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Hilarion: Dream Big

September 28, 2010


Thanks to Pat.

Master Hilarion’s Message

September 26

Beloved Ones,

Your World is spinning in a more accelerated manner and in many ways for most of you, there is simply not enough ‘time’ to do all that you intend to do each day. We ask that you be patient with yourselves and try to relax when all that you intend does not materialize as quickly as you wish it, for there is a sense in each of you that time is speeding up but that you are standing still.

Your perceptions are undergoing a radical change and this will become more noticeable as this year continues. Instead of fretting about how to meet your goals, just relax and go with the flow of what apparently is and stay connected with your inner core of Being, for in this way, all the changes that are occurring around you will not affect your equilibrium as much.

The Wheel of Life continues its inexorable journey through the Cosmos and you are privileged to be a part of it – all that is required is that you stay aware of your power to make choices that will empower you to be your own highest potential in manifestation. Know that by your presence and your persistence to be the Light that you truly are, you are contributing to the highest and greatest good of All. All is well and as it should be.

You are the shining Lights and hope of the new World that is dawning and together we all create this wondrous happening in each moment of Now. By focusing your consciousness on the present moment as often as you can, you are practicing your Mastery of yourselves and Life and the end result will be of great benefit to you and all around you.

We remind you to feed your physical bodies with foods of the highest vibrations such as fresh fruit and vegetables and to drink plenty of clean water each day. Listen to what your body tells you it wants, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem to be the right desire in your conscious awareness. Rest assured, your body elemental knows what it needs for perfect functioning and excellent health during these powerful times.

If you are feeling great waves of heat within your body, it indicates a metamorphosis taking place in every atom and cell of your Being, on all levels and this is the process of Ascension, cleansing and purifying in readiness to absorb the higher frequencies of the Cosmic Waves of energy that are now coming in. Take the time to be out in Nature as often as is possible for you, as this will help to cleanse your auras and energy fields and keep them operating at the highest possible levels and always connect and ground yourselves to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, especially if you find yourselves functioning too much in your mental body, with too many thoughts running through your mind.

The need to spend some time each day in a state of stillness by going within is almost a required practice in these changing times and will help you tremendously in maintaining balance. Remember that most of you absorb the energies and thoughtforms of others around you, and that you need to be aware of this so that your daily walk upon the Path you have chosen is more filled with grace and ease.

By going within first thing in the morning and becoming clear in your own energy field, you will become aware when you go out in the World that feelings and thoughts that come into your consciousness that do not resonate with your high intentions are most probably NOT your thoughts and feelings. Ask us each morning to assist in cleansing your auric field of all thoughts, feelings and energies 24/7 that are not in alignment with your highest and greatest good and trust that you are receiving this assistance.

Much mental discipline is now required of each of you as you each come into more of your personal power, for as you do this, you become conscious co-creators of what manifests upon the Earth plane and the more you concentrate on creating a World of peace, Love, harmony and joy, the more this will become manifest in daily existence. Trust that your powerful intention to manifest the Golden Age upon this beautiful, evolving Planet is coming to pass. Follow your inner guidance and dare to be the grand and majestic Beings that you have always envisioned that you could be…in other words, DREAM BIG!

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

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