to examine your life and enhance it!!!

    Source, Kryon, with me adding my own enhancements!

    I have learned that we still need to keep our focus on the light, and not read about or study the dark!!! Else we could temporarily re-open a door!

    blessings, Jeannie

  13. September 29, 2010 7:20 am


    These are modeled after the affirmations given to Esther Hicks, which with she drew to her Abraham and her gifts! The model is below, followed by some examples.

    Dear Creator, I, __________your name ______,

    see and draw to me, through divine love,

    _____your desires, as per model below___________________.

    The sharing will elevate us both / all now.

    Dear Creator, I, Jeannie Alvin, Nadhashree, see and draw to me, through divine love, those beings who seek enlightenment and healing through my processes. The sharing will elevate us all now.

    Dear Creator, I, Jeannie Alvin, Nadhashree, see and draw to me, through divine love, those beings who relate to me in loving and joyful and ongoing relationships of trust. The sharing will elevate us all now.

    Example for more money:

    Dear Creator, I, __________your name ______,

    see and draw to me, through divine love,

    _____enough money from all sources, known and unknown, for all my needs and more, and for giving and sharing and fun,___________________.

    The sharing will elevate us both / all now.

    You can create these for any and all areas of your life.

  14. September 29, 2010 7:05 am

    The Cause, Core, Record and Effect Process/ Partnership Prayer/ Game

    This process is so simple, I often call it a game. For those who use prayers, this partnership prayer process is similar; use the term as you would to pray, such as Jesus or God or Allah. For the scientifically minded who don’t pray, you could use a term that fits for you. You know you have more than your conscious mind, so you might use the term Greater Mind or Greater Self, or Universal Intelligence, or Cosmic Consciousness, or The Force.

    Then, notice in the area of your heart, then sincerely speak the rest of the process, partnership prayer, or game, if you prefer calling it a game. You will name each process, a wonderful shortcut. I suggest naming it something simple or neutral or positive. For example, to heal lung trouble, you might call it “breathing freely,” to heal an upset with another person, you could use that person’s name.

    Once you name it, you do not need to ever repeat the upper portion. You simply use your term “Dear Greater Self, or Dear God, let’s do our “X” process / play our “X” game, putting in the name you chose. Your part is to notice the physical sensations in your body, that is all. Many troubles clear this way.

    The discovery that our troubles can clear away by noticing our physical sensations, and that we can call them forth, which we do with these games/processes/prayers, is a discovery I share in my book This book is called Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed!, and is available at

    The next day, or a year later, you only need to say, “Dear Greater Self, or Dear God, let’s play our “X” game, or let’s do our “X” prayer and that Greater Self, or God, will have remembered the whole process.

    For the miracle healing process, you can begin at any time by creating one of these processes or “games” for yourself for anything you want healed. I suggest playing the game daily for that condition until it is totally healed. You can create and play more than one game at a time. People find this process very, very powerful on its own.

    Dear _(God, Greater Self, or your term)__ , please heal the cause, core, record and effect of __any negativity or condition__ (say as little or as much as you wish as you describe the problem)
    from my subconscious, my unconscious, and my conscious minds, from all my bodies and chakras, from this life and all lives, including parallel lives, everything known and unknown, all vows, decisions and beliefs, illumine me from all denials, heal the cellular memories of all negativity and pain from all points of entry. Heal all people, all dimensions, times and spaces. Please bring back all soul fragments, remove negative cords, clear chakra links, curses, spells, miasms, and negative thought forms, and please let me feel the related sensations in my physical body. Please forgive me and all others for everything related to this. I forgive myself and all others for everything related to this. I am naming this our __________ game.
    Now, _(God, Greater Self, or your term)_ , let’s do/play our _(the name you gave)_ process/game (all day long). Now notice your sensations.

    From Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed! c. 2004 Jeannie Alvin available at

    For the poems describing what I knew in the “enlightened” state, see Awakening To Our Oneness, on the same webpage.

    And so everyone on your email lists can do the karma clearing instantly, and free of charge, the free ebook at the bottom of the list has it. I will soon put the “The Cause, Core, Record and Effect Process” on the site as a free ebook.

    Please pass these tips on to everyone who might be receptive; people have found them to be the most powerful processes they ever did.

  15. September 29, 2010 6:59 am

    Dear Steve,

    I am sending you, right this minute, 6 Oneness Blessings in a row to heal your sleep problems. I am asking for miracles of healing and grace for you and all beings that the Divine wish to heal for this same issue, and I ask that half the good blessings for all those like you getting healed goes to you, and the other half to me, for balance. And I ask to be healed of the same thing, so I don’t take it on.

    I am asking for a healing for this condition for everything in my Cause, Core, Record and Effect Process. This is basically a partership prayer / process that will go all day long, with the Source of your being doing all the work, you just invoke it and name it……. something like ” my perfect sleep” process. Every day, just ask the source of your being to do ” my perfect sleep” process all day long, and it will continue daily.

    You can create a process for all your issues, and play them all at once. You can create them for anything you can think of, such as “all needed to clear for ascencion,” for harmony in relationships, for the perfect souls to appear in your life. I’ll follow this process with a wonderful affirmation to draw to you the positives, while this process will clear the negatives.

    This process came to me after 2 1/2 weeks in the “enlightened” state, when the mind, instead of being in my head, was off a few yards to my right, jabbering away. I ignored it most of the time, because I deeply felt the joy of being One with the Divine Presence.

    Three processes will follow in the comments:

    1. my Cause, Core, Record and Effect Process

    2. affirmations for the positives to appear in your life, you are going to love these, they are so beautiful!

    3. clearing of all negative karma and tough life lessons, putting you in graduate status. You will instantly have and retain, if you remain positive, a huge increase in your light quotient, and your aura will instantly “whoosh” out, full of high intensity Light. You’ll immediately get 3 master guides.
    It has changed everyone’s life for the better immediately, who did it.

  16. Isis permalink
    September 29, 2010 6:40 am

    Hi There Steve …. been there done that …. will probably be there again …

    You are in service … and information you are passing on is highly needed at this time … your higher self will push you but not beyond your limits …

    You will get a break … then your thoughts will grow quite … you’ll feel sort of lonely then … and will yearn for the over active mind …

    but all is well … all is good …. you are loved and cared for … hugs from a sister …

  17. Vendo permalink
    September 29, 2010 6:28 am

    Steve, so sorry for your problem. What has had some good effect for me are the natural remedies made by “Hyland’s”. They have insomnia tablets that dissolve very quickly under the tongue. They have worked for me. I think they have an insomnia package that includes what they call a “Nerve Tonic” … Their products have been around for a long time and many people think they are wonderful, including my sister, who informed me, and I came to agree with her. You can easily find them online anywhere that sells health products. I’m not sure if you’ll choose to publish this comment, … but I know you will read it. …. I will ask Divine Beings to lull you to sleep tonight. .. Much love to you!

  18. September 29, 2010 4:21 am


    I have the same problem, but here’s what I do:

    1/2 hour to an hour before time for bed I take a 3 Mg tablet of Melatonin along with a cup of Sleepy Time Herbal Tea. Usually works and I can sleep for 5 to 6 hours.
    Melatonin comes in doses from 1 Mg to 5 Mg. It is not habit forming.

  19. September 29, 2010 4:04 am

    Hi Steve,
    You ask for some suggestions on how to end the insomnia. I have to say here that many people I know personally, are suffering the same; but apparently, this is happening due to the stress that they are involved in every day.
    Those who work hard and also those who sit in front of a computer most of the day without taking their eyes from that screen, usually when is time to go to bed, they can’t fall asleep quickly, and the best thing for this not to happen, is taking some moments away from the screen. Relax or go for a snack in the kitchen or just talk to someone about something funny, or just take a nap for 20 or 30 minutes, and then continue with your work.
    Also, there are plenty of natural teas that can help in relaxing the tense of the day and this help in finding that most wanted good night sleep.
    For myself, I am lucky not to suffer these insomnia problems; never did. It does not matter how tired I am or how much stress I go during the day; when I hit the bed at night it takes a couple of minutes for me to fall asleep, and believe me I am on my feet more than 12 hours a day doing many things and also computer time. If for some reason I notice that the computer is affecting my eyes or my head, or the rhythm of my heart, I just stop, turn it off and forget that it exists. But in your case, I know you have lots of work to do, so probably you need assistance in reviewing your messages, even thou this has to be done by yourself, so that you can come up with your understanding of what is going on and give a reply to share with us.
    Maybe if you take some Chamomile, Linden flowers and a couple of Star Anise flowers and make a hot tea with them, I am sure this will help you go for a good night rest. But don’t over do it. It does not have to be more than a cup. Just take a cup of water; and what you can pick between two fingers will be plenty to make the tea.
    The same quantity for chamomile and linden flowers; plus one or two of those star anise flowers will do. This relaxes you and you are going to fall asleep without you even notice it. It is natural so it does not have side effects or nothing.
    And please don’t eat strong foods before going to be and specially avoid those msg products, which in reality damages our nervous system.
    Another idea is, potatoes and carrots. Boiled and without butter; just some olive oil; and natural garlic. Do this for a week. Just like a diet. Morning, noon, and evening and you are going to recover your strength, and maybe you won’t want to say goodbye to potatoes and carrots any more. This is my recovery method to gain strength. Try it once, you wont lose nothing, but you are going to gain much.

    I hope this helps in fighting the night monster.


  20. Lee permalink
    September 29, 2010 4:03 am


    Sorry to hear about your condition, I too have sleepless nights.. What I have been using is Rescue Remedy Sleep… You just spray it under the tongue and let it absorb.. I use about 6 sprays and it seems to be working for me.. I at least sleep until now, about 4:30 to 4:45 am.. Try it and also going to someone who does aromatherapy, they can give you something to sniff… I will send you Light and Peace for this…


  21. September 29, 2010 3:06 am

    everybody needs a break now and then, steve. maybe it’s just things running around all the time, because you write so incredibly much. i think your mind needs a vacation too. take it easy for while, i’m sure you’ll be fine. good luck!

  22. Tess permalink
    September 29, 2010 1:27 am

    Hi Steve

    We have same problem in our family at present. Makes getting through the day a real challenge. Don’t know if you’ve heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), but it makes stress and resurgance of old emotional ‘stuff’ much easier to deal with. You could try tapping along with this:

    Sorry, not sure if I can post links.

  23. Evo permalink
    September 29, 2010 12:47 am

    I have had this problem most of my life. It has become so intense for me recently, that I have been forced to turn my food intake into my version of sleep so I am capable of maintaining the energy to keep being.(albeit barely) My ability to meditate has left me, and it seems that I am unable to ponder on “nothing” anymore. This whole process seems so obvious to me, but I have rarely heard anything that others in my circle share these issues.
    At any rate, I have gathered a small theory as to why. Being a node for the transduction of this civilizations negativity is not an easy task. It is at some times absurdly intense, and other times elating beyond measure. Awareness is a multifaceted energy which we are not wholly capable of understanding in this frequency, and yet, it is also what we are working towards. This was a choice of ours before we arrived in duality, and It is my belief we are making good on our promise to ourselves, Mother Earth, the collective consciousness, this Galaxy, Universe and Cosmos, as well as Creator. We are needed here, and we need to be here. What a placement we have manifested in! Remember, this is merely my truth, and everybody perceives this (so called) reality with a different lens. I am not trying to explain existence to you or anybody, merely offering an alternative perspective. I hope you can gather your energy back up, because I believe that it is there for you to utilize, whatever the lesson may be. As for me, I will keep working on ways through my own creations. I’m the one who plays this game from this angle……just one of an infinite perspective of Oneness. Please be well.

  24. Cristina permalink
    September 28, 2010 11:53 pm

    Sorry you are sick ! I hope you will feel better soon!
    Light and Peace to you my broher

  25. September 28, 2010 9:41 pm

    Your words are a joy to read, and I don’t mean that I’m glad to hear you are feeling “sick”. I suppose the Universe is trying to get your attention for some reason, but I know you will get the message, whatever it may be, and that you will feel more like You than you ever have.

    Shasta is beautiful this time of year… 🙂
    in love and light,

  26. Susan Turnbull permalink
    September 28, 2010 9:39 pm

    I got “chills” as I read this post. You have described the EXACT dilemma I have suffered with for months myself.

    Twice I literally went for 72 hours not being able to sleep and then would have one night of decent sleep. Or fall asleep easily, only to wake up praying that I had slept for hours only to discover by looking at the clock that 90 minutes to 2 hours had gone by. Over and over again. I too “hit the wall”.

    My acupuncturist told me to get some L-thianine and taking that with Melatonin has helped tremendously. You can get both at the health food store.

    I feel it is the times we are in, the energy that is shifting and many of us being “rewired” to handle this new energy. My heart goes out to you because I have lived and suffered with this almost the exact same amount of time that you have and I never thought getting little to no sleep could make one so sick – but it has.

    Try the L-thianine and the Melatonin – these have worked when nothing else did. One more thing. Look up Trivedi Foundation on line. Read about this amazing individual. I can give a testimonial to his work and how it helped me get this and other things turned around.

    Too much to describe on this post, but once you do, you may be intrigued by this man. This helped me as much as anything. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Blessings and hoping that you find a way to get some relief soon.
    Susan in Albuquerque

  27. September 28, 2010 9:31 pm

    I have several suggestions and I could glean from your blogs some details to help Dial in what is going to work the best for you. For most people there is a combination of things. There is much that develops in the body… we call it nervous static. Many things do this. Water (Contaminated) Emotions (especially the ones that rule our lives or the ones that we deny), Food (High Fats, Non Digestables, Junk Food, etc), Life Styles (doing things we hate). These are just some areas I would offer one to take a Inventory of the above items and see if any of them resonate. Speaking of inventories. A simple Nightly and/or morning inventory of Ones Highs and Lows will really help with Relief.

    And for the Brave. I recommend Rolfing. Most sleep issues have to do directly with the Fascia.

  28. Bradley L. Duell, Ph.D. (Kau'ila) permalink
    September 28, 2010 9:25 pm

    Ascension symptoms… Hours, days, even weeks, when energy peaks, then drains (seemingly). Our ascension processes are raising the vibrations of our physical vehicles so rapidly that I feel they need the rest to “catch up”. The cosmic influx of higher D energy (Light) has ramped up since the July full moon. This Light evidences itself in many ways, including physical (outer) symptoms, conflicts, crashes, and of course, the fall of any and all systems that are not harmonious with this Higher Light (corrupt, un-serving, financial, governmental systems, etc.).

    There is also much happening in our “sleep” time. Many of us work with the galactics, I believe on higher dimensional “ships” to carry out missions for the planet. Perhaps your body is calling for your presence on certain such missions by “flattening you out”.

    You will find your solution.

    Namaste and Aloha…

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